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Yoennis Cespedes?


Anyone know anything about him? Plus fielder in CF with power and Mike Trout comparisons sure sounds intriguing.

time traveler predicted game 2?


time traveler predicted game 2?

Fangraphs: Posey for ROY

"Break it down this way, then: Heyward and Posey are similar offensively, but the latter plays a much tougher position and plays it very well; the gap in time difference isn't something he could have controlled. Overall, Posey is the most valuable NL rookie of 2010."-Jack Moore



Not sure how available this really means he is and I'm guessing he'd cost a ton. But he's basically a younger DeJesus (great OBP, good speed that doesn't really translate to stolen bases, plus defense at the corner OF spots). I'd love to get him, any thoughts on what it would take to land him? Wheeler+Neal?

More evidence Bill Simmons knows practically nothing about basketball


"If I were running an NBA team, I'd be pulling out all the stops for Jefferson and/or Love....Jefferson had become one of the top-15 players in the league before he blew out his knee."

Giants interested in Dejesus


Like the defensive upgrade. Don't like it unless he replaces Bengie in the every day lineup. Probably don't like the price.

Niners sign former UCD WR


"The team signed former UC Davis WR Bakari Grant to a two-year contract. Grant, an undrafted free agent, had participated in the 49ers' rookie camp last weekend on a tryout basis." I've had a chance to see quite a bit of Grant while working for UCD athletics the last couple years, so this really caught my eye. I don't really expect him to have any kind of shot to make the team or anything, but I look forward to seeing him potentially compete for a practice squad spot. He's got good size and had a lot of success going up and getting jump balls, including one incredibly dramatic game winning hail mary catch as time expired in 08.

Giants sign Pablo's brother


"Sandoval, 28, is the older brother of Giants third baseman Pablo. Though he hasn't played affiliated ball since '04, Michael has remained active on the international scene (Baseball-Reference Bullpen to the rescue) and in the Venezuelan League. Signed by the Twins in '97, he made it to high Class A Fort Myers before the ride ended. Sandoval batted a respectable .291/.375/.417 in 175 at-bats for Newark last season in his return to U.S. soil." Seems like its probably more of a favor to Pablo than anything else, but I still love the move. Also signed Andy Sisco which seems like a decent upside signing if he can come back from TJ surgery.

Warriors-Celtics rumor from Hoopsworld


"The rumor out of Dallas was that Boston has discussed a deal with Golden State that would send Ray Allen, Kendrick Perkins, and J.R. Giddens to the Warriors for Monta Ellis and Andris Biedrins" Interesting twist on the Ellis-for-Allen rumor. This certainly clears a lot of long term money and gives the team a better defensive presence than theyve had in a long time, but it still seems like its mostly just a huge salary dump. I dont like this deal much, but if theyre gonna go ahead with this kind of talent/salary dump I'd prefer they go ahead and include Maggette in the deal too.


OT: Cheesy best/worst of the decade discussion

I'm mildly surprised we haven't already had one of these this month.  1. Favorite/Best Giant? 2. Worst/Least favorite Giant? 3. Favorite non-Giant? 4. Least favorite non-Giant? 5. Best TV show(s)? 6...

DeRosa deal close


not sure this even qualifies as news as we already have at least 4 posts about it

2/12 offer to DeRosa


still seems like too much


How to get John Wall. (or at least increase our odds significantly)

!Caution!  Ridiculous trade proposal ahead Many of the recent trade ideas and 2010-2011 season rosterbations that have appeared here lately have included John Wall.  I think its fairly safe to say...

Hornets wing players disappointing


"Disappointed with the production at his two-guard spot, New Orleans Hornets Coach Byron Scott said Saturday he'd start Devin Brown on Sunday night against the defending world champion Los Angeles Lakers and put Morris Peterson on the inactive list. "It's a 2-4 start and I'm not really getting anything out of Mo at the starting two guard," Scott said following practice at the Alario Center. "It just might be by committee right now; give Devin a chance then six games from now, maybe give Marcus (Thornton, rookie from LSU) a chance and just go with (the most effective) guy. "That's the only thing I can do right now. I think we're playing without any productivity from Mo, and Julian (Wright, small forward) is kind of down right now, so it's almost like playing five against three. We've got to bring somebody in there who can bring some energy and hopefully kind of pick it up a little bit." Peterson had left the gym and was unavailable for comment." I read this as "we're getting desperate enough to really want Stephen Jackson."



Nellie says Acie Law will concentrate on playing point FORWARD?! Randolph says Morrow will be a top 5 talent in the NBA ...possibly this year?!



The number of fanposts/fanshots about the same topic has gotten out of control over the past 3 days.  I'm not a mod, but I thought some general guidelines might be useful.  Its a pretty simple 3...

Freddy to the DL?


"Giants second baseman Freddy Sanchez will miss Monday's game against the Rockies due to a shoulder problem and could be headed to the disabled list, reports the Oakland Tribune. Sanchez has missed 10 of 23 games since joining the Giants and the whispers in San Francisco are that the second baseman may be a "soft" player, a tag that his former Pirates manager strongly disputes. "I can tell you he grinded his way through all kinds of aches and pains," current Rockies boss Jim Tracy told the Tribune."

Fantasy Files: Chris Cooley on the Cowboys


this seems to fall under the "the enemy of our enemy is our friend" category

Schulman says Giants chasing Duke+Sanchez?


I'm guessing the version of the deal Schulman keeps hearing involves Alderson...... I don't know enough about Duke to know if I like that or not, thoughts?

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