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I played catcher through high school in Garland at Lakeview Centennial, but I was most productive on the bench where I dreamed of playing catcher at UT. The one claim I can make to an interesting baseball event is that our Pony League team was one win from the Pony League World Series.

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Fill in the Blank: 2009 Ranger Projections

Overall Record 2007: 75-87 2008: 79-83 2009: _____ April Record 2007: 10-15 2008: 10-17 Runs Allowed 2007: 844 2008: 967 2009: ____ Runs Scored 2007: 816 2008: 901 2009: ____ ...


Dewan on value of defense relative to offense

John Dewan, author of the Fielding Bible, has a stat-of-the-week newsletter. This week he had an epiphany on the relative value of preventing and scoring runs. The most significant discovery of...


Community Archive of Mike Young 3B Move

Inevitably, the handling of Mike Young's move to 3B will be brought up in future discussions as a critical moment in the evolution of the team. It will be reinterpreted and reanalyzed as the...


Has James' 2009 projections been posted on LSB?

They're included in fangraph's player cards. OF Hamilton, 624 AB, .310/.384/.556 Cruz, 443 AB, .278/.352/.533 Byrd, 438 AB, .283/.351/.425 Murphy, 527 AB, .272/.336/.450 Boggs, 156 AB,...



I'm curious to find out what others think MJH is gonna do with the top 5 LHSP list, since his 6-10, which posted today, are 10. Phillips 9. Ballard 8. Geuris Grullon 7. Robbie Ross 6....


Sickels on AZL Rangers

FYI Justin Smoak, 1B, Texas Rangers: He looked great too. Very mobile for his size, good swing with a slight but not extreme uppercut, excellent plate discipline. Teixeira-like outcome is quite...


Factoids from Batted Balls

Hardball Times has some batted ball statistic teasers to promote their 2009 Handbook. A couple that are relevant to discussions here: So, now that you know all that, what do you see? Well,...


minor trades

There has been alot of discussion about potential big trades involving the cathers and various highly regarded prospects. However, there are probably some opportunities for lesser trades that...


MJH interviews Adair

Yesterday afternoon (Saturday, October 4), MJH posted an interview with Rick Adair, the Ranger's minor league pitching coordinator. Lots of great, great stuff. This has been quite a streak of...


A couple of Clinton pix 9/1/2008

I finally had a chance to see Main in action. I forced the fam to make the 1 hour 50 minute drive from Ames to Cedar Rapids to see the Lumberkings finish the season. As luck would have it, Main...


Who I want in playoffs

The Rangers are so unlikely to make the playoffs that I'm thinking through alternatives that would keep my attention until the baseball meetings in December. Of course, Rangers' minor league...


McCarthy - Minors 7/22

McCarthy in OKC late tonight. Hopefully this is his last start before joining the Rangers. AZL Rangers cruise to a 7-2 win over the AZL A's behind nice outings from Ben Henry and Bobby...


Ranger Prospects on the Futures Rosters

US Squad Teagarden CD World Squad Elvis Andrus Maximus Nice to see the Rangers' representatives are hitters, since the real meat of the farm system is the young pitching. I had hoped...


Minors 6/24

A lot less to talk about today on the farm. However, my main man Main makes his first start this year for the Arizona team, where he would've been rated the top prospect last year by BA if he had...


Minors 6/23

Quite a bit on the farm to talk about today. We've all seen it. Feliz had his Sickels' grade bumped from B- to B+. The best part of Sickel's report is Midwest League sources indicate this...


Pitching at Coors

Nice article at Hardball Times that uses PITCHf/x to illustrates what the thin air in Denver does to fastballs, sinkers, sliders, and curveballs. Turns out the perfect pitcher for Coors is......

Newberg Report, 6/3: Rangers Bullpen


His tag line: Time to gear up for the draft, which begins on Thursday. Texas will select five new players by the time Day One ends. Presumably none will be asked to help fortify the big club's bullpen this week. I wouldn't go on record before the draft about that!


Minors 5/14

I love day games. It's the easiest time of day for me to stay up-to-date, and even moreso today with the bosses out of town. Frisco is up 3-2 in the 3rd. Davis and Harrison has gone deep. ...


Minors 5/11

Day games today! And, Happy Mother's Day to those of you who are mothers. I hope you all have treated your mothers well today I'll put this up early, and I may not get around to many updates...


Minors 5/6

Clinton has all ready won, 11-6. A number of nice hitting performances. Notables: Gac, 2-3, HR, 2 BB Smith, 2-4 Lawson is heating up. .313 in the last ten games and 2-4 today Gomez was...


Minors 5/5

OMG, mighty Cruz has struck out. Gold picked up the slack, though, with a HR to lead off the 2nd. Mr. Automatic, Mayberry, is 1-1. The Rangers can't demote Boggs. There is no place to put him...

Wison just got her GED. This is the reason she took the time to get it: Wilson told The Tennessean that her 7-year-old daughter was the big reason to finally finish, saying, "I certainly don't want her to think you can be this successful without an educ


Wison just got her GED. This is the reason she took the time to get it: Wilson told The Tennessean that her 7-year-old daughter was the big reason to finally finish, saying, "I certainly don't want her to think you can be this successful without an education." Uhhhh... Wilson your whole life proved that you can be "this successful without an education". Apparently she failed the logic portion of the GED, but we can all hope that her daughter will be educated enough to see through this illl-logic and skip school to become famous.


minors 4/30

Murray just left the game while getting ready for the second inning. No word on if he is injured or pulled for a call up. Tejeda is warming up. Otherwise, a really good game for Hawks, putting up...


Minors 4/22

Redhawks all ready playing, up against Shawn Gallagher, who I believe along with Murton was the rumored asking price for Byrd. Murton has been playing at AAA, though I haven't heard whether he has...


BA notes on Kiker

Info on how the Rangers are handling Kiker, Main, Beavan, and Ramirez. Here's the babble to meet the word requirement. The thing about that article that has me excited is that we're all ready...


First Mock Draft

Someone started a thread at John Sickel's site that is a mock June draft. They have arrived at the 11th pick, which belongs to the Rangers. Check it out Players up for vote are Buster Posey,...


4/9 minors

Lots of day games. Redhawks are about to get rained out, but AJ has been great, going head-to-head with Yovanni Gallardo. AJ has used 29 pitches to get through 3 innings, including 2 Ks. B...


Minor League Opening Day!

Can't wait to see the scoreboards tonight in Clinton and Bakersfield. Here's a blast from the not-so-distant past of the Ranger's farm, per Yahoo!Sports: Apr 1 RHP Edinson Volquez, scheduled to...


Comments on other Games 4/2

I'm trying out this thread idea, where a fanpost is launched to gather comments on the games not involving the Rangers. The best opening series might be Tigers-Royals. Today they have a great...


3/28 Gameday

Danks vs. the Rangers in OKC. Strange. Blalock with a double; Bradley with a 2-run single; Rangers 2-0 in the 2nd.

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