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I grew up on the streets of Detroit. As a youth, I was a petty criminal and did not do well in school. As I grew older, I realized I could use my knowledge of the streets to the benefit the city I loved. I became an undercover police officer (often portraying myself as a hustler from Buffalo), and I specialized in narcotics and illegal tobacco transactions. I likely would have never left this life if it were not for the murder of my close friend, Michael Tandino.

He was my childhood friend. He had returned from California, where he had been a security guard, but had apparently now gotten wealthy by investing in German bonds. I was thrilled to see him. Laughing and drinking and playing billiards, we spent an entire evening catching up. It was glorious and tragic all at once. For once we returned to my apartment, two men surprised us, knocking me unconscious, and murdering Mikey.

It was clear that it was a professional hit. That is why I was still alive. I knew Mikey, and he no longer had enemies in Detroit. The killers must have followed him from Los Angeles. I had to find out who they were! Thus I demanded that my Chief allow me to investigate this heinous crime, but he refused saying that I was too close to it. I couldn't be objective. In frustration, I then asked for a vacation. I had no intention of catching any sun, however. I planned on returning to California to avenge my friend and find the truth.

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  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NBA Phoenix Suns
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • Soccer Benfica; Atletico Madrid
User Blog

Grizzlies acquire Nene!!!!!

At least in the BSoS PASPN.net fantasy league. The draft starts tonight. And now the Nuggets have the No.2 pick. For those of you signed up, it's time to start participating.


Basketball metaphors I could do without

A great and humorous look at basketball metaphors like "playoff basketball" and "charity stripe"

Be a man.

There is an insanely detailed and interesting fantasy basketball league going on right now that you are probably not participating in. We have 14 teams left (including the Hornets, Celtics, Spurs, Rockets, and Mavericks) and as many agent spots as you could possibly want. So stop just talking about trades or draft picks or Kerr's incompetence, and be a man. Join. our. league.

Fear Batum

So France rocked Italy again today in the Euro qualifying rounds, and who led them again? Nicolas Batum: 18 pts. 8 rebs. 6 steals, 1 ast, 0 fouls, 0 TOs. I will never--NEVER--forgive Kerr for this. Also, Diaw didn't put much up. He's been inconsistent. Surprise.


Offseason Boredom: Chris Paul edition

A rebuttal to the absurd claims by Sox Sport's Charley Rosen that Chris Paul is over rated


Offseason Boredom: Top 20 edition

So being that it's the OFFseason, I've been doing some idle basketball speculation.  Most recently, I've been trying to come up with a list of the Top 20 most valuable players (as in current +...



So the Grizzlies didn't extend a qualifying offer to Hakeem Warrick, which means he's likely on the market and probably for cheap.  The Suns still have some exception money laying around.  I'd be...


Anyone know what's up with DraftExpress?

I love DraftExpress. L-O-V-E it. So I don't want to sound ungrateful, but has anyone else noticed that DE has been completely dead since the draft? There's a brief blog entry on the "suprises" of...


A Rebuttal to the Redskins

So now it looks like Oklahoma City may be furthering its quest to be the most hated team in the league by having a positively awful team name, "Thunder," that my wife so poignantly deemed as...

Your 2009 No. 1 Pick

17 year old, Spanish PG prodigy Ricky Rubio makes Sarunas Jasikevicius and another Lithuanian gent look silly.

Remember that Nash and Baron photo?

Well, yeah. Truehoop cleared up the mystery with a link to this video. I'm not sure WTF can be typed in a large enough font. But it's pretty great.


Goran hits the court!

Slovenia opened up today's Olympic qualifiers in Athens with an 88-76 victory over Korea. Our boy Goran had 11 pts on 3-3 shooting (plus 1-1 3pt. and 4-4 FTs), 4 ast., 3 reb., 1 stl., and 1 TO. I...


Random Retrospection: Gasol Trade

Looking back at the Gasol trade, I think it's become a lot more clear that this wasn't as horrible a trade as it was made out to be. In fact, I think you can make a case that the Grizzlies did well...


Another Trade Scenario

Since there's been some talk about trade ideas, here is this idea, which serves both the present and the future. Here we trade with the Nets. The Suns trade: Leandro Barbosa 4 yr/27.4M Alando...

What will happen with Goran

BallinEurope has a good breakdown of Goran's contract/player rights status. Apparently, it's not even clear who owns him in Europe. Yikes.


I Heart Joe Alexander

A snippet from the new DraftExpress interview with Joe Alexander:   DraftExpress: What is the one thing you think you need to learn as a basketball player? Alexander: The only thing you need to...


Dave Berri is full of poo: Vol. 9,129

So I don't know how many of you are into Dave Berri and his Win Score/Wins Produced crusade, but I loved this little bit of analysis he came up with: Apparently, because of his WP48 drop, Leon...


It's all about threes

San Antonio's only 20-18 when they don't hit 7 3's. But this means if they do hit 7 they're 36-8.But that's not all.San Antonio is 40-7 when they get 21 assists. If they get less than 21, they're...


Simply Glorious

I've never been happier (watching a live sporting event, at least). I don't need to go into any details about the game since Chboddis and Stan are already all over that, but I would like to throw...


Who's representin'?

Suns fans in Tejas,Who's going to be at the game tonight?Anyone? Just me and my wife?Well, if you are and see a hispanic couple sitting way up near the roof and wearing a Barkley (me) and a Nash...


Let's Endorse

You know now that we're in the midst of political "silly season" and endorsements are being thrown all around (by papers, blogs, politicians, and celebrities), I was thinking that BSoS should...


Who cares about the MVP?

I generally think MVP is a silly award for two reasons. The standard is unclear. How much should wins count? What about pure statistical dominance? Late game heroics? Injured teammates? Excellent...


New Offense?

I haven't been watching the past few Suns games, so when I saw the Spurs game this afternoon I noticed that we had some new offensive plays going. And I don't just mean the obvious efforts to get...


Hawks fall to 9th

So I trust that after the Suns (and I guess now maybe the Heat), we're all keeping track of the Hawks, right? We do have their first round pick.Well, in case you haven't been keeping track, I just...


Damn the Lakers

So the Lakers give up an overpaid big man who doesn't produce, a very promising prospect who's still a few years away, and two first round picks to get one of the most established low post scorer's...


Steve Nash's Uncle?

[Editor's Note: Some light-hearted humor from Rosewood while I'm working on some administrative stuff for the site]So I'm studying for my law finals, and I see a picture of Steve Nash's uncle....


Nash tripped Felton

This just makes me sad. I've always known that Nash flopped but I didn't think that he did stuff like this. I don't think there's any question though. Nash tripped Felton.Maybe it's a good thing...


Fantasy Basketball Anyone?

Fun, fun, fun.



Will we keep him?

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