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Yorvit getting ready to meet with Giants


What? You actually thought that Buster Posey would be the Giants' starting catcher in 2010?

Russ Ortiz replaces Jason Schmidt as our undercover agent


yet another reason for Mrs. McCourt to divorce her husband

Giants not getting Uggla


Don't know if this goes through because you have to be an "insider" to read it, but the Giants' don't want to give up Jonathan Sanchez. The funny thing is that Crasnick claims that Uggla's salary is a problem, but they just offered similar money to Nick Johnson yesterday, so his reasoning makes no sense.

LOL Mets Part II


I got a kick out of this article and wanted to share it. Just shows you how another man's garbage could be another man's treasure. This Bengie Molina they're talking about in this article sounds wonderful, how come Brian Sabean never signs guys like this?

Closing in on Uggla?


Could we be looking at a heart of the order of Nick Johnson, Pablo Sandoval, and Dan Uggla? Why, that's almost a major league baseball team! Brian Sabean wants off of my shit list!!

Yet another Jermaine Dye rumor


Don't want him, but I would rather see him than Torres/Velez any day of the week.

MLBtraderumors.com posts it FA predictions


Nick Johnson is projected by them to be the only one of the top 50 to sign with the Giants. As for his predictions for the Mets, it doesn't jibe with anything I've read this off season anywhere. He must think they hit the lottery.

RIP Captain Lou!!!


Actually shared a men's room at a wrestling convention one time with him. Very nice man, and no I didn't get a look at his wiener!!


If you want to aggravate yourself

MLB network is currently showing Giants-Marlins game 3 2003

Sabean takes on JPonry!!!


tells Baggs he never said during the chalk talk that he's picking up Sanchez' option. Unfortunately, she got the part about Velez right!!


Reasons to be Cheerful: Optimism Thread

I'm reading a lot of negativity, and I can understand it after a tough loss, but things are actually looking pretty good. Let me list the ways:

Dodgers cheat Diamondbacks


after suckering the Dbacks into paying Garlands' salary for this year AND his buyout, the player they are sending the Dbacks is going to cost them much more than they thought.

Lewis wants out


I'm sure teams are lining up to procure the services of a player who drives in 16 runs a season and can't catch anything other than a routine flyball.

Latroy Hawkins?


all the teams listed here have better records than the Giants' so the Giants would get first crack. After last night's debacle, I can totally seeing the Giants giving up a way too good prospect to get this stiff.

He's back!!


Here's hoping he doesn't come in with the game on the line against any of our wild card competitors!

Gary Matthews: Dumbest announcer ever?


Is this really the way he wanted it to come out?

Giants' still chasing Victor Martinez?


Would you give up Madison Bumgarner or Buster Posey for him? That's what it would take.

Giants talking about Rios or Willingham


I'm for either one if it doesn't cost us top prospects. If they get Rios without also getting Halladay, they really shouldn't give up anything. Just taking on that contract should be enough.


Big Trade With Toronto?

We could be getting Rios and Halladay?


Move Buster Posey to second base

  It's a slow rainy day here in NY and I'm bored and have nothing to do, so I'm figuring why not make a fanpost, so my friends in SF can read it and be bored too? Anyway, I was thinking about being...


I can't stop thinking about Brian Sabean...and what an idiot he is!

so I'm reading all these Manny rumors over the last week or two and been impressed at how well the Giants' brass stay on point, and then I read this loose cannon and the comments he made today. All...


Signing with a "contender"

I always cringe when I see on this board some comment that says, "Player A won't sign with us because he wants to sign with a contender."  To me, that is the biggest crock of crap in the world....



Sabean kind of debunked the Sanchez for Cantu rumor yesterday but John Fay of the Cincinnati Enquirer is reporting today that a "reliable source" has informed him that the Giants are interested in...


Mike Jacobs and CC Sabathia to the Giants' rumors

The Miami Herald reported today that after a deal for Mike Jacobs fell through with the Royals last week, they are now talking with Toronto and San Francisco. No word on what they want in return,...


Fire Bruce Bochy and do it now!!

I am so sick and tired of telling the Giants to do this and they don't listen. Is Brian Sabean deaf or what?? Can he read?? Why doesn't he take my phone calls and answer my letters?? The latest...


Brian Giles-Loser

They are reporting that Brian Giles has vetoed a trade to the Red Sox. Why?? He's 37 years old, and this could be his last chance to win a World's Championship. He'd rather play out the season for...


Home Field advantage, my ass!!

Looking around the league, you can see that home field advantage has increased greatly this year. I don't why that is, but how could I, because after all I'm the fan of the one team that doesn't...


Good Luck Moises

In case you missed it, Moises Alou's career ended last night when he tore a hamstring DIVING for a ball in a A league rehab game. This guy is one of my favorite players of all time and I'm glad he...


No, You Can't Trade Brian Wilson!!!!

Reading back on a few gameday threads, much to my dismay I have read more than a few comments about trading Brian Wilson and seeing what we could get for him, mostly on the grounds that a bad team...

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