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ESPN on Texas Offer Robbie Rhodes


Including Rhodes the track star, Rhodes outplays Massington, and Rhodes feeds off trash talk...


Our Hope Lies In You, Fellas (Offense)

Dez Bryant to become a Pro Bowl-level receiver and open up Austin. I don't think there's much middle ground for him. DeMarco Murray to provide us with a truly balanced offensive attack. He...

A North Dakota sportswriter opines...


We've all thought about fixing conspiracies, especially after the crooked referee debacle. This guy has thoughts. Whether he's right or wrong, as he says, the truth is stranger than fiction.


All-Draft All-Star Team

In a fantasy world, how competitive would the below team be in an NFL division? QB Robert Griffin III - Baylor (I'll catch grief, but I think he'll be better than Luck) RB Trent Richardson -...

Whatever happened to Recruitocosm?


They just fell off the face of the earth. I guess it was too much to sustain after JS/Tipsy migrated.


The Old Ball Carriers

Shon Mitchell via Ricky Williams, Earl Campbell, Priest Holmes, Cedric Benson, Jam Jones, Jamaal Charles, Hodges Mitchell, Eric Metcalf, Steve Worster, Shon Mitchell, Jim...


Offensive Depth Chart Predictions

QB Tony Romo - Kyle Orton - Rudy Carpenter RB DeMarco Murray - Felix Jones - Phillip Tanner FB Lawrence Vickers - Shaun Chapas TE Jason Witten - John Phillips - James Hanna WR Miles Austin - Kevin...

Acho, Randall Drafted


Acho gone to Browns in 6th, Randall to Dolphins in 7th


If we don't take WR Chris Givens...

I'm going to throw in the towel and go picket Jerry Jones' house until he shows himself for the Razorback spy he is and goes home to his backwoods, backward Motherland. Sorry, I'm just really...


The Case for a Center

This will be brief. It doesn't take much convincing to remind you bloggers that the Cowboys were in dire straits at center and guard last year. So, what have we done about it? We brought in a...

We doing this again??? Is Phil Costa really going to be our starting center again? Or will we land...

We doing this again??? Is Phil Costa really going to be our starting center again? Or will we land Ben Jones or someone else who might be an upgrade?

Updated Spurs Off-season Priorities

The Spurs are chasing gold, but who will they chase once this season is in the books? Read on for the Spurs' updated off-season priority docket.


What True Freshmen Will Crack the Fall Two-Deep?

Check out my list below, and give your thoughts... QB Connor Brewer--shows enough over the summer to pass Case? QB Jalen Overstreet--with Swoopes coming, could he be the experimental WildHorn QB? ...


Rashaad Samples: Next Commit?

9h sam bunnell ‏ @sambunnell @10justscored Samples will be a Horn. Bank on it. 3h jeff dunkin ‏ @geoffdunkin @10justscored Samples will be...

Nuggets officially waive Ronny Turiaf


Big men flying around the league. Might the Frenchman from Gonzaga end up with the Spurs?


Baton Rouge too far

Why ME?? ‏ @TorrodneyPrevot Sore from riding ALL DAYYYY Why ME?? ‏ @TorrodneyPrevot Houston at last. Why ME?? ‏ @TorrodneyPrevot So close but yet So FAR. Why ME?? ‏ @TorrodneyPrevot My butt hurt...

Rashaad Samples will commit.


He hasn't come out and said it, but he's keeping a good relationship with Mike Davis, hates Aggies, and likes that he's on the UT radar. It's only a matter of time.

Marty B to Giants?


Bennett wants to get 60+ catches. Maybe Eli will oblige? Good luck finding that iPhone money, Jerry Jone money.

Spurs Draft Preview: Mike Scott

The latest in the series of posts Sam Bunnell is doing on players the Spurs actually have a chance at nabbing in the coming NBA draft.

Tim Duncan reaches new milestone as Spurs, Parker beat Wizards 112-97

Tim Duncan reaches new milestone as Spurs beat Wizards at home with another big night from Tony Parker. A recap of Washington at San Antonio.


The Bottom Line of Recruiting

The University of Texas is DB-U. Coach Duane Akina has 10 of his former pupils earning NFL paychecks, several of whom are legitimate stars in the league. However, the golden portal from Joe...

Ranking the Spurs Player-by-Player (11-14)

  1. TJ Ford
  2. James Anderson
  3. Cory Joseph
  4. Eric Dawson
  5. (The last 3 FanShots in this series are strictly in terms of value to team, imo.)

Darius James NOT attending OU JD Saturday James and Hughes were planning to attend Oklahoma's...

Darius James NOT attending OU JD Saturday James and Hughes were planning to attend Oklahoma's Junior Day on Saturday but chose not to this week. James is wearing a cast on his right foot after suffering a broken bone last week when he stepped in a hole on the Harker Heights practice field. His recovery should not affect James' involvement in spring football practices. (From Killeen Daily Herald)

Draft Preview: Augusto Lima

Draft Preview:Augusto Lima With some extra time before the games start up again, let's look ahead to the draft

How did we get here? How did the man from Arkansas successfully bring about the demise of the...


How did we get here? How did the man from Arkansas successfully bring about the demise of the NFL's favorite sons, the Dallas Cowboys? Better question, when will he go away?

Fabulous 55


This Statesman list is a bit unnerving, considering several high-profile prospects, some of whom came to JD 1, don't even list Texas in their potential destinations. This could mean the AAS is not up-to-date, or it could say the staff has work to do convincing this talent crop to hold the Texas line. I don't doubt the end result will be prosperous yet again, but we could be working from behind for many of our commits.


Spurs Off-season Priorities

Top 5 Things To Do... 1. Re-sign Tim Duncan. 2. Re-sign Danny Green. 3. Sign an athletic, defensive-minded, youngish power forward (Darrell Arthur???). 4. Sign a perimeter defender to play small...


2012 Free Agent Power Forwards

Timmy. Garnett. And everybody else. Whatever are we going to do? Our leader is getting older. Check the list after the jump for an athletic, youngish, defensive-minded power forward who could...


Jackson Jeffcoat is better than Alex Okafor

Am I crazy for thinking this? It seems like the no-relation-to-Emeka-Okafor has been anointed as the next Julius Peppers, while the guy with an NFL dad has been inexplicably dropped to second...


2012 Free Agent Centers

Superman. And beyond. Not only is Dwight Howard on the market (and virtually guaranteed to not wear Silver and Black next season), but there are an unusually high number of quality big men to be...

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