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Where's the love for softball?

The UGA Lady Dawgs won two in a row on Sunday. Blowing out the Wolfpackettte(?) Twice. And a no hitter in the late game!!! I got none of the games here in Florida, hope ESPN at least covers the...


I'll give 3-2 odds...

...that Miami sets a new records this year for futility. We are essentially one-third of the way through the season...and they are essentially one-third of the way there. It's not too early to...

new Dawg video


I like it...I like it a lot.


All-Time Favorite Braves By Position

SP/RP-- Phil Niekro/ Gene Garber Catcher-- Biff Pocoroba First Base-- Willie Montanez Second Base--- Rod Gilbreath SS-- Darrell Chaney 3B-- Chipper LF-- Ron Gant CF-- Murph RF-- Rowland...


Russ to open the season

From Bill King at ajc.com: Interim mascot Russ will keep the spiked collar on as the season opens Sept. 1 against Buffalo, the Savannah Morning News reports, quoting a member of the Sonny...

Forget the Super Conferences, How about the Mega Conference?


This would be an interesting schedule conundrum for the teams involved to say the least.

Caleb King to enter Supplemenmtal Draft


I thought he would go for some playing time somewhere. (If that's possible given the circumstances.) I doubt any team will even take a flyer on him in the last round.

UGA Pro Day on ESPN3


UGA Pro Day on everyone's favorite internet channel.


I hate Floriduh

 Florida Football Entrance Exam   Time Limit: 3 WKS 1. What language is spoken in France? 2. Give a dissertation on the ancient Babylonian Empire with particular reference to...

I'm just gonna ramble. I'm getting antsy for the upcoming season. I think we are gonna be pretty...


I'm just gonna ramble. I'm getting antsy for the upcoming season. I think we are gonna be pretty good. the offense should be outstanding. Our entire OL is back, and hopefully with an upgrade in Trinton Sturdivant.( Damn, i hope the best for that kid. I think he's may be NFL talent. I'd hate for him not to get a big check because of injuries.) But out O-Line should be great. Washaun and Caleb should be able to run at will. And if Murray can't throw to those monster TE's and AJ, he shouldn't be playing QB. We got a top 5 at wide out and two future first rounders at TE. Hell, I could throw for 3,000 with those guys. Five yard dump-offs and screens and let 'em run. And the defense should be good too. Even with a new system, we got the speed to adjust. and any secondary with Boykin and Rambo is gonna do well. Opposing wide outs could get killed going up against our secondary. I think the new defense will take better advantage of overall defensive speed. Especially at LB. Those guys are gonna fly around. Anyway, I'm predicting 11-2. 12-1 if we do well against the Cocks. And it's a long road with no days off going into Jax. But Fluriduh loses at ALA, and the next week at home to LSU. For two SEC loses. We finish with one. Either the cocks or the gaytors. One, not both. But on a lighter side, I remember going to the 2005 game in JAX. I lived in Wisconsin at the time. And had a buddy up there whose family lived in Ocala and, hence, he was a Gator fan. So we went to the game. I went as a Georgia fan, and he went as a retarded Fluriduh fan. Needless to say, he was impressed with how much better looking the Georgia women were when compared to what Fluriduh calls women. I just looked at him and said, "Yea, well, we don't raise cattle in Georgia." I can't wait for the season to start. Anyone ever have some free tix available, let me me know. I'll keep the riff out of your area. I haven't been to a game since we played Auburn in the early 80's. And Bo ran for like 8,000,000 yards. Go Dawgs


Favorite Player

I'm getting Braves fever and getting nostalgic thinking of seasons past. Went to my first game in '74. So, I got a lot of Bravo memories. So, I ask, who's your favorite Braves player of all time?...


Favorite Nicknames

As we sit here awaiting the start of the season, believe it or not, I had an idea. I think we all know who is heading north. So, I got to thinking about nicknames players have had. Catfish, The...


More of a rant against ESPN

Is everyone there who writes baseball for the website on Insider now? Is there anyone who writes for ESPN that's worth paying for to read? I used to go there after here to see if Jayson Stark was...


Brilliant trade.

Frank Wren accomplished two things with this trade. He got he Braves a better RF and he single handidly made the Mets a non factor in the race this year.  Nice job.   And I don't think FW is done....


Martin Prado

I been down on this team all year. Just didn't like the cohesiveness of what I had seen. And I hate to look like I'm joining some sort of bandwagon because of the last two games. Lord knows I love...

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