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Melky asking Giants to come back


The Giants are obviously not interested, and I think it's the right move. He did the wrong thing, compounded it by trying to concoct a fake website, then snuck away like a thief in the night. I actually got into a twitter thing with the Melkman the other day, who changed their name to "Those Guys" after the suspension, and are now begging for Melky to get a second chance. I have no problem with him getting a second chance, but he's burned his bridges with this team, and it's time for him to move on and get his second chance in another city.

Nice move by our Giants


I'll try to post pictures when it's complete, assuming I don't get murdered in that part of town.

Giants looking to trade Jonathan Sanchez


This is why you can't listen to anything they say. You hear Sabean and Baer say "pitching, pitching, pitching," then you see they're open to trading Sanchez to raise some money for offense. Not saying they shouldn't be doing this, just that you can't believe them. Maybe this is why they locked up all the relievers. WIth Zito as the fifth starter, you'll be blowing though them early and often.

RIP Macho Man


One of the greatest wrestling stars of all time. Considering we're all going to die tonight at 6pm anyway, (is that east coast or west coast time?) we'll be with him soon. In case you didn't know Randy was a minor league ball player, I believe in the Cardinals organization before he turned to wrestling. His father and brother were also wrestling stars as well.

Giants extend Freddie Sanchez


One more year at 6 million dollars? I don't have a problem with this. In related news, Tim Alderson served me my breakfast at McDonald's this morning. Since he started working there they no longer call it fast food though. It's more reduced velocity food. Sorry, it's even early on the east coast!

Holy crap! Maybe it isn't him


Luis the cab driver back at it again. Tim swears it's not him, and told Baggs the guy should cut his hair if he doesn't like the comparison!

Guillermo Mota returns


Minor league deal, no harm here. The Dodgers were interested, so I'm glad that unlike certain infielders, he chose the Giants over a comparable offer from the Bums.

Giants win five MLB awards


Never heard of these awards, but we scored five winners. Tim Lincecum MVP of post season, Buster Posey rookie of the year, Brian WIlson closer of the year, and awards to our favorite couple, Bruce Bochy and Brian Sabean. The first four winners expressed their excitement, but for some reason they were unable to reach Sabean on the phone to let him know he won.

Rowand vs. Fukudome?


Yes, please. Good move for the Giants as it gives them another left handed bat who knows how to get on base. They would also be out from his deal after one year. He can platoon with Burrell until Belt is ready. It's also mentioned here that the Giants might look to move Nate. Can't imagine he'd have much value. At least it shows that Sabean isn't asleep this offseason, resting on his world championship laurels.

LOL Waldis


Welcome back, Waldis. It's always nice to see an ex-Giant player return to the franchise after a long absence.

Shocking news: Colletti interested in another ex-Giant


The shocking news is actually that he's also interested in Matt Diaz, who never played for the Giants.

Adrian Gonzalez traded to Red Sox


I guess the Padres liked being at the bottom of the NL west and have decided to go back there. It's one thing to trade a good player for some top prospects, but this guy is a young bona fide super star, and the Padres will stink for years because of this trade. Looks like next year's wildcard will come from the west!

Uribe a Dodger


Wow, we just lost Uribe. How's he going to feel when he's handed his ring on Opening Day wearing a Dodger uniform? More importantly, how are WE going to feel? I will cheer him in the pre game introductions, and then the fat bastard can go screw himself!

Giants want the great Derek Jeter to teach them how to win!!


since this is a load of bullcrap, let me just add an RIP for the great Leslie Nielson. Since most of you McCovey guys are not old farts like me, you may not know that part of the thing that made his role in "Airplane" so funny was that up until then he had been always been a serious actor. Then again, most of the actors in that movie could say the same thing, such as Lloyd Bridges, Robert Stack, and William Shatner. And if you're wondering why I am talking about Leslie Nielson in a fan shot about Derek Jeter, it's because I have decided to rxmeister myself.

Another reason to hate the Dodgers


What a classy organization. It wasn't enough to break Brooklyn's heart by moving the franchise, but they apparently think they have some sort of permanent ownership of the word "Brooklyn." Screw them!!!

Brandon keeps Belting!


If this was another year, we'd be looking at the AFL like it was all the baseball left, but the success of the big team has caused it to be overlooked. That hasn't stopped our future star, Brandon Belt, who just continues to hit wherever he goes. Keith Law stopped looking at the major league playoffs long enough to send two more tweets about Brandon last night, saying he can "flat out hit" and how he continues to hit to all fields with power. It will be interesting to see if the Giants make room for him right off the bat next year, or start him off at Fresno. I expect the latter, with an early Posey like callup.


Lincecum, Wilson all stars

Well deserved, but where's Aubrey?


LOL Sleeping Mods post game thread

I decided to go ahead with my own because you can only refresh your browser so many times.

Lady Gaga does Mets a favor and distracts fans


The Mets invited Lady Gaga to their game yesterday, and surprisingly, she acted like a diva.

Pat Burrell is here and other facts


Hank Schulman confirms the arrival of Pat The Bat and then tells us something we already know about his baseball acumen.

Gary Coleman dead


What 'chu talking 'bout? Sorry to hear though. He sure seemed to have a sad life after "Different Strokes." RIP Gary.

Medders to DL, Casilla called up


As happy as I am to see Medders temporarily off the team, why do they call up another wild relief pitcher? One of the few things I like about Bochy is that he hates relief pitchers who walk batters. Enjoy Casilla, Bruce.



Bochy is considering skipping Welley's next start due to the day off. There's also a chance that either Hackey or Bumgarnery is going to come up to replace him. If they're going to skip a home start for him, they certainly don't want him to take his next start on the road, where he's been horrendous. If it were up to me, I wouldn't dump him though. As bad as he is, he's better than Medders. Move him to long relief, and dump Medders.

Santonio in trouble again


Jeez, Santonio, can you please stay out of trouble? I know you already have a Super Bowl ring, but the rest of the Jets would like one too. I hope Goodell doesn't add to his suspension.


Sabean's gotta go!!!

     I see a lot of complaining about Bruce Bochy and his stupid lineups, and there's no doubt he's an idiot, but what choice does he really have?  I mean, look at the lineup we'll be facing...

Ryan Howard gives credit to Bonds for improvement


Pretty obvious that Barry will make a great hitting coach one day. I wonder if he'll be blackballed from that too.

Berkman having knee surgery


This would probably be good news for whoever the Giants open the season with, wouldn't it?

LOL Mets


Not surprised at all if a few Mets players are using HGH. I posted my suspicions about Carlos Delgado two years ago when he went from about to be released to the hottest hitter in the NL. David Wright has showed up in Mets camp this year built like a brick shithouse. In other LOL Mets news, they gave Kelvim Escobar a guaranteed 1.3 million dollar salary after missing two years with a bum shoulder, and after passing a team physical he showed up in camp barely able to lift his arm.

MLB Network to televise Giants' Town Meeting


MLB network is going to televise the the Giants' town hall meeting that took place recently on Sunday. 12:30 PM EST is 9:30 in the morning to you guys, so maybe you want to TIVO it.

Jack The Ripper "rips" ' roid users


Hate to see one of my favorite ex-Giants' ripping another, but it has to really bother an ex-player if he played the game clean.

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