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In your dreams, who do we walk away with?

Long time no see guys. If you were picking this weekend, who would add to the roster? Feel free to take whatever approach you'd like, but I stayed away from trades and used's 254 pick mock...

According to Empircal Research, Punters (money spent on them) do not correlate to team success.


In researching for a paper on the uniqueness of the NFL labor market, I found an article correlating money spent on different positons to team success. Not surprising to me, an additional million spent on a punter does not net in more wins for a team. If you compare dollars spent to draft picks used in terms of value, then it can be said that punters should not be drafted as high as other positions. Despite trying to push my point that picking Anger in the 3rd was a joke, this article is still a good read.

"Not too flashy, but not too not flashy"


Honestly I have no clue why I watched this, but something I did like to see is that Blackmon wasn't sporting a diamond store like Dontari Poe or two watches so he could "control the time" like Barron.


23rd hour Mock

Here's my last minute take. I've only project trades for the Jags to keep things rather simplistic and only included a little bit of feedback on each pick. So you don't have to scroll through the...

Shahid Khan by Lucas Waterworth, a new Artist to the city of Jacksonville.


Shahid Khan by Lucas Waterworth, a new Artist to the city of Jacksonville.

Mixed up Mock Draft without Superbowl Champions!

I was going to wait until after next week to post this mock, but I guess I might as well start hearing criticism. I've been sitting on this all week, but I didn't want all my trades to get erased...

Team's Fan's Opinions on Team Needs

Now that the football season has heated up, so have the mock drafts. If you look in any mock's comment section you'll see the "My team doesn't need an X, they need a Y." Or "My team won't draft an...

Jaguars 2012 Madden Ratings Up


Poz comes in at an 87, Landry an 86, Sessions an 81, Turk am 81, and Coleman a 71.


Draft Thoughts-For Those Who Care

Now that the dust has settled, I thought I'd open up the discussion for everyone's draft thoughts and reactions.

Mocking the Run on QBs

  Carolina: Blaine Gabbert Go with the safer QB choice in the hopes to get an immediate starter Denver: Marcell Dareus A seemingly can’t miss talent at a huge position of need Buffalo: Cam Newton M...

Mock Heavily Influenced by Mayock's Top 32

I thought a mock heavily influenced by Mayock's big board would be interesting to look at. Paea is the only guy left out and Cam Newton is the only major reach. I have Fairley and Bowers falling,...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v8

Green and Yellow, Green and Yellow. Green Bay>Pittsburgh and Lil Wayne>Wiz. This is my first attempt at anything over 1 round, so feel free to tell me if it's crap, or the first round for that...

Antonio Bryant a Jaguar? According to Wiki


I don't really know how or why I ended up on Antonio Bryant's wiki page, but according to it Antonio Bryant is a Jaguar. This doesn't make sense for many reasons, most importantly that there is no free agency or trading of players until a new CBA is signed. Also, they have given him Jimmy Smith number, which no one has had since Smith left.


Full Jaguars Mock

Let's a take a journey into GM Gene's mind, well maybe.

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v7

  Aaron Rodgers for Super MVP... Carolina: Da'Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson -They'd hope he turns out like Peppers Denver: Patrick Peterson | CB | LSU -Champ may be back, but there is still a need. DE...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v6

  We're inching closer to the real thing.   Carolina: Da'Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson -They'd hope he turns out like Peppers Denver: Marcell Dareus | DE | Alabama -With Dummervil back and Dareus in...

Blaine Gabbert: What's with the hype?

I am bit confused as to why Blaine Gabbert is being mocked so highley, even by the "experts." Before he declared I don't think anyone considered him a T10 or even T5 prospect. I got the feeling he...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v5.5

  I'm back with another mock, I'll admit that my last one was pretty poor. I tried to include some risers and fallers I believe will happen, but didn't go out of my way to make a "different"...

Final Post Game Interviews


Two things of note to me were Eugene walking around in his Birfday suit and more importantly Edwards awful attitude. That's very telling of why he's no longer the QB of the Bills and never will be the starter here.


Possible Jaguar Free Agents

The game day thread got me thinking of which players are on a contract year this year and which are likely to get resigned. Below is what I believe to be a comprehensive list of Jaguar free...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v5

  HO HO HO, I hope you team gets who they want.   Carolina Panthers: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford: Whoever is picking first overall will take Luck, now we’ll just have to see if the Panthers trade...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v4

The college football season is over, so let's roll. Carolina Panthers: Da’Quan Bowers | DE | Clemson-If they don’t take Luck then they’ll trade this way, but considering that would make this mock...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v3

Gobble Gobble, let’s roll Carolina Panthers: Andrew Luck | QB | Stanford-Any of the teams that look like they’re in contention for the first overall pick would probably take Luck aside from the...

Mocking the Draft Community Mock


The Jags nab: 1.12) Brandon Harris CB, Miami 2.12) Pat Devlin QB, Delaware 3.12) Jaiquawn Jarrett FS, Temple


2009 Draft Class's Contracts

As of right now the organization has the rights to any player drafted by the Jaguars in the 2009 NFL draft until 2013. Obviously there are some players that are playing above their contracts so...

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v2

ESPN Power Rankings were used for the order. Also for anyone who wants to dispute the #1 pick, I will have him there unless he bombs or the day has passed to declare and he hasn't. I don't care...


Knighton's Post Game Interview Knighton is interviewed last.

Mocking the 2011 Draft from Teal Goggles v1

I decided to go pretty mainstream with this version until I become more acquainted with this years prospects and the team needs. I used the "official" T150 for most of the picks, mainly for order...


This Team, this Owner, this Coach

via Who are the players, their owner and their coach. They are Jaguars, but who are these Jaguars? Are they the team keeps up with the Colts year after year, are they the ones...


Draft Predictions, because that's all there is to look forward to

With this season out come looking more and more dismal I have already shifted some of my attention to the 2011 draft. I suppose a poor record results in a better draft pick, but I'd still rather...

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