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Perry Fewell, 11.30.12

Q: Did you think the four-safety look worked last week?A: Yeah. I thought they were very effective. I thought we had a chance to utilize our personnel and use their talents.Q: Can that become the...

Osi Umenyiora, 11.30.12

Q: Does Monday Night Football ever get old for you?A: Yeah, actually. I'd much rather be playing on Sunday at one o'clock.Q: Isn't there something special about playing in front of everyone?A: No...

Kevin Gilbride, 11.30.12

Q: Obviously David Wilson will see an increased role now, what's it like with him coming in against a Redskins defense that is not only strong against the run, but shows a lot of exotic blitz...

Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.30.12

Q: Talk about how you might have to carry the team more this week.A: I got help. Kregg Lumpkin is coming in and the young boy is still here. So I got a lot of help. I can't put all the pressure on...

Tom Coughlin, 11.30.12

TC: Good afternoon, who do you want to know about that didn't practice?Q: JPP?A: Yeah, his back is bothering him so we thought we'd hold him.Q: You expect him Monday night?A: I would, yes.Q: ...

Kregg Lumpkin, 11.29.12

Q: Are they going to throw you in the special teams mix?A: Yeah, I was on practice kickoff return and punt team today. We'll go over the other special teams tomorrow and I'll try to get on those...

Ryan Torain, 11.29.12

Q: How was practice for you?A: I thought it was good. It was a good experience, good tempo. A lot of good guys are here helping me out showing my way around, so I'm enjoying myself.Q: What did you...

Eli Manning, 11.29.12

Q: What is a key focus heading into this game?A: I think we need to protect the football. They do a good job on defense at getting turnovers. They do a good job at getting pressure so we have to...

Justin Tuck, 11.29.12

Q: You're facing RG3 for the second time. How much do you draw on the first experience and learn from that?A: I think playing this offense it will benefit us having... I think they said something...

Tom Coughlin, 11.29.12

TC: Good Morning. We're excited. In the division, against the Washington Redskins, obviously a team that's won two games in a row in the division, and feel very good about themselves. Following...

Butt of jokes: Mark Sanchez trying to forget

Mark Sanchez and the 4-7 Jets are trying to forget the embarrassment of their 49-19 loss to the New England Patriots on Thanksgiving night.

Victor Cruz, 11.28.12

Q: I know it's hard to keep track of all the other teams, is there a sense that Washington is a team on the rise in your division and a contender, at that?A: I think so. I think they have a really...

Mathias Kiwanuka, 11.28.12

Q: What was the key to the success upfront against Aaron Rodgers in pass-rush?A: Honestly, I think that was just about heart and desire. We knew going into the game that was what we had to do....

Justin Tuck, 11.26.12

A: Just making sure we do the same thing we did last week, just being consistent and bringing the energy and the passion to the field during practice, walkthroughs, whatever it may be, meetings and...

Rueben Randle, 11.26.12

Q: Was getting your first NFL touchdown big?A: It's big, but I'm not going to make a big deal about it. Just got to keep pushing on and keep working.Q: It sounds like you expected it to happen...

David Wilson, 11.26.12

Q: Ahmad was telling you how Derrick Ward went down and he had to step up for the end of the season in ‘07. Is that a good example for you to see what can be done at the end of your rookie year?A:...

Kenny Phillips, 11.25.12

A: I'm not worried at all. I probably could have continued to play, but with the score how it was, I figured it wouldn't make any sense to go out there and try to hurt it some more.Q: How concerned...

Victor Cruz, 11.25.12

Q: Take us through your touchdown catch.A: That play was just a play where I come inside and I get lined up one on one with the safety and I just make a quick move to the inside and Eli threw a...

Tom Coughlin, 11.25.12

We played well tonight, really in all three phases, something we needed to do. We approached this game as if it was the first of a six-game season. I thought we had a good week of practice. I...

Eli Manning, 11.25.12

Q: Talk about the way you guys performed in the green zone today.A: That was big. We had a couple touchdowns, all on third down, so that's a big difference in points. That's something we haven't...

Ahmad Bradshaw, 11.25.12

Q: What are the emotions after this win?A: We're very excited right now. We've got a lot going on for us right now and this is a huge win. Just looking back at the last couple of weeks we played,...

Hakeem Nicks, 11.25.12

Q: Take us through that touchdown. Did you know how close you were? Did you know you scored right away?A: Honestly, I didn't know right away. I felt like my hand touched down the same time my arm...

Chris Snee, 11.25.12

A: We're confident that when our back is against a wall that we'll come out and fight and perform and the big players will step up and make plays and I think that's exactly what you saw and the...

Mathias Kiwanuka, 11.25.12

Q: Does this send a message to the rest of the league that you guys are back?A: I think for us, it's a start. The message has to be continued on. You can't just be a fluke. For us, it's we came...

Justin Tuck, 11.25.12

Q: Did you see this coming?A: That? No. I saw us playing better. I thought we had a great week of practice. I thought we in some ways just had a refreshing week off. People seemed like they were...

Hakeem Nicks, 11.19.12

A: ...that stuff is needed. You look at a bye week and your body gets a chance to rest, but most of all you get to regroup in your mind and I think you need that sometimes just to get away in your...

Victor Cruz, 11.19.12

Q: What is this bye week going to do for your football team? A: I think it's going to be good for us. We're getting everybody back fresh and we're getting everybody back with a good mindset; good...

Justin Tuck, 11.19.12

Q: What is it like here with six games to go and everything on the line?A: It's pretty normal, honestly. I know a lot of people outside of this locker room are going to make a big deal about it,...

Tom Coughlin, 11.19.12

Q: What was it like to get back on the field?A: Grass is nice. Grass is nice. It was good to be outside. We had sun here this weekend, as you know; it was a beautiful weekend from that...

Eli Manning, 11.19.12

Q: Are you feeling better?A: I feel the same. It's always good after 10 weeks to get a little break and refresh the mind and the body, but it's good to get back out today with our team knowing...

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