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Best Lions Jokes...

Now that we're good again, I would to hear as many of the Detroit Lions jokes you can come with from the olden days of yore. Here is my submission: How do you keep the Detroit Lions off your lawn? P...


1st four games

In a previous post and many comments on others, I have stated that the first four games would tell us a lot about the Lions season prospects. 3 out of 4 road wins is tough for any team. The Lions...


Playbook NFC

I was watching NFL Network's program; Playbook NFC, one of those typical break down the game with the experts kind of shows. I couldn't help but shudder when I saw one of the hosts was Matt Millen....


Jamie Samuelsen's blog...

In today's DFP Jamie was saying how the Detroit Lions fans have more faith in their team than the buyers of lottery tickets, evangelicals, and those weird guys in white robes who pester you in the...


Followers or Leaders

One of my longtime gripes about the Lions was that they seemed to have a tendancy to latch on to someone else's ideas for a football system. Run and shoot, west coast offense, and so on. Lately I...


The Haynesworth Conumdrum

Should we or shouldn't we...only our hairdresser knows for sure.     There's a lot of flak going around about Albert Haynesworth; the hundred million dollar sandwich, fat albert, ect ect. The way I...


Almost there

Can you sense it? That feeling. The Detroit Lions...they're almost there. It's a little bit of everything, you know. If the play callers would understand that you're not going to force Javid Best...


Officials response.

I'd like to say how much I admire the response of Jim Schwartz to...that call. First of all, what possible benefit could there be from berating officials? I don't see any, however, the publicity...


Week 1 wrap/ Philly preview

It just wouldn't be a Sunday without a Detroit Lions induced WTF moment, and Sunday's game against the Chicago Bears, which was originally scheduled for Soldier Field, was no exception. Lucky for...


Honolulu Blue vs. Panama Red

Let's take another look at the Lion's schedule for this year, I am beginning to think that we, as fans, may need to make an adjustment to our expectation.@ Chicago: Most everybody is already...


Petered out?

Is it just me? Have you noticed that the higher paid sportswriters are getting kind of lazy? Every year these guys make predictions, and every year the predictions are last years finish. Peter King...


Better than we think...

I gotta say a couple of things, before we approach the final pre-season game vs. Buffalo. I have seen a lot of Lion games over the years, some good, some bad, mostly bad. I like this team a lot, I...

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