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Is Derrick Rose's inspirational story...a hoax?

I came to this realization while reading a seemingly innocuous comment. We should have realized that it was a hoax when they started telling us the really unbelievable stories like, "We got the...


"The Chicago Bulls are in the best shape of their lives" a.k.a. "I know what you did this summer"

[From the FanPosts -yfbb] Training camp is here, and I was eager to hear about how the players are in prime condition to compete for an NBA championship. I expected to be drowning in platitudes...


2011-12 Game Preview #2: Bulls at Golden State Warriors

[Thanks to runningman for today's game preview (sign up!). I hope all of them are merely half as good as this one -ed.] I had a ten-thousand word treatise prepared on what Mark Jackson's phrase,...

New "stretch exemption" incentivises teams to overpay players in the future


"For new contracts, salary of waived players to be "stretched" for cash purposes such that the player’s remaining protected compensation would be paid over twice the number of remaining contract years plus 1 year. "In lieu of the usual cap treatment, the waiving tam may elect to have the waived player’s salary follow the stretched cash allocation, except that stretching a waived player’s salary for cap purposes is not permitted where the portion of total team salary attributable to all waived players in any future season would exceed an agreed upon percentage of the salary cap in effect during the season in which a player is waived."


"At most, three to six teams will take advantage of the amnesty clause this year, the executive said"

Story:'ve all been going crazy wondering about possible amnesty targets that the Bulls can try...

I went to the Bulls-Pistons game on Monday and took along my camera. Got a few interesting...


I went to the Bulls-Pistons game on Monday and took along my camera. Got a few interesting pictures. Album link is below.

Boston Celtics simply had a "dud" game


ESPN Boston columnist explains why Boston lost.

Tyrus will be traded - Price set


"The Bulls demand expiring contracts and a 2010 or future first-round draft pick." They claim to have offers already and will take bids up to the deadline. As a side note, they still want to trade Kurt and Wade is the top target for 2010.


Could Bosh stay in Toronto?

It's become pretty clear that the top target for the both the Bulls organization and fans on blogabull is Chris Bosh.  He seems to have the best mix of offense/defense/rebounding of any PF on the...

Derrick Rose will be unstoppable in NBA 2k10


Derrick Rose will be unstoppable in NBA 2k10

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