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2012 DBN Big Board 31-35


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 36th-40th spots on the DBN big board.

2012 DBN Big Board 26-30


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 31st-35th spots on the DBN big board.

2012 DBN Big Board 21-25


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 26th-30th spots on the DBN big board.

An Exercise in Value: Why the Browns Still Should Not Draft Trent Richardson


Why should the Browns avoid RB Trent Richardson at the top the the NFL Draft? Stop by to find out!

2012 DBN Big Board 16-20


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 21st-25th spots on the DBN big board.

2012 DBN Big Board 11-15


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 16th-20th spots on the DBN big board.

2012 DBN Big Board 6-10


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 11th-15th spots on the DBN big board.

2012 DBN Big Board-Top 5


Be a part of our collective ranking of draft prospects! Come vote on players to fill the 6th-10th spots on the DBN big board.

DBN Big Board 2012


Think you know the NFL draft? Help us collectively rank the draft-eligible players on DBN's Big Board.

Saints Keep WR Colston, Another Potential FA off the Table


Looks like Marques Colston will stay with the Saints. Drew Brees' number one wideout agreed to a five-year deal worth $40 million. Reports say that $19 million of his contract are guaranteed. I don't think this should surprise anyone, as Colston and Brees have great chemistry and that offense is pretty good. The Saints and Colston are pretty valuable to each other. Now, the Saints are probably turning their attention to retaining OG Carl Nicks, who would be among the best free agents at any position if he hits the market later today. With another free agent wide receiver re-signing with his team, I think it is less and less likely that the Browns get an impact "number one" in free agency. We might add depth or get a veteran who could help us out, but I think it would for a guy who is good in a specialized role at best. I think Heckert is taking a smart approach to free agency, as "big name" players who are available are often not worth what it takes to get them. With that said, I still wouldn’t mind going after DE Mario Williams.

Passing = Winning


If you are a "build a great running game and defense" person, you need to read this. "Compared to passing with its nice tight relationship, running's relationship with wins is weak. There may not be a relationship at all, except that there is a conspicuous absence of many teams with very strong running games and very low wins. [...]this suggests that a good running game can save a bad team from notching only 3 or 4 wins, but it's not going to lead a team to the playoffs. Notice how few of the very best running teams exceed 8 wins, while the best passing teams win at least 8 games."

Bill Walsh and Quarterbacking in the West Coast Offense


These are videos of Bill Walsh and Joe Montana demonstrating the level of detail involved in the West Coast Offense. Look specifically at the "rhythm throws" by Montana where he throws off of his back foot without a "hitch" step. Those are difficult throws--especially that out to the left. Another thing of note is the quickness with which Montana goes through reads both in this "practice" session and the successful plays in games. At the top of his drop if not before, he will make an instantaneous decision and immediately go to his next read, which is timed to get open after the one hitch it takes to get through a read. The whole time, he's moving to avoid giving defenders a stationary target in the pocket. Sorry BY, but Joe Montana was really good.

Punch and Counter-Punch: the Hot Route and the Zone Blitz


What does a "sight adjustment" look like? How do defenses respond to an offense's use of "hot routes"? Stop by for an in-depth X's and O's breakdown.

The Cleveland Browns' Offense: Four Verticals and...Five Verticals?


How do the Cleveland Brown attack defenses with four vertical receivers? Stop by for an X's and O's breakdown and analysis.

Breaking Down Random Plays from the Browns Offense


Stop by for a review of the Cleveland Browns offense against the St. Louis Rams. Rufio breaks down tape and explains why we were--and weren't--successful.

OT: Missing the days when we weren't watching flag football and Buddy Ryan is hillarious


Check out these lines out of Buddy Ryan's playbook. "QBs are pompous bastards and must be punished."

The San Francisco 49ers' Sweep Play, and the Cleveland Browns' Defensive Adjustments


Thought you guys might appreciate more cut ups of Frank Gore running all over us ;) Good luck the rest of the year, and please beat the heck out of the steelers and ravens.

The San Francisco 49ers' Sweep Play, and the Cleveland Browns' Defensive Adjustments


How does the San Francisco 49ers running game overwhelm an opponent? How can they be stopped? Does anyone still run the old "Lombardi Sweep"? Stop by to find out.

Beating the Blitz: Throwing "Hot"


What is a hot route? How do offenses beat the blitz? Stop by for a breakdown of throwing hot and beating the blitz.

Pass Protection 101


What are the basics of pass protection? Stop by to learn about Man, Zone, and combination schemes.

The Cleveland Browns' Offense...and Defense: Rufio's Notes Week 3


Rufio's notes on the Cleveland Browns' offense and defense in week 3 against the Miami Dolphins.

The Cleveland Browns' Offense: Rufio's Notes Week 2


An analysis of the Cleveland Browns' offense in their week 2 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

The Cleveland Browns' Offense: Tendencies and Rufio's Notes


Stop by to read our analysis on the personnel and success (or lack thereof) of the Cleveland Browns' offense in their game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

Breaking Down Cedric Benson's Soul-Crushing 4th Quarter Run


Cedric Benson's 4th quarter TD run crushed all hope of a Cleveland Browns victory in week one. Stop by for a complete breakdown of the game's decisive play.

The 2010 Saint Louis Rams' Offense: Smash, Snag, Stick, and Slot-out


Stop by for more plays that you can expect to see from the Cleveland Browns' offense in 2011.

Amazing Zone Blocked System Video (and some thoughts on fullbacks)


-Context: Gibbs is coaching with Atlanta/Mike Vick, thinking about integrating the read option into what they do, while helping UF shore up the use of the Stretch play and showing them how they do it in the NFL. This sequence of videos is a marathon, but it's FUNKING AWESOME. I don't know how Brophy got a hold of this, but this stuff is just a great insight into what coaches at the college/pro levels are looking at and doing. -Regardless of what you think about Vickers or Maceric, I thought it was interesting to get insight into an NFL coach's mind about fullbacks. You could also see how teams might think about a 3rd down back or second RB in a similar way: Gibbs on NFL fullbacks (at around 6:35 into the first video) "Our fullback is not a fullback. Our fullback is a second or third runner. We no longer play a "blunt" player. We can't afford it...So what we don't understand is why there is a guy sittin' over there on that f**k\in' bench that is better than that FB in that game...So when you see our fullback, you're don't going to see a guy who's going to go around stabbin' MIKE linebackers in the heart...We are not looking for a 260-pound f**king slug. We're looking for a receiver, and a guy that understands the same reads that this runner's learning. I can play a rookie here (at RB) if I can have a veteran who can take just the 3rd and longs. I can get (the rookie) off the field if he doesn't have to learn all the pickups...that's a lot of rules! Then we've got a lot of flexibility. Our system doesn't change when we (get into situational offense)" -Gibbs played the fullback about 54% of the time the season prior to the filming of this video. -This part is awesome, and it opens the 3rd video. They are looking at a "cutback" play, where the RB cuts behind both DTs, who have flown outside to stop the stretch play. To the defense and the fans and the TV, this looks like the runner cut back "against the grain". Look again. The runner takes off for his aiming point (somewhere around the TE) and by the time he cuts and goes upfield, he is on the same piece of grass where his aiming point was to begin the play--BUT he went behind 3 DL. Awesome stuff. -Gibbs says he's led the league in rushing 2 years in a row with OL personnel that would have been ranked between 25th and last: his goal is to take lesser talented players and make something happen. -Gibbs' goals in his zone scheme: Minimize plays that gain less than 2 yards, maximize plays of 20+. He says these two actually work against each other: adding a FB into the mix brings another defensive player, clutters things for the back, but assures the offense they can pick up at least a few yards. Taking the FB out means less people in the box and more big plays, but sometimes the defense can sneak someone in that the offense can't account for (negative plays). -On WRs blocking in the running game: "Now those guys get a heavy f___ choice of coachin' with this s___ too now. You wanna hear some guys getting screamed at, on this team when those guys don't do what they're supposed to do, there are people on their ass like they have never seen. Those are the problem guys on everyone's team. They think they are stars. Well you are a star provided you do what you are supposed to do in the f___ running game. Otherwise, get the hell off our team. Those guys aren't worth havin' on your team." -On "the system": "Everybody has a little piece, but only a little and they can't get it coordinated so they give up on it. It's too hard to put it in with all those other plays. If you put em in with other plays guys, you can't do it. You're foolin' yourself, you can't get it all taught." -More about fullbacks: "Now our fullback is not a real "thud" player, he's an athlete. We don't "win" on those guys (dominate with FB vs. LBs in the run game) but we don't "lose" on em. Get square, stay square, try not to have your feet get knocked back, and we live with what we've got. I mean if Dunn gets hurt, this guy's got to play." Ok that's all I got for now. I am still in the third video, but if you have a desire to really learn about the ZB runs and some free time, this is the best place to go.

Why Peyton Manning is unreal, and throws Colt McCoy should emulate


Behind the link are two videos from NFL Network illustrating the kind of read an NFL QB has to make in a very, very short amount of time. Oh, and some pretty good throws, too. Like Chris Brown (who writes SmartFootball) I am not convinced that the "2-trap" call is actually what is being played. It looks like split field coverage to me, with the 2WR side in Cover-2 zone and the 1WR side in man. You can clearly see the 1WR side LB ready to cover the TE in man, then rush once he sees the TE pass set. The other LB seems to be in zone to start, then find the RB outlet pass at the play develops. In fact in the first play I am not so sure it isn't some sort of exotic QQH/"Revis island" coverage. In any event, the second play just plays out like it is vs. C2 zone: 2 deep WR vs 1 deep safety. And that's what NFL QBs have to sort through in order to win.

The 2010 St Louis Rams Offense: Passing Game


What did the St. Louis Rams' offense look like in 2010 and what can Cleveland Browns fans expect from Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense in 2011? Stop by to find out.

The St. Louis Rams 2010 Offense and What to Expect from Cleveland in 2011


What did Pat Shurmur's West Coast Offense look like with the St. Louis Rams? An in-depth look at the running game in Shurmur's offense.

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