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An English teacher with such a serious Blackhawks fanaticism that any student wearing a 'Hawks jersey gets extra credit.

A Fan Of...

  • NFL Chicago Bears
  • NHL Chicago Blackhawks
  • Soccer Fire! Fire! Fire fire fire!
  • Tennis Andy Roddick!
User Blog

Cutting the Cord

AT&T is dildos. I've been fighting a war with them concerning my billing for over a month now and feel that it's time to cut the cord altogether and go to the Internet for my TV and entertainment...


In Case You Didn't Feel LikeShowing Up...

but now have the regret of not joining the SCH hockey league, you can now join my six team fantasy hockey league over on Yahoo.  The link is here.


The Madhouse on Madison

The 'Hawks are rehabbing some of the UC with the introduction of the renovation called the "Madhouse on Madison" that will feature two "viewing bars" and extended concessions and amenities.  Aa a...


Let's Go Convention! Day One

This is my half-assed attempt at covering the Blackhawks Convention for the 2009/2010 season, providing you with impressions and personal highlights of the BC-'09. I have received two free passes...


That Whistle is the Next Train Wreck

This is almost too good to be true.  It makes me want to change my last name to Schadenfreude.  Pierre McGuire wants to be GM of the Mild. Please, Hockey Gods, let this transpire.  Imagine the...


Dropping Deuces: The Ineffectiveness of the ‘Hawks Against Detroit Every Other Period and What Q Should Do About It

As I sit here on the morning after another playoff loss of the only sports team I care about, my reflection has a certain familiarity to it.  All this season, the Blackhawks have had a specific...


Pick Your Poison - Ducks or Detroit?

via       via     via flamesfan77.files.wordpress.comT The question we Blackhawks fans have been asking each other and ouselves has...



Keenan will be on NHL Live today (in fact, he's probably on right now) so if you haven't gotten your fill of bleeding vaginal discharges from our former coach, I am sure you can hear some live on...

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