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2010 Fan Scouting Report - Need A's Fans!

Measuring defense is really, really hard.  One can criticize any of the popular defensive metrics. In fact, I bet you spend a lot of time on AN doing just that.  But you know what, I'd rather have...


Community Playing Time Forecasts 2010 - NEED A'S FANS!

Projecting performance is really, really hard.  There a bunch of projections out there, some of them good, some of them not so good.  You've got Marcel, CHONE, PECOTA, ZiPS, Oliver, and a bunch...


2009 Fan Scouting Report

Measuring defense is really, really hard.  One can criticize any of the popular defensive metrics.  UZR, PMR, RZR, and TotalZone all have their warts (and don't even get me started on FRAA). ...

How do we project players/shameles advertising


How do we project players?Most of you know about projection systems like PECOTA, ZiPS, CHONE, or Marcel that attempt to predict how a player will perform in the future.  If you're a fantasy junkie...



George Mitchell, the head of MLB's recent steroid investigation, has been named the special envoy to the the Israel/Palestine region. Shysterball has his take: Despite pronouncements of...

Staturday: Does Jason Giambi help the A's?


A few months ago, I opined: That means that signing Giambi and sticking Cust in the outfield will garner us, at most, an extra 2 wins (+25 - 15 - (-10) = 20 runs, 10 runs = 1win) - for which...

A's acquire Matt Holliday for who the hell knows


 Not to trample all over Taj's excellent prospect-watching story from this morning, but feel free to use this as your all-purpose "Matt Holliday traded to the A's" freak-out thread.  John Heyman...


DLD 11/06: Somebody get Poppy on suicide watch

It's not official yet, but it appears that the gold glove winners in the AL will be: P - MIKE MUSSINA - YANKEESC - JOE MAUER - TWINS 1ST - CARLOS PENA - RAYS2ND - DUSTIN PEDROIA - RED SOX 3RD -...

Staturday: If you think Mark Ellis is bad, I hate you and find you stupid.


Taking a cue from one of my favorite bloggers. Most of you know that Ellis is a very good defender. Can't hit much, but he's good with the glove. What a lot of you don't know is that Ellis is...

Rays bludgeon Sox, lead ALCS 3-1


Another evening, another Sox pitcher tattooed.  Another evening of Red Sox fans streaming out of Fenway in the middle innings.  Another evening of Rays hitters taking the ball over the monster time...

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Four (cont'd)


David Ortiz BJ Upton, postseason clutch god: .303/.378/.818. This is no ordinary ALCS. This is your ticket to baseball heaven.

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Four


Sometimes, it feels like you have to be a baseball blogger in order to open a game thread. Luckily for you, I am one.   Don't be fooled: in their last two trips to the ALCS, the Red Sox...

Game Wrap: ALCS Game Two


Just for your reference, the losers are on the left and the winners are on the right.   Also, it's a little scary how quickly the commercials go from FloMax-Viagra-Sprint-John Hancock to...

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Two (cont'd)

75 finally I told the mouse "Look, just win the damn game."

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Two (cont'd)


And then the mouse was like, "Well screw you, I don't care if you have to get up early tomorrow."

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Two (cont'd)


But then the second mouse forgot how to pitch.

Open Game Thread: ALCS Game Two


Two mice fell into a pitcher of cream.  One mouse resigned himself to his fate, and drowned.  The other mouse struggled and struggled so much, he churned the cream into butter and was able to climb...

Staturday: Should the A's sign Jason Giambi?


Another feature in this increasingly misnamed series. I have heard "Bring back Jason Giambi" ideas floated around AN a lot recently.  What a silly idea. We already have the exact same player,...

Staturday: Daric Barton


I quick little mid-week Staturday for you. After yesterday's mini-explosion, Daric Barton is hitting .223/.315/.339.  That's pretty much awful for anybody, much less a guy who was talked as a...

Scouting the Young Fielders


Wait, what?  This is "Staturday," not "Wednescout."  Even if you hate Staturdays, you can skip the text and go to the second-to-last paragraph, which contains an important link that I know you'll...


DLD 7/10: Rich Harden

I used up all my words on this subject over at THT. 7 IP, 1 H, 3 K, 1 BB, A's win 16-0 9 IP, 2 H, 8 K, 0 BB, 86 pitches 7 IP, 4 K, 2 BB, 15 GB outs, one very memorable pickoff 8 IP, 4 H, 8 K, 2...


DLD 6/9: Grand Slam Edition

Channeling The Dogfather : via   Channeling Jeff Sullivan: Also, some UZR defense numbers: Oakland is +6 so far this year, which is nice, but the Angels are an incredible...


DLD 6/4: Image DLD

Look, I know that not all of us like Lew Wolff.  He's done some good things for the franchise, and he's done some bad.  He'll likely do some more good things and some more bad things.  These issues...

Eric Chavez sporting white sneakers this afternoon


Marty Lurie confirms that Chavvy will be DH'ing today.  Looks like Frank's injury and Chavvy's hot hitting forced Beane's hand.  Details as they emerge. Welcome back Eric.  You're still my...


DLD 5/29: Monkeys and robots will team up to destroy humans

When you think of monkey-robot hybrids, you usually think of cute little creatures like this: via   No longer. Monkeys with sensors implanted in their brains have...

Staturday: Lucky or good?


We're winning, which is good, and the wins that we've accumulated thus far are in the bank. Can't nobody take 'em away from us. Let's not worry, for the moment, whether we'll continue to win. ...


DLD 4/25: "I'll always remember..."

The hell with stats - who needs 'em?  I'll always remember baseball for other reasons.  Why, not even counting my childhood memories of the A's... I'll always remember when Eric Chavez became my...

Staturday: Clutch


(Abbreviated edition) All stats via Baseball-Reference, through Thursday night's games. Oakland offense: .235/.318/.339Bases empty: .218/.304/.308 (Daric Barton: .417 OBP, Travis Buck: .195 OBP)M...

Fernando Hernandez DFA, Cap'n Kirk recalled


As intimated by LogicRules intimated in his diary, Fernando Hernandez has been D'dFA and Kirk Saarloos has been recalled. Slusser confirms over at The Drumbeat: Hernandez had two rough outings...

Staturday: Will injuries cost the Angels the AL West?


General managers are getting smarter.  That's no secret.  Broken-down veterans with little upside aren't getting three-year contracts and promising young players are being locked up after very...

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