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Andy Devine had a thong rind.
It was sublime, but the wrong kind.

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The Amazing Jimmie Reese


For you young'uns who may be wondering who this Jimmie Reese guy is and why his number (50) is retired, here is a nice short biography that I found on the SABR site. Even those who remember Reese well will likely learn some interesting facts about the man. For example: I knew he was a wizard with the fungo bat, but I never knew that he actually pitched batting practice with it. I hope you will enjoy the piece as much as I did.



Just a little something I came upon in my early-morning Web peregrinations: a non-political roasting of the entire state. Opening line: "Texas is so awful, even the people who live there only give it one star." I think it only gets fiunnier from there.

Trumbo Played on Broken Foot for Weeks


According to Joe McDonnell, Trumbo says his foot was broken long before he went on the DL. Shades of Erstad!


Dodgers Employed Russian Grifter to Think "Good Thoughts" From Afar

Unbeknownst to the rest of the team's FO, Frank and Jamie McCourt hired a Boston-area "scientist and healer" to beam good vibes directly into Chavez Latrine, according to Bill Shaikin in Friday's L...

A little something for Vlad fans


Today's Elderberries strip made me think of the recent FanPost in which many of us waxed sentimental about ol' Big Daddy. Check out the ignoramus in the comments underneath the strip.

A few photos from Saturday night


Above is a link to my Flickr page with some photos of Rev in his Angels disco jacket.

Ernie Harwell, 92, succumbs to cancer


The legendary Tigers broadcaster also served a short stint behind the Angels' mike during his long and storied career.

54% chance of rain forecast for Tuesday's game


At game time, that is, increasing to 58% later. Furthermore, Wednesday's game is looking at a 58% chance of thunderstorms, and Thursday's a 43% chance of regular old rain. I wasn't able to find the date of the last rainout here quickly, but I don't think there's been one in this millenium. So chances are they'll get the games in anyway. I think I see tomorrow's Pregame Pick!

Why America should root for the Angels over the Yankees


A refreshingly hip column by Bill Shaikin that I expect will be well-received by my fellow HHers.

6-4-2 reports Angels sign Seanez


According to KXO Radio: "Seanez threw for the Angels and apparently impressed the team enough that he is now getting in shape at the teams extended spring training facility in Arizona with expectations of moving up to the triple A level to get in game work."


Collateral Damage in the Cable Wars (updated)

Charter Cable has used a contractual loophole with FSN to avoid broadcasting Angels games in Southern California and Nevada.


A's to stay put

The Oakland A's have announced that they have canceled plans to move to Fremont.


Angels games to be simulcast on KFWB

According to a team press release, KFWB will carry 110 weekday Angels games.


Weekday games to be played live on KLAA

Start spreading the news!


Pray for some Black Magic

Who knows what lurks in the mind of Mike Scoscia?


One schlub's opinion

My uneducated opinion regarding the off-field management errors made in the Stoneman era.

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