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Hawks holding teams to 65% of their usual output

Seattle has limited offenses to much lower than their usual output in 2013.

Taiwanese animation of the NFC Championship matchup!

This is delightfully weird. And disgusting. And funny.


Why are we Seahawk fans so disgruntled? I've got an answer.

The debate has been roiling around here since the Rams game, in which we won but played horribly, whether or not we Seahawks fans are spoiled to be at 7-1 and yet just feeling sick about the team....

Chiefs fans try to outscream the 12th Man this week

They've got capacity for 10,000 more fans than us, and are encouraging the purchasing of programs for rolling up into megaphones. I'd say it's hard to imagine them breaking it, considering that the first two measurements early in the game were 131-132 and only reached 136 on the moment that broke the 9ers' back in the third quarter -- it can't be nearly so emotional to snuff out the lowly Raiders. Hopefully we'll retain bragging rights.


Which type of win do you enjoy watching most?

Four wins into the season and, if my calculations are correct, we have seen all four type of victories that are possible: 1) The back-and-forth, close-all-game, see-saw-type victory (Panthers) 2)...

The Seahawks' wild-card competition: way-early speculation

As of this week, the Seahawks pull into the lead for the sixth playoff spot (the others taken by the Falcons, Bears, 49ers, Giants, and Packers), fending off the nearest competitors of the Vikings,...

Tebow to Seattle? Bwhaha haha!

Charley Casserly somehow thinks that "Tebow would fit right into the Seahawks' environment" and would help us score TDs in the red zone. What? Pete Carroll likes to "try new things," Casserly notes. Really? Carroll likes to do things unconventionally, sure, but totally in keeping with the philosophy and scheme he's had in mind from the get-go. He doesn't just tinker willy-nilly. Sheesh.

Wait, what's this? Respect?

I was just over on the main page, and couldn't help but notice that the Seahawks were all over it. Lots of Russell Wilson, lots of Richard Sherman, and then some actual analysis stuff, too. I had expected, as had many here, that the big story was going to be all about the Patriots choking, what's wrong with the Patriots, they played down to the level of the lowly Hawks, has Belichick lost his edge, etc., etc. but low and behold, the only mention of the Pats was a photo of Brady getting dissed by Sherman and comments from Belichick about preparing for Tebow. I grabbed some screenshots from the site and stitched them together at the link above to show all 7 appearances of Hawk goodness at the main page (since it will undoubtedly change as the day goes on). I'm still having trouble believing it.


Why the passing game is here to stay: a theory

There are two competing schools of thought regarding Russell Wilson going forward: one, that Carroll has removed the "lid" he talked about keeping on Wilson's game (or at least pulled it back...

Dallas player "steals" jump ball: "What a play!"

OK, so this wasn't a game-ending, game-deciding touchdown catch, so not as controversial, but it's kind of funny (in a head-shaking way) that this Miles Austin catch from last year is called a "steal" in the title of the video and that's meant as a good thing, as in "great effort!" When it happens to a non-media-darling team? It's "stolen" as if Tate had grabbed it at knife-point. How dare he! Remember, folks, give up on the ball if an opposing player touches it first! (Unless you're from Green Bay, Dallas, Pittsburgh, or New England, then its OK and you're high-effort.)

Max Unger offensive captain; Red Bryant defensive

Per Eric Williams: "Carroll said that the players voted for captains this week. Max Unger is the captain on offense, Red Bryant on defense and Michael Robinson and Heath Farwell are the captains for special teams." Between all the competition on offense and the injuries, Unger has been something of a rock in that position. Good for him.

Sean McGrath not on practice squad

Per Danny O'Neil: "The Seahawks announced the eight players on their practice squad: LB Korey Toomer, WR Ricardo Lockette, T Edawn Coughman, G Rishaw Johnson, WR Jermaine Kearse, QB Josh Portis and S Deshawn Shead. Not on that list: TE Sean McGrath, which would indicate something change regarding somebody's plans between Saturday when he cleared waivers and Monday's announcement."

#1 in most points scored; #1 in fewest points allowed

Hawk Blogger did some calculations, and — granted, it's only preseason — but it's cool to see our team's aggressiveness bear out in the numbers: Points: 30.5/gm (NFL Ranking #1) OPP Points: 11/gm (#1) Turnovers Forced: 9 (#2) Rushing Yds: 178.2 (#1) OPP Rushing Yds: 78.8 (#2) Passer Rating: 93.2 (#4) OPP Passer Rating: 55.8 (#1)


"Winning forever" and winning now: inside Pete's conundrum

There's been a lot of speculation about what's been going on inside Pete Carroll's head this summer, including the idea that he knows what he wants and he's playing mind games with the fans, to the...

Carp to move to left guard per Schneider

via ‏@hawkblogger on twitter: Schneider drops the bomb. Carpenter will be a lg when he gets back Been saying Breno was signed to be a starter all along. Get used to it


Competition vs. Continuity: Is This The Year We See a Switch?

If we've read one thing, and only one thing, about the Seahawks during the Pete Carroll era, it's that competition reigns supreme. This is the club where a fourth-round rookie beat out a...


Just How Much Do Close Games Matter Anyway?

It's well known among Seahawk fans that this past year's 7-9 club was an improvement over 2010's 7-9 club because Seattle stayed close in so many more games, right to the very end. All we need is...

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