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A lover of baseball, travel, and traveling for baseball, at the beginning age of obvious decline. I probably see the game in a different light than you do. Or maybe not. Everything changes, from day-to-day. Let's just all say we all like sports, and agree on that.

A firm believer that when things get complicated, take a few steps back, take a deep breath, and look forth at the simplicity and beauty that is the Great American Game. Love it for what it is, and prepare to take all that it gives us, good or bad.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB Atlanta Braves
  • NCAAF Virginia Tech Hokies
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User Blog

Braves vs. Dodgers Overflow Thread 4/25

Dee Gordon apparently really really likes playing against the Braves. Score knotted up at 1-1, going into the 6th inning, with supposedly some odd Southern California rain looming. The only...

Around the NL East - Tyler Clippard guarantees playoffs for Nats, David Wright reaches milestone, Ozzie returns, Phillies still playing patsy


Literally since Opening Day, I've been on the DL with some weird sickness that came out of nowhere, and has been nagging me over the span of the last two weeks. I don't get sick easily, which is...

Around the NL East - Ozzie loves booze and Fidel, Hot David Wright gets hurt, Storen, Morse ailing, Pat the Bat retiring in Philly


You know these days, I've sometimes been questioning the direction of my baseball fandom. Seeing the Braves win undoubtedly makes me pleased, but seeing them lose doesn't make me flinch in the...

Braves vs. Astros Overflow Thread: 4/10

Grandpa's back, and he's sort of leading by example. Braves up 4-1, courtesy of Brian McCann flop, Grandpa 2-run HR, and Tyler Pastornicky's first ever HR.

Braves vs. Astros Overflow Thread 4/9

Braves 3, Juan Francisco 3, Astros 1 You know who else besides Brian McCann hit well in Houston, but also could play some third base? Brooks Conrad. Just kiddin,' I'm just venting. C'mon, can't...

Braves vs. Mets Easter Overflow Thread 4/8

Braves finally broke up the no-no, and sort of made it a game. 7-4 Mets, going bot. seventh.

Around the NL East - Jon Niese extended, Chase Utley rehabbing in Arizona, John Lannan scorned, DON'T PANIC, FISH


I don't get sick often, but around the area where I'm currently working, there had been a nasty bug that has been terrorizing the area over the last week. It crippled me on Wednesday afternoon, and...

Around the NL East - Lots of Marlins and Mets getting healthy, lots of Nationals and Phillies getting hurt


A lot of people still don't know this, but Ichiro's last name isn't Ichiro - it's Suzuki. Ichiro Suzuki. One of his managers back in Japan introduced the idea for him to use his first name on his...

Around the NL East - Chase Utley's future in jeopardy, Bryce Harper sent down, Mets take big step towards financial recovery, HanRam teasing maturity?


Of all of the good Chipper Jones memories I have in my lifetime, I would have to say that my favorite one is more of a recent one. 2008, to be exact. For the Braves, it was an abysmal year, in fact...

Around the NL East - Playoff-projected Nationals, Mets full of injuries, Phillies creating false hopes for everyone else, Ozzie Guillen is crushing hard on Jose Reyes


I'm out of town this weekend, so I don't really have much to say in this week's introduction. But for all intents and purposes, despite being possibly the brightest and most optimistic Spring in...

Around the NL East - Victorino and Hamels possibly looking for extensions, Marlins prez hates Miami, Johan Santana getting stronger, all eyes on Bryce Harper


For the last few weeks, in those minutes in the morning where I'm preparing to head out the door and go to work, I've been watching episodes of Boy Meets World on the ABC Family channel. Long-time...

Around the NL East - Ryan Zimmerman signs extension, Greg Dobbs (Who?) declares Fish team to beat, Ryan Howard has setback, Byrdakmania runs wild in PSL


Around the NL East - Zims extension, Dobbs(who) says Fish team to beat, Howards setback, Byrdakmania runs wild

Around the NL East - Jon Niese's nose job, Ryan Zimmerman wants no-trade clause, HanRam finally at third base, Ryan Howard at just 40%


One of my favorite moments of the 2011 season was this night on July 23rd, with the Braves playing the Reds in Cincinnati. Dan Uggla had the night off, but in the top of the ninth inning was...

Around the NL East - Phillies could get richer, Goodbye, Gary Carter, HanRam still throwing tantrums, Ryan Zimmerman talking extension


It's funny, over the last week or so, it's safe to assume that somewhere around 50-60% of Major League Baseball players have already reported to Florida or Arizona, to their respective Spring...


Some quick questions for the locals

Hi LGTers, this traveling baseball fan out of Atlanta would like to ask those of you in the Cleveland-local area a few questions. Naturally, as the excitement for a new season approaches, we have...

Around the NL East - Old Fish clean up in arbitration, Nats bolstering bench, Mets boasting expensive replacement-level team, Phillies musing over Roy Oswalt


Recently, I went to a Chinese restaurant, and as is the norm at most of these establishment, fortune cookies are handed out with the bill: Don't let statistics do a number on you. Now that's...

Around the NL East - Nationals add Jackson, too many starters, Phillies add Qualls, too many relievers, R.A. Dickey ITBSOHL, Jose Reyes cuts his hair


You know what really stinks? Virtual waiting rooms. The plus side is that I've secured tickets for a trip out west to see games at both San Francisco and Oakland, but the process was very much like...

Around the NL East - Marlins are the worst ever, Phillies are the best ever, Nationals have the most potential ever, Mets are as hopeless as ever


Prince Fielder is off the board, Yu Darvish is now America-bound. Pipe dreams like Cody Ross, and the possibility for an Andruw Jones return are both gone too. Needless to say, in regards to free...

Around the NL East - Gio Gonzalez a long-term Nat, Cole Hamels future with the Phillies, R.A. Dickey scales Kilimanjaro, LOLMarlins


By the time you read this, I could very well be waking up with a very nasty hangover, as I am in Las Vegas this weekend. Sadly, there are no MLB odds available at this time of year, so I have no...

Around the NL East - Nationals still courting Prince Fielder, Phillies musing on Cole Hamels, Marlins pitchers stories, R. A. Dickey still climbing Kilimanjaro


So I was looking at the Braves Caravan destination list, and it occurred to me that as of right now, there's not actually any stops remotely actually in Atlanta. I mean, Atlanta gets a lot of flack...

Around the NL East - Marlins trade for Carlos Zambrano, Nationals eyeing Prince Fielder, Roy Halladay rescues people from snakes, R. A. Dickey scales mountains


Happy New Years, Braves Country! Here's to hoping for a 2012 of excellent baseball, beautiful baseball weather, exciting baseball travels, delicious baseball park foods, and MOAR baseball winz. Now...

Around the NL East - Charitable Dickey ignores Mets pleas, Nats fifth starter, should Victorino be extended, Marlins new stadium goes aquatic


As the year 2011 winds down to a close, I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all Talking Chop readers. Thanks for your readership, thanks for your words, knowledge and...


Quick Interleague question

I'll delete this post when I've gotten sufficient information, so I don't clog up your fanposts sections here. So, I'm a baseball fan that loves to travel. That being said, as soon as 2011 ends,...


Travels, Stories and Pictures from a Memorable 2011

Hi everyone. There was once a day when I used to crowd the FanPost section with grandiose picture posts of just my weekend, because I really was seeing that much Braves baseball, or immersing...

Around the NL East - Nationals trade for Gio Gonzalez, Jimmy Rollins re-signs with Phils, Mets and Marlins boring yet again


Firstly, I'd like to wish everyone a Season's Greetings, Happy Holidays, or whatever suits your fancy that won't be twisted and misconstrued to be considered offensive. I am looking forward to...

Around the NL East - Johan Santana might not be ready, J-Roll still unsigned, Nationals' efforts, Marlins back to penny-pinching


Well, that didn't take long - Carlos Zambrano is (as far as I'm aware) the first to declare the magic words: In the Best Shape of My Life (ITBSOML). And unlike several players of the past who have...

Around the NL East - Marlins buy Jose Reyes and Mark Buerhle, Mets bolster bullpen, Jayson Werth in center, Jimmy Rollins saga continues


The Miami Marlins are going to see at least one playoff appearance within the next two years. Mark it. And it has nothing to do with the acquisitions of Jose Reyes, Mark Buerhle and Heath Bell, and...

Around the NL East - Heath Bell becomes a Marlin, Nationals first base and catcher controversies, Mets seeking relievers, Phillies playing the arb game


Over the last few offseasons, keeping up with baseball was never a difficult thing to do. With the staggered way Major League Baseball does things like present awards, creates hype about the winter...

Around the NL East - New CBA affecting teams, Marlins get LeBlanc, Wilson Ramos back to playing ball, Reyes, Rollins, Madson all offered arbitration


Hi everyone. I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. Mine was swell. As always, ate like a pig. Look, I'll be honest with you guys. I've been up since 3:00 a.m. since I'm one of those guys that...

Fact or Fiction: Tommy "Doc" Hanson and the Magic Mullet


Doc Samson is a Marvel Comics superhero. To cut to the chase, Doc Samson was radiation-afflicted with superhuman strength - when his hair was long. His strength was proportionate to the length of...

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