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Bay Rejects 4yr/$60 Contract from Red Sox


I think this moves the idea of us signing Jason Bay from "probably a bad idea" to "almost certainly a bad idea".

NPR: Giants Phasing in Healthy Meals


I heard this story on the way to work this morning. Check it out!

BP: Giants Playoffs would be historic


The article is subscription only, but the gist is, if the Giants make the playoffs with their terrible offense, it would be a truly historic feat.

CBS: Bochy Sucks


Apparently the rest of baseball is just as mystified by Bochy's decisions as we are.

Giants Interested in Adam LaRoche


Considering what the Pirates were willing to accept in the McClouth trade, this could be a really good fit for us. Long term, we could sign him to a reasonable extension, or offer him arbitration and likely get at least a sandwich pick.

Nationals to Fire Acta



Giants: Toughest Schedule in NL?


This article shows that the Giants have had among the toughest, if not THE toughest, schedule of any NL team thus far. It also argues that the Dodgers have had among the easiest.

Dunn Never Contacted By Giants


Apparently we never even opened a dialogue with Adam Dunn. I know that most people, even the statistical-minded folks, are down on Dunn for his lousy defense, but I still would have taken him for what he got from the Nats.


Joel Guzman Released

The Tampa Bay Rays have DFA'd former top prospect 3B Joel Guzman. Guzman appeared destined for stardom just two years ago, even putting up a .297/.353/.461 line in AAA Las Vegas as a 21 year old. ...


Extra Ticket: Tuesday Night

Friends, The BaronVonCurrentEvents, her brother, and I are headed to the yard on Tuesday night (Sept 9th) to go see Barry Zito help us realize Operation Strasburg. I have one extra ticket, and...


At long last, the Krukow guitar

So I was headed back to the Bay area today after spending the week in Denver at the Crunchy Hippie/Al Qaeda festival.  On the plane, as many of us do, I cracked open the silly Skymall catalog to...



What with the recent sudden interest in the Zooperstars, I wanted to share with you all a similar act that I discovered as a multimedia intern with the Columbus Clippers. While BirdZerk lacks the comical names of the Zooperstars, their performances are similarly bizarre AND they have an actual jingle that you can download on the site. Enjoy!


Baseball Prospectus Free Week

Great News!  It appears that Baseball Prospectus is allowing all of their content to be accessed for free all week, including all of their PECOTA data. For those of you...


Kuroda-7 Perfect Innings

Hiroki Kuroda is 2 innings from pitching a PERFECT GAME.  Yeah, that's right, a PERFECT GAME.  Those are so rare, and it definitely looks like we are going to see another one tonight.  Definitely. ...


20 Loss-Cy Young

After witnessing firsthand Zito's 7th loss on this young season in Pittsburgh, I had a thought: "How many pitchers in baseball history have had both a Cy Young season AND a 20 loss season in their...


Aybar to the Rays acquire Willy Aybar and Chase Fontaine for Jeff Ridgeway.I mean, it's not like we could have traded a crappy 27-year-old left handed...


ChiSox Re-sign Uribe are claiming that the deal was for one year-$4.5 million.In what universe is Juan Uribe worth less than Omar Vizquel?  Uribe is no all-star, but...


Idea: Olsen & Messenger Reunited

From"Marlins suspended LHP Scott Olsen for two games because of insubordination.Manager Fredi Gonzalez said Olsen's penalty stemmed from an incident Sunday after left-hander was...


Murray Out, Bill Mueller In Murray fired as Dodgers hitting coach, and is replaced by Bill Mueller.Say it ain't so, Bill!


All-Doghouse Team

The recent rash of unfairly benched and booed baseball players made me realize:  one could field a contending lineup at a discount using severely undervalued players.The list below contains players...


CNNSI Predicts: Giants in Last Place at least expectations are extremely low.

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