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I am a Louisville fan who lives in the rural area of western Kentucky. I've been a fan of the Cards since I was a kid.

A Fan Of...

  • MLB New York Mets
  • NBA Boston Celtics
  • NFL Dallas Cowboys
  • NCAAF Louisville Cardinals
  • NCAAB Louisville Cardinals
  • NHL Nashville Predators
  • NASCAR Trevor Bayne, Mark Martin
  • MMA Randy Couture
  • Tennis Federer
User Blog

The Lingering Sting of the Sweet 16

A few days ago I got in early from the office. As I lay down across the foot of the bed I turned on the TV & the channel was on ESPNU. The "Roll Tide/War Eagle" documentary was on about the "Iron...


No It's Not!! It's NOT "Just Another Game"!

As I sat in my recliner today watching the very good game between UK & Wichita State, I have to say that my mind was racing immensely. Was I pulling for WS? A little. Was I heavily invested in...


So Where Do We Go From Here?

As much as I'd love to throw a fit; as much as I'd like to rant & rave about the horrible loss that Thursday night was...As much as I'd like to do all of that & more- I won't. I'm not here to be...


Some Thoughts, Perspective, & Opinions from "Outside the Ville": Am I Wrong?

Happy New Year Card Nation! I hope all of you had a wonderful Christmas season & want to wish all of you the best in 2014. I'm hopeful for another blessed & happy year for me & my family & also...


"Let's Finish the Game"

While I'm most certainly not the oldest CC fanatic & Louisville Cardinal fan I'm probably a little older than many on here (age 41). My Cardinal fandom goes back to the Doctors of Dunk & the...


1996 UK Team Get's Rings...Does Pitino?

A UK fan sent me this link that talks about the 1996 UK team getting rings after 17 years. The school didn't buy them rings back then because they thought that they were too expensive?? Check out...



· Rank in Sagarin Predictor Ratings: 3 of 347 Rank in Sagarin Overall Ratings: 3 of 347Predictor Rating: 92.74Overall Rating: 91.94Projected final record: 30-8*NOTE: Projected records are...


A Streak Will End Tonight!

It has been very difficult to resist posting a down in the mouth, aggravated, disgusted post about Saturday's loss to Georgetown, our third loss in a row. I got to watch the game albeit while...


My Farewell FanPost.

For some of you I know that this is a welcomed headline. This will be my final "Fan Post" on the Card Chronicle. I'm saying good- bye & wishing all of you the best in the days to come. I understand...


We're Definitely NOT a Great Team!

Before I get into the meat of this post, let me first say that this is not an arrogant response to a fan post earlier this week arguing that we're "A Great Team". I'm a Card fan forever, I love my...


My Hot Wife & the Louisville Cardinals!

Being a huge Louisville Cardinal fan is awesome. Men usually like sports so it's so big deal for a man to get heavily involved a particular sports team. Many times though a man's wife shares...


Missed Free Throws Lead to Tough Loss

I had to watch the game on my DVR & just saw the conclusion. Can you say "Free Throws"? We missed at least 9 (one front end of the bonus). No matter if 'Cuse would have hit 100% of theirs, we...


Hey Bloobers! Sit Down!

Here we are again on ESPN's "Big Monday" witha HUGE match up coming in tonight. I've heard that it's white- out night. I was fortunate to be there last Monday for the UConn game but...


Is Kuric Going to Lose Playing Time?

I'll go on & say it so I'm not mistaken. In my humble opinion Kyle Kuric is our Most Valuable Player. When he's on- we're on. When he disappears (like against pUKe), we lose. He's the most...


Why So Many Empty Seats?

I have an honest question that may interest most of you. First of all, let me be very clear that this is not a disrespectful post toward the team, coaching staff, individual player(s), or the...


"...And STILL, the Undefeated UofL Card Fan..."

RURALVILLEFAN!!!! WOW! What a night! As my father & I sat in Section 324 and witnessed one the greatest stretches of basketball in the second half- I was stoked! The UConn game was my third...


Undefeated Record on the Line Monday Night!

I'll never forget it. It was the fall of 1990. The 'Ville Cardinals traveled to WKU in Bowling Green to take on the Hilltoppers. That was the first time I'd ever watch my beloved Cards live & in...


What the Rutgers Game Means!

Alright; we've now won 3 games in a row. We're 17- 5 (5- 4) and in now entering the second half of our BE schedule. Rutgers comes to the 'Ville next Saturday night. While they're not Syracuse or...


We're On a Roll Baby!

It may have been one of the ugliest wins of the year and we almost gave it away, but we walked out of New Jersey for the first time in the Big East with a Win! A season high in turnovers; terrible...


Would Red-Shirting Blackshear Be Worth It?

The questions about whether Wayne Blackshear will play this year is a very important topic. If I may, I’d like to give a scenario that might help. On the show with Pitino the other night, Wayne...


That's 1 in a row!

Tonight’s game was a like a good ole alka-selsor. "Plop- plop- fizz- fizz oh what a relief it is." I have to say that when Kyle Kuric is on his game & plays with the intentions & intensity that...


Return to Freedom Hall?

With the University of Louisville Men's Basketball team looking more and more like we're headed for the NIT (Not In Tournament), a big question that we might want to ask now and find out the answer...

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