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Coach Nick with BBall Breakdown Interviews Damian Lillard on Fundamentals


Coach Nick, host of the FANTASTIC BBall Breakdown Youtube show, which falls under the SBNation umbrella, on the finer points of Lillard's game, and what he feels are the important fundamentals in the NBA. If you have never watched BBall Breakdown, I highly recommend it, as it provides a comprehensive look at basketball past the highlights, and really gets into meaningful discussion of strategy and fundamentals.

Jimmy Kimmel: Mean Tweets--NBA Edition


Jimmy Kimmel gets some NBA players and media personalities to read mean things fans say about them on the internet.

OT: Grantland: Mom Did Not Make Pizza Rolls: When Did the Thunder Get So Depressing?


A few weeks ago, I was engaged in a nice debate with some fellow BEdgers about the Thunder, and if they are a flawed team, despite their success. This article is a very interesting read and sums up my thoughts nicely, and though it is slightly off topic, it applies here because a lot of folks have been pointing to the Thunder as the prime example of how to build a contender, and this article serves as a discussion starter on just how effective the Thunder model of team construction truly is.


Charles Barkley to the Trailblazers: The Trade that Wasn't

The Trailblazers were one of the League's best teams of the early 1990s, featuring unselfish offense, highflying athletes, and tough, lock-down defense. But could they have been even better? Trade...

Scientists Developing a 3D Cartilage Printer


Besides the obvious medical benefits, this could prolong some athletes' careers. Not sure something like this would have directly affected any of our tragedies, but with all our injury history thought this was interesting enough to post.

Thought that everyone would want to know that Craig "The Rhino" Smith follows Skittles on Twitter.


Thought that everyone would want to know that Craig "The Rhino" Smith follows Skittles on Twitter.

"That’s Why I’m Cashing Out: Coming to grips with post-Dwight Lakers fandom" By Jeff Weiss


Absolutely outstanding article about the NBA and the history of winning in LA. A must-read.

Haynes: "J.J. Hickson's status rested on the draft; expect him to be set free"


Blazers' RFA JJ Hickson's future hinged on what the Blazers did during the draft, according to Blazers GM Neil Olshey. Hickson's agent, Andy Miller, also wanted to see how the draft played out before the sides decided on the future. Expect Hickson to be cut loose.

Ford: Raptors Shopping 8 Pick


Raptors are looking to add an established swing man in exchange for their 8th pick. Wesley Matthews?

Interesting Quotation from Chad Ford RE: Morway and Rebuilding


"[Larry Bird] and David Morway have created another model of rebuilding a franchise. You can either blow up a team, grab high lottery picks and cross your fingers that you draft the right guys (the OKC model) or you can try to stay competitive, draft smartly, be judicious in who you pay in free agency, look for chemistry and fit and try to build a team that's focused on the interplay of talent. I think for owners that don't want to get very bad to get very good, Bird has showed them another way." -Chad Ford

Quick: Stern Says Blazers Not For Sale; More GM Interviews Coming

Jason Quick of The Oregonian reports... ---------------------- NBA commissioner David Stern tells The Oregonian Blazers owner Paul Allen has "definitively" told Stern to NOT send him prospective buyers. "My guess is that Paul is going to own this asset for many years to come,'' Stern said regarding Blazers and owner Paul Allen. ... Blazers president Larry Miller says he wants "two or three" more GM candidates to interview with owner Paul Allen before team makes decision. ---------------------- ed. text updated, bumped to front page

Who Are You Bandwagoning This Playoffs?

Another playoffs is upon us, and unfortunately our Blazers are not in them. I was just kind of wondering who you all want to see do well.

Coming from a position of experience working with the Portland training staff for a short time I...


Coming from a position of experience working with the Portland training staff for a short time I can promise you both BRoy and Oden were failed by an organization that refuses to get a legitimate training staff that utilizes top notch research based training and physical therapy. These players are professional athletes, and up in the northwest, they’re being treated like geriatric patients on a table. I am so glad we have a group led by Aaron Nelson, their work is beyond inspiring..


Re-imagining the NBA: Realignment, Rebranding, and Restructure

With recent news of a possible New Orleans' name change and a potential Sacramento relocation, I was led to consider how I would like the NBA to be. These ideas are purely hypothetical, but I think...

Portland Targeted in New USFL League


The USFL is back, is aiming to be a farm league for the NFL, and is targeting Portland as a potential place to have a team.

Mike Rice tweets D WIll Is Not Opposed to Playing in Portland


He then provides absolutely no evidence to back up his statement Original tweet: "From words being thrown around nba. D. Williams would not hate being in portland next yr.its getting exciting the blazer options"

Greg Oden Makes Facebook Statement To Blazers Fans


Former Portland Trail Blazers center Greg Oden issued the following statement to fans of the team on Facebook. ------------------------ "I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have supported me during my time in Portland. The physical setbacks I have faced during my career have been extremely challenging but I am grateful to everyone who have stood by me and remained positive. I would especially like to thank everyone in the Blazers organization, my teammates, the fans, my family and friends. As I move forward in a new direction, I am committed to pursuing my goals of getting back on the court and I will always hold a special place in my heart for the state and people of Oregon." ------------------------ ed: bumped to front page

Pretty heart wrenching tweets from Camby


I know i was the right move, but I really liked the guy.

Jazz Open to Trading D. Harris


I feel pretty ambivalent about the idea, like we are a few years too late. Thoughts?


Three Ways to Build a Contender in the NBA

In the NBA, terms like, "rebuilding" and "building through the draft" are thrown around a lot. In reality, there are only three, proven methods to building a championship team. Not each method is a...

Marcus Camby Recruiting Kenyon Martin


"Yall go follow my brother kenyon martin @oakcliffbully_ he a good dude n great player, let's get him to portland!"

2007 seems so long ago...


2007 seems so long ago...


Potential nicknames for this fateful day?

This day has been nuts. It's been really sad and really difficult. I'm honestly overcome by so many different emotions. Oddly enough though, I feel more allegiance to the Blazers than I ever have...

Is anyone else watching NBA 2k12 play itself right now? I'm watching Blazers vs. Nuggets right now....


Is anyone else watching NBA 2k12 play itself right now? I'm watching Blazers vs. Nuggets right now. Looks like we'll have a pretty good season!

AWoj: NBA union faces test of strength


Nice piece from Awoj on the union and predictions for the next few weeks/months.

Complaining about the Commenters on Yahoo! Sports


I have a lot of free time, rather, I create a lot of free time, to peruse various sports websites, particularly ones regarding the NBA and my Blazers. I frequent Blazersedge because it is the best place for Blazers news, and I also frequent Yahoo! because it's free (unlike ESPN) and provides nice little back stories when there isn't any "big" news. However, the commenters drive me nuts! Just look at some of the stuff these people posted on this article, and this is only one example! I post this because I was wondering if any of you share my frustrations.....

Retro Blazers Games


Not sure if any of you know about this guy, but he does great work. LOADS of old Blazers games to get you through the lockout!!


Trade Drawer August 17 + 4 Team Deal

Yeah, I know that it's still the 16th,  but I wanted to post this and couldn't find another Trade Drawer, but I wanted people to look at it past this evening, so I made it for tomorrow. Anyways,...

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