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Sometimes when I freestyle I lose confidence.

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Kendall Marshall rookie highlights

At least we know he can pass...


Woj: "Suns in trade talks for Rudy Gay" There's no framework of a possible deal in place, but the Grizzlies have expressed a strong desire that any...


Flashback: A Requiem for Amare

There's been a lot of discussion about Amare as both a player and as a person in the past few threads. Seth's post in the Kings preseason game preview inspired me to post what I had written in my...


Dear Steve Nash,

It's taken me some time to put together my thoughts about Our Dear Leader's departure. I know that some readers will think I'm taking this way too personally, but sports is about passion, and...


Why Grant Hill Doesn't Fit

Relax! It's not my idea. In one of the comments sections I mentioned how Grant's 5-man unit stats were always pretty poor. I said that I'd ask one of the RealGM posters who was quite fluent with...


So uh....who exactly are we going to sign in 2012 again?

The FO's plan has been to remain as competetive as we can this year and then use the 2012 offseason to reload/retool through free agency. All of their moves have been made with this summer's free...


Marcin Gortat on Robin Lopez

The translation I got from a RealGM poster is this: Quite interesting what Marcin said about Robin Lopez: "our relations with Robin Lopez were not good from the beginning. First day I came to...


Advanced stats show Markieff may be underrated, Tristan/Jimmer overrated

This is a really eye-opening piece from You should definitely read the whole thing(at the link), but here are some excerpts:    The guy who immediately sticks out to me is M...


Vince Carter, the Suns and the Cost of Adjustment

Edit: I just now noticed that Seth already linked to this. I'm a moron.   Should Suns Adjust to Vince Carter’s Game?     Saw the above article in the NYTimes today and thought it would definitely...


What about Anthony Randolph?

We don't currently have another spot for anybody in our rotation, but what would you guys think about pursuing Anthony Randolph for our "missing PF"? He's having a terrible season right now playing...

Looking For The Real Amare

His performance against the Clippers was uninspired, and it hasn't gone unnoticed. This, in addition to reading that there's been some concern within the organization about whether or not he'll get back to his former level, has me pretty worried.

Official: Suns Buyout of Wallace is Complete

Ben Wallace agrees to a 10 million dollar buyout.



This is my attempt at a 4 way trade between PHX, UTA, NOH and CHI. I think it makes sense for everyone involved...what do you guys think?   Phoenix Out: Shaquille O'Neal(expiring), Jason Richardson(...


Rumor: Shaq to Chicago for Luol Deng

Rumored deal that would send Shaq to Chicago for Loul Deng and other contracts

Sources: Suns put Stoudemire on trade block

I can't believe they're going to trade Amare before they fire Kerr or Porter :(




Credible source says Jason Richardson to Suns

Rumored trade of Jason Richardson to the the Phoenix Suns


Shaq says RUN!

Shaq Says Run!   HALLELUJAH!   words words words amare needs to learn how to rebound amare needs to learn how to rebound amare needs to learn how to rebound amare needs to learn how to...


Matt Barnes signs with Suns   Suns fan here; I...

The other potential scenario for the Clippers is a trade. They've been talking to the Suns about ...

The other potential scenario for the Clippers is a trade. They've been talking to the Suns about a deal that would send Corey Maggette and No. 7 to Phoenix for Leandro Barbosa and No. 15.

D'ANTONI JUST GOT FIRED, I think the wrong man got fired.This is a sad day for the Phoenix Suns...I wish...


Not entirely relevant right now, but

I was perusing the ESPN boards the other day and I found a fantastic post(author GMATCallahan) addressing the whole "Marion vanished in the playoffs" schtick.I thought I'd share it with you all:

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