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D-Backs release Tony Clark


they dumped their version of Rich Aurilia..... now, why can't we?

Pree on Randolph


more good stuff from GSoMer Pree, and everybody loves Anthony Randolph "upside" talk

Raptors add Jack


I know some people kinda wanted to Jack come here on a partial MLE contract. I kinda like Jack but I don't think I woulda wanted him for 5 mil per for 4 more years. I don't particularly like any of the moves Toronto has made this offseason but at least they're making an effort to convince Bosh to stay I guess. Sucks he'll still probably leave and they'll have a stockpile of bad contracts.

AZ Republic calls the Warriors "untrustworthy"


So the fans/media in Arizona feel that the Suns were "double-crossed" by Nelson/Riley. Speaking of trustworthiness, Tim Kawakami supports this notion so obviously it must be true. To me, the biggest shock in this story is that The Arizona Republic's editors failed to catch a huge error. Too bad they didn't come to us before letting it go to print. "Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News, a dependable long-time NBA and Warriors observerself promoting rumor whore, wrote in his blog....."

Hollinger on the Draft-Lawson at the top of the class, DeRozan not so much


Hollinger seems to have had some pretty mixed results projecting PERs over the last 5 years. In addition to supporting the confusion jae has expressed repeatedly about why Flynn and others are projected to go much higher than Lawson, here are some things I found interesting. -As Hollinger points out, his method has been fairly accurate in pointing out who to AVOID in past drafts (we're looking at you Ike Diogu and P.O'B) -I feel a little better about Tyreke Evans now....but Evans graded out much higher as a wing than a PG (still a good "fit" next to Monta?) -Danny Green? Hmm... and 4 Tarheels in the top 20? -DeRozan is one of the last highly touted prospects I would've expected to come out as the big loser, and I actually thought Harden would also do much better. -Curry got a better rating as a wing than at PG, but his projected per at PG was still very good. -Daye at #4? I have a hard time seeing him being a future NBA starter Thoughts?


OT: How good was Yogi?

I apologize for bringing this here, but the McCoven are some of the best baseball minds I have access to.   So I was up really late/early the other night/morning and got distracted watching the...

Nick Montana headed to Washington


Hill/Smith/Davis as a stopgap til the next Montana era?

Semi OT: Raptors send Kapono to Sixers for Evans


seems like a relatively minor deal that makes sense for both teams. It does make Toronto even shorter on wing players meaning they could have even more interest in the likes of Belinelli, Maggette, Jackson, and Buike.

OT: One armed Bay Area kid gets hoops scholarship


Cool story. That reporter might be the worst basketball player I've ever seen.

NFL rookies (including Crabtree, Coffee, and Davis) reveal endzone celebrations


NFL rookies (including Crabtree, Coffee, and Davis) reveal endzone celebrations


GSoM Group Project: Making the case for ________ at pick #7

ejdacanny has done a great job with his NBA Draft super-threads providing a lot of information on every potential pick and I think he said we should expect super-thread #3, the first since the...

Clips announce they will take Griffin


Now we can stop all the talk about the Clippers passing over him just so they can send Baron back up to us.


Leon Powe?

Powe is an unresticted FA at the end of this year.  He recently had microfracture surgery on his left knee and from most reports the tentative timetable for his return is the middle of next year....


Early, early roster/depth chart projecting

Looking through Maiocco's 81 man roster breakdown that Fooch posted in the Nuggets this morning, it jumped out at me that there are going to be some very tough calls when it comes time to trim it...


Obligatory Plaxico discussion

So technically this is better suited as a fanshot, but I figured there might be a lot of interest so a fanpost might be a better fit. -http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=4040009 ESPN...

Isiah to the Clips?


Wow. So many jokes to be made here, its just such a perfect fit. I hope they snatch him up before Rowell starts thinking about what a good replacement he'd make for Mullin.

SI article on Rubio: entering draft?


I know I've been confused by what seems to be a constant back and forth regarding whether or not Rubio will be entering this years draft. This doesnt exactly clear it up, but at least its a reliable and current source.

President Obama's Bracket


only 6 upsets in the ENTIRE bracket? And they are ALL pretty minor upsets and 4 of them go against Pac-10 teams. Sounds to me like POTUS is watching a bit too much ESPN.



doesnt make a ton of sense to me. thoughts?

Hollinger's Playoff Odds


.02% ........soooo you're sayin' theres a chance! I read ya, oh yea I know what youre sayin Hollinger ;)


Obligatory LT post

So it appears one way or another Tomlinson has likely played his last game as a Charger-http://sports.espn.go.com/nfl/news/story?id=3838617 There are more than a dozen reasons why LT won't and...

Mavs-Raptors Trade in the works? (could affect Maggette trade?)


This would eliminate at least one of the few possible destinations for Maggette....hopefully Dallas pulls out of this deal we can dump Maggs on a desperate Raptors squad.


GS trade?

Warriors fan here, and I promise not to mention "THE upset" too many times in this post.  How would you guys feel about a Marcus Williams, Stephen Jackson, and Corey Maggette for Josh Howard and...

Cantu/Sanchez swap still possible?


I just threw up in mouth a little


Lamar Odom

Chad Ford put Lamar Odom close to the top on his list of players likely to be traded this season.  http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/columns/story?columnist=ford_chad&page=TradeTalk-081015 ...


Pass rush and using Lawson

So I know a couple people have commented on how little Manny has seen the field due to the number of nickel and dime packages we've run out there and Fooch alluded to it in his most recent main...


2009 QB

Ok so its a little bit knee jerk to completely give up on this season after one game, buuut...  It does look very unlikely that Nolan or Smith will be back with the team and as mentioned in another...


unsigned WR with massive potentential that no one is talking about

So despite Josh Morgan's impressive play in the preseason I remain convinced the Niners are still desperately lacking a receiver  with the potential to be a legit #1 guy.  There doesnt seem to be...

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