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Weighs 1,800 pounds (820 kg), stands 5 feet 8 inches (1.7 m), and horns measure 72 inches (183 cm) tip-to-tip.

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User Blog

Kevin Durant


Great basketball player, better human.

I nominate Drew Kelson for an internet for detonating a nuclear truth bomb on twitter.

UT girls grow up to be beautiful, successful women. Amen sir.

Oh btw I'm not a hot head either. I'm a friendly ass dude, but when I put on my helmet I'm...


Oh btw I'm not a hot head either. I'm a friendly ass dude, but when I put on my helmet I'm relentless. I don't care about your feelings.

US Olympic Trials Live Results Longjump


Marquise Goodwin is jumping to get into the olympics. He might be on NBC tonight at 6. Live results in the link.

TCU huh?


SW Zombie C is ALIVE! Almost.

Yeah, that sums up Kenny Vaccaro quite well


Yeah, that sums up Kenny Vaccaro quite well


Thanks for ruining the start time... Texas

You already had a decent start time, but you insisted on more. You could have been a part of a unified starting time where everyone was fat and happy but you had too much greed. Forget tradition ...

"We have tried to break Ash, but we can’t," senior linebacker Emmanuel Acho said. "He doesn’t get...


"We have tried to break Ash, but we can’t," senior linebacker Emmanuel Acho said. "He doesn’t get rattled."


Aaron Williams is good


Our baby is all growns up.

Fozzy is not a muppet.


Fozzy is not a muppet.

I love Jeremy Hills


Exactly what we need. BTW, it 100 today in Austin.

Kevin Durant is better at basketball than you and a better human


Durant tells about being in school near the Pentagon on 9/11 and how he felt about yesterday.

A homage to Tbone Stallone


2 years go today, you decided to sign in to BON for the last time. Perhaps 54b finally ran you off for good, perhaps you didn't mind the gap, some questions should never be answered. If you are new to the site or need a refresher, from 54b, "THE T-BONER (T-Bone Stallone): The sexual deviant. Not really a type of contributor as he's pretty much one of a kind. After reading one of his comments or diaries, you usually feel an unnatural urge to return to your ignorant, blissful childhood while disinfecting your keyboard. His posts are always of a sexually explicit nature. In his world, sex is not only a sport, but a language, a currency, and a defense mechanism, as well. If he's not challenging your manhood, he's probably mutilating it. That being said, his clever whit is literary cleavage and he always gets the better of your prurient curiosity with a mastery of diction that would make even the most secular of readers repent." He gave us the definition of Aggie Fan and starting a post with such hard hitting questions such as, What if OU kicks the pussy fart out of Tech? We miss you Dick Tasty

Bob Knight with some "fowl" language


He sure is passionate about basketball.

Longhorns at the NFL Combine


I'm in and out of the NFL Combine today but I watched S. Acho yesterday and watched the Brown's 40s this morning. Acho ran a 4.63 in the 40 and set a DL record for the L-cone drill. Both Browns posted a 4.51 in their first 40, Chykie went 4.45 on his second and Curtis went 4.56.

Everyone fine with Thanksgiving rivalry except Big XII


Possibilty game gets pushed to replace conference championship game for ratings.

Sexy Dexy sent to Sioux Falls in the D-League.


From sunny South Beach to snowy Sioux Falls, Dex is sent to the D-League. The bright side is he gets to play and hopefully develop outside of the Heat's current three headed monster. The down side, I really thought Riley would help develop him once he fired Erik Spoelstra but Dex didn't make it that far. All the best to big huggy bear.


Fun Office Pool picks are due

Hello, how about that ride in? Can someone line up the teams for us peons? Saturday is fast approaching and I fear the fun game we have going will be neglected and everyone will stop playing. No!...


A poll on kickoff times.

Looking for a midweek palette cleanser? Reading this fanshot and excellent discussion I was curious to gauge the way the masses feel.  If Texas (or whatever team you watch) has a big time match up,...

The Stig has been revealed.


I better put buzzwords in here like "F1 Austin" to make this site relevant. If you felt the tremor in the force, the source has been revealed. Our beloved Stig has been revealed. I'm a huge fan of Top Gear and am curious to see if anyone else is. I'm also interested to see what everyone else thinks about this and how it was made public. I think it sucks that it was revealed in this manner. This is not a "victory for freedom of speech". This is what happens when people want to make money off something. I commend the BBC for fighting this and hope Top Gear brings on a new Stig. 7 years was far too short.

Shaun Rogers has run-in with the law


Fortunately, he was on the right side of the law and chief of police John Maddox gave him a verbal high-five for his efforts. Double Rainbow Shaun.

Kevin Durant's Livestrong message.


Kevin Durant's Nike Livestrong chalkbot message. "Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard" I love the kid

Shipley is awesome


The Bengals think Shipley is awesome, I agree.


Come join the BON World Cup pick'em

If you like the competition, and you think your #1, Come play the World Cup pick'em, and have a little fun. Cheer on your favorite country, or the one you're in, Click on this link to get started,...

Ricky's Journey Leads To Tremendous Growth


A wonderful look inside the personal growth of Ricky ahead of his 30 for 30 film, "Run Ricky Run", to be released on April 27. I still and always will love him.

David Thomas is obviously doing well for himself.


David Thomas is obviously doing well for himself.

Dogus is out with torn ACL


I will miss the whirling turkey.

Dallas-area receivers, left to right, John Harris (Garland Naaman Forest), Mike Davis (Dallas...


Dallas-area receivers, left to right, John Harris (Garland Naaman Forest), Mike Davis (Dallas Skyline) and Darius Terrell (DeSoto) figure to become capable hands for the Longhorns. Article

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