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Old guy, former east coast, Redskins, Nats, Bullets, Terps also likes the Chargers, Lakers, Bruins. I can't explain why I'm such a big Clips fan. but for the life of me, I am, and have been since they moved to LA.

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  • MLB Washington Nationals
  • NBA Los Angeles Clippers
  • NFL Washington Redskins
  • Tennis Mike and Bob Bryan
  • General Angels, Chargers, Lakers
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Doc and Danny.....


Who's Right, Who's Wrong?

Why The Los Angeles Clippers Should Have Passed On Doc Rivers by Justin Haskins


This is an interesting idea, but it doesn't take into account the possible improvement of Deandre Jordan....not to mention Blake Griffin. It's really up to those guys, to develop a winning philosophy and improve their games...


On the subject of the Mike Brown firing and the Lakers.....

Someone said that sometimes it's nice to be a Clipper fan...... "By believing that the L.A. Lakers will remain dominant simply because they are the L.A. Lakers, Jim Buss and his enablers do...


Thunders-Clippers on TV?

Is the game on Wednesday 4/11 with the Thunder going to be televised?


Clippers On Local Over The Air TV?

I really miss having some of the Clipper games telecast over a commercial over the air TV station, like they use to be on KTLA Channel 5. I don't have cable, but I watch the games on the internet....


Mo Williams for MWP?

Just for the defense.....


The Darkened Seats of Staples Center

The abusive Laker fans, who act like they own the place at Clipper HOME Games. The lights in the stands lowered so security can't see what's going on. The idiots who try to burn down the city...


Stern Was Acting in the Best Interest of the Hornets

I'm getting sick and tired of all the sports reporters saying that Stern screwed the Lakers by turning down the Chris Paul trade. Stern in my opinion has overstepped his authority on many...


Dunleavy To Coach The Lakers?

Now, that would be ironic! It would also guarantee the Lakers return to mediocrity. They have been reporting this all day on ESPN. Rick Adelman, Brian Shaw, and Mike Dunleavy are the three that...


For Once, I Agree With Sterling.(and Cowherd, for that matter)

I've been listening to all the bashing of Sterling about his heckling Baron Davis. Not just fans, but sports talk hosts and sports reporters have weighed in on this latest chapter of Sterling's...


What is Roger Lodge Smoking?

On the Sports Lodge this morning on 830 AM, Roger Lodge is just about as sure as he can be that Phil Jackson will "walk across the hall" at Staples and become the coach of the Clippers next year....


Cat's Last Game Ever?

I just heard that Cat may not play for the Knicks because of his heart issue. That can only mean the last game he played for the Clips, which was a very good one for him, may have been the last...


It's Time To Move On

EB is gone. It's a shame that his almost spotless reputation seven years in the making has been tarnished, but it's his own fault.  I'll miss his great inside game and midrange jumper, and his...

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