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Saints and Chiefs fan since 94. No football league is too small, no game too bad for me to watch

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User Blog

Bargain shopping in free agency part 2

When we last left off , we were discussing the free agents that could be had for a bargain. Since we don't have a ton of cap space to spend , we need to spend what money we have wisely. We are...


Bargain shopping in free agency part 1

It seems like yesterday that I watched the Seattle Seahawks drub the Denver Broncos in the Super Bowl. It seems like yesterday because....well... it almost was . It is hard to believe that we are...


So you say you want a free safety.

via www.niutoday.info Remember this time last season? Remember how the AP column section had a mock draft every other post , every single day? You know the season is lost when we are talking...


''Kyle Williams cost Alex Smith a Super Bowl Ring'' ; Sports bar myths volume 6

via media.zenfs.com Did you ever read the book The Whipping Boy? I read it years and years ago in grade school. I even wrote a book report on it and got a little sticker on my reading button...


Time to put the flags back in the pocket boys

via cdn2.sbnation.com I've really never been a big social media guy. I don't have a twitter or facebook account . I had a myspace profile several years ago that I may have checked 5 times. I...


post script to my last post

So , a couple nights ago I wrote a post where I dictated the problems winning the Super Bowl with a ...... how you say.... less the exceptional quarter back. I gave what I thought were very...


Can you win the Super Bowl with an average QB in the modern era of the NFL?

via cdn0.sbnation.com It is amazing what just one year can do for the human psyche. It is even more amazing how quickly fortunes can go from bad to great in just twelve months. Just think of...

Anyone else see John Dorsey at the Louisville game Thursday night?


Nick Jacobs ‏@Jacobs71 7h As I reported this AM, #Chiefs GM John Dorsey & #Chiefs Area Scout Pat Sperduto were credentialed for tonight's Louisville vs Rutgers game Collapse Reply Retweet Favorite

Is it something?

everyone lets put our money where our mouth is

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." (George Santayana) Lets go guys. I have heard a lot of trash talked about how Alex Smith is the answer for this team. I have...

Tyler Wilson still getting love


I am still fooling myself that we can get him


The forgotten free agents

I have always said that NFL free agency is like a massive garage sale. One mans trash is another mans treasure as they say. One the first day, there are crowds of people you have to battle...


Grading Reid and Dorsey...........so far

We knew going into the 2013 season that KC had to patch a lot of holes if they had any hope of being competitive. Four years of bad drafts and bad personnel decisions has led this team to one of...

Tyler Wilson's Pro day was today


I am going to sob uncontrollably when he comes off the board

cheap alternative at wideout?


The Tampa Bay Times reports the Buccaneers are shopping Arrelious Benn. A colossal disappointment since the Bucs took him 39th overall in the 2010 draft, Benn has managed 59 catches for 862 yards and five touchdowns across 37 career games, making 24 starts. Tampa Bay would lucky to get back a seventh-round pick, although Benn's $630,000 salary does figure to help his market. Mar 11


''There isn't a QB worthy of the first pick'' Sports Bar Myths volume 5

We finally got it. We have finally become number one at something. We're number one, we're number one. After almost fifty years in Kansas City, the Chiefs finally have the first pick in the NFL...


Chiefs free agency open thread valentines day edition

Is it me, or does it seem like the 2013 season is just around the corner? I haven't seen this much suspense out of the Chiefs fanbase in quit some time. The excitement, the drama , the...

Fianl PFF grades for all our 2013 free agents


I am not a huge fan of PFF. Some of their grades are pretty funky. But this is interesting. Bray was -12.8 ,Albert was +13.8. Yep, we sure better take Joekal number one


Manti Teo and the decline of western civilazation

via db66abc2c256b763aaef-ce5d943d4869ae027976e5ad085dd9b0.r76.cf2.rackcdn.com I tend to be a contrerian by nature. It isn't something I consciously try to do, rather, it is just who...

Sports bar myths about QBs

''We can get a QB in the second round just as easy as in the first," and other sports bar myths.

very interesting article about Hunt and Pioli


Don't know how true this is. But it was an interesting read to say the least


If you have problems with Breaston being benched I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems with this team but that aint 1

I am sure I can speak for every Chiefs fan on here when I say this is the worst season I have ever had as a football fan. First , my MU Tigers decided the grass was greener on the other side of...


Questions from a Chiefs fan

Hello Colts fans, I am Saintschiefsfan from Arrowhead Pride. I just wanted to congratulate you on your victory against the Chiefs. What's that you say? How could you have won without even playing...


Are we the worst NFL team ever?

As I sat on my sofa watching the latest debacle by my beloved chiefs, my concentration was interrupted by my phone ringing. ''Awww, bro what's up'', the voice on the other end said. I knew...


Clark Hunt VS Scott Pioli..........the blame game

'' A man grows what he can and then he tends it''. '' Because what you buy is what you own''. ''And what you own, always comes home to you''. A chilling epilogue , to a chilling film Pet...


''This team is so much better than the 08 squad''......sports bar myths volume 3

''This team team is awful''!(exclaimed angry chiefs fans). ''This coach can't prepare a team, he is A players coach''. ''This QB is terrible''. ''Our starter sucked, now he got hurt and his backup...


Ask A Saints Fan

Ok, I am not sure how cool this is to do. But I haven't seen the ask a fan post this week. And it being just a couple of days away to game day, I figure it isn't going to be posted. So , I take it...

Anyone in KC going to Irish fest today?


You guys should check it out. I will be there chuggin Jameson

Does Pre season matter


I am not sure if this link has ever been posted on here before. But a very interesting piece on the importance of pre season and the correlation between wins in the Pre season and regular season

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