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Oilers and Jeff Petry Agree to a New Contract


With the news that Jeff Petry and the Oilers have agreed to terms on a new contract, I guess we can put all of the rumours of Petry's imminent departure in exchange for a centre to rest. But those rumours will be back very soon.

How Much Do The Oilers Have Left To Spend?


With Nikita Nikitin, Mark Fayne, and Benoit Pouliot added to the roster, and with Jeff Petry and Justin Schultz still in need of new contracts, the Oilers suddenly find themselves within shouting distance of the NHL's 2014/15 salary cap of $69M.

How Has MacT Done So Far? What's Left To Do?


Welcome to July 2nd. The draft is over and the biggest flurry of free agent craziness has come to an end. How do things look for the Oilers?

Gazdic Returns for Two More Years


If you're a fan of hockey analytics you likely enjoyed the start to the Oilers day. Which in turn means you likely didn't enjoy the team's most recent announcement, that winger Luke Gazdic has been re-signed to a two year deal.

Keith Aulie Joins the Oilers Blue Line


Coming off a couple of bigger moves early in free agency the Oilers have now added Keith Aulie to their blue line.

2014 NHL Entry Draft - The First Round


Here we go again. Tonight, 28 teams (not the Senators or Rangers) are set to make selections in the first round of the 2014 NHL draft.

Trading The 3rd Overall Pick. Don't Give Up Hope


The reason to trade the pick is simple: What it could bring in via trade is going to be worth more to the Oilers next season, and likely a few after that, than whatever teenager they select tonight. Come on, trade the pick. You know you want to.

Nikita Nikitin Signs In Edmonton


It took five days but the Oilers finally got Nikitin's name on a contract. Two years at an average of $4.5M. Seriously. Two years. $4.5M annually.

Would Anton Stralman Be A Fit For The Oilers?


As MacTavish tries to rebuild the Oilers defence is Anton Stralman a guy who he should be looking at? At the very least he's a guy that they need to kick the tires on.

Bucky out. Ramsay in. More Changes To Come.


After six seasons behind the Oilers bench Kelly Buchberger has been given a new job. Filling the spot vacated by Buchberger will be Craig Ramsay, a man whose coaching career began in 1986.

Should the Gretzky statue stay or go? Or both?


Should the statue of Wayne Gretzky at Rexall Place stay where it is? Should it move to Rogers Place? I say both. Sort of.

Next Stop For Yakimov is North America


Bogdan Yakimov is on his way to an arena near you. Provided of course that you live in North America.

Discussing Luke Gazdic In More Than 140 Characters


With only 140 characters available it can be difficult to debate on Twitter. There are no limits at the Copper & Blue though, so I thought I might as well address some of the more common Gazdic related comments with as many characters as I like.

Top 25 Under 25 - #1 Taylor Hall


The wait is over, the player chosen by our esteemed panel of judges as the best Oilers player/prospect under the age of 25 is none other than Taylor Hall. As if it could have been anyone else.

Approximating Touches for the Oilers This Season


What if we used the real-time stats for good instead of evil? Could they help provide an approximation of touches?

This Summer Will We Finally See A Bold Move?


Last summer Craig MacTavish talked of bold moves that never happened, should we expect anything different this time around?

Shots Throughout The Kevin Lowe Era


Have you ever wondered about the Oilers shot differential during the Kevin Lowe era? Of course you have.

My Name Is Ryan, And I'm Part Of The Problem


I'm an eight year season ticket holder, I hate where the Oilers are at, and when my season ticket renewal comes in the mail I will give the Oilers my money without hesitation. And I'll hate myself a little because I know that I'm part of the problem.

Why Are You Still Watching The Oilers?


About halfway through the second period of the Oilers/Sharks game on Tuesday night a thought popped into my head, why the hell am I watching this game? I was able top come up with a couple possible explanations, but why are you still watching?

Oilers Recall Steve Pinizzotto


In the same vein of a Gazdic or a Steve Ott, Pinizzotto is a hockey player cut from the cloth of rough and tumble. He has speed and quality stick work, and this makes his offensive giftedness an asset to the Barons. Of the twelve NHL games he’s tallied in his career he earned 29 penalty minutes, and that was with the Vancouver Canucks in 2013. Since then he’s been property of the Florida Panthers until the trade deadline approached, and he became a baby Oiler.

That's friend of the Copper and Blue, Neal Livingston, on the Oilers most recent call up. You can read Neal's entire piece at Tend The Farm.

Top 25 Under 25 - #4 Jordan Eberle


After a lengthy delay the Top 25 Under 25 returns with Jordan Eberle, the player we ranked fourth overall.

Five Questions with Matchsticks & Gasoline


Before another epic Battle of Alberta, we asked one of the folks at Matchsticks & Gasoline five questions about the Calgary Flames. Not one of the questions was, why would anyone willingly cheer for Calgary?

The Oilers are winning games. Turning point or no?


The Oilers are 9-4-3 in their last 16 games. That's a stretch that coincides nicely with the trade for Ben Scrivens. Are the recent results a sign that things are moving in the right direction, or just a run of good luck?

Never Say Never, But Yakupov Isn't Getting Traded


Hockey fans in Edmonton know very well that any player can be traded, but right now I'd say it's highly unlikely that Nail Yakupov is going anywhere.

Top 25 Under 25 - #10 Bogdan Yakimov


There's lots of love at the Copper & Blue for Bogdan Yakimov, the big Russian jumps nine spots in our rankings. There are still a lot of questions too.

Bryzgalov Out. Fasth In.


The Oilers made two moves today, both involving goalies.

Looking Ahead To 2016, My Rogers Place Wish List


Construction related activities began Monday on Rogers Pace, the building that will be the Oilers new home when the 2016/17 begins, so I put together a wish list of sorts for the new arena. After all it's our tax dollars, why shouldn't we have a say?

Hemsky On His Last Days In Edmonton


It could be the last two games in this locker room, so I better enjoy it.

After practice today Hemsky spoke to the media and, not surprisingly, the prospect of his being traded came up (video starts at 1:34). Hemsky said he's "ready for it." He might be but, as I wrote yesterday, I'm not.
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