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Protesters at the national spelling bee. "I'm thru with through" and "Enuf is enuf. Enough is too much"

And So It Begins...

The idiots are coming out of the woods to smear poop in favor of complete instant replay. I feel horrible for Gallaraga, but that doesn't mean this is a time for IR. I believe some type of quality control on Umpires, reviewing a sample of games and rating the ump on blown calls vs correct calls while taking into account correct positioning and the closeness of the play, would be more beneficial.


What'chu talking 'bout!

Dontrelle Over Wellemeyer? Now, that Dontrelle has been DFA'd would you take him over Wellemeyer? And would you trade for him before he was released or wait to see if he is released? As SF or...

Every once in awhile I hear Mike and Mike in the morning, usually in morning after I was listening...

Every once in awhile I hear Mike and Mike in the morning, usually in morning after I was listening to ESPN radio in the car. This morning they were talking about the Superbowl and one of them said something so stupid, I couldn't believe it. "Yeah, I like having it in NYC it goes back to the old days. I actually thing they should have it in Lambo Field on the 50th anniversary, or some other STATISTICALLY SIGNIFICANT NUMBER. "

ESPN, BCB Team up once again!

Thought provoking and well written article by ESPN and BCB (I think I know who did most of the work!) about the merits of the DH.

Hot Sheet, LOL at Kieschnick's ridiculous Line for last week

No. 4 BUSTER POSEY, C Why He's Here: .391/.565/.783 (9-for-23), 2 HR, 3 2B, 8 RBIs, 7 R, 4 BB, 4 SO, 0-for-1 SB No. 12 ROGER KIESCHNICK, RF GIANTS Why He's Here: .444/.700/.944 (8-for-18), 3 HR, 10 RBIs, 3 R, 6 BB, 3 SO, 0-for-1 SB


Leave it up to Chris Haft to come up with ideas on his appropriated named blog. Also, I am not intending to plagiarize and if I do it's OK because I used this disclaimer Also Also: CHRIS HAFT IS HISPANIC!! AND FIT? I always Imagined a middle aged fat bald white dude.

My God, this is what they consider front page material?

Is the joke that that is on the front page? I don't get it.

Mock Draft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, 17 pitchers going in the 1st round, is that normal? 24. San Francisco Giants The Pick: Alex Wimmers, RHP, Ohio State The Buzz: Wimmers is a safe player to select for the Giants. He has projectable pitches and is a strike-thrower who pitches to contact. His raw stuff doesn't wow you but has enough command to keep his team in the game. A back of the rotation starter, his path to the majors may be a short one.

Ubaldo Jiminez...best pitcher in the NL?

I mean, yeah he has been good but are the stats really that much more impressive to warrant a BEST IN THE LEAGUE title? I think Roy Halladay and Tim Lincecum have something to say. W/L IP H CG R ER BB K WHIP ERA BAA UJ 6-0 41.1 26 1 4 4 16 44 1.02 0.87 .182 RH 5-1 49 39 3 9 8 4 39 0.88 1.47 .220 TL 4-0 35.1 22 0 5 5 7 43 0.82 1.27 .175 The only real advantage Jiminez has over Tim is his ERA while his BAA and ERA are better than Halladays. EDIT: UGLY TABLE IS UGLY

Dead man walking...papers?

Lewis decision will be made by the weekend.

Giants, A's make similar profit

But the A's are the second least valuable team at 295 M (loss of 8% from last year) while the Giants are the 9th most valuable team at 483 M (3% gain from 2009)

Posey DHing again

Upside: Maybe Molina catching so much now will mean he breaks down sooner. (No injuries just soreness) Downsides: Now that I thought of that, I remember 2009 Edgar playing while the FO knew he was "injured". So Yeah. Also Craig Clark, Rafael Cova, Steve Edlefsen, Eric Hacker, Osiris Matos, Clayton Tanner, Dan Turpen, and Craig Whitaker have been reassigned.

LOL Whale Meet

I guess its against the law to have a whale singles night.


Mychael Urban's Jeff Passan's latest blog

Top college programs

jcb9, this should help determine what games to attend.

Write up about Lh vs RH in baseball

Pretty cool analysis, from the SnakePit, of what handedness means in baseball.

Man, I wish I would be in the Bay Area that week! And under 14.


Man, I wish I would be in the Bay Area that week!  And under 14.


Elitist East Coast McCC meet up.

OK, I know its a little early to start planning, but I just want to get a roll call of anyone interested in a Elitist East Coast McCC meet up.   Looking through the schedule I have identified the...

Bye, Bye

What are the odds that Jimmy Hoffa will be located?

John Heyman

Blyleven not a HOF'er b/c he only appear 4 times (22 seasons) on the CY Ballot. Edgar Martinez not a HOF'er b/c he was only in the Top 10 of MVP voting once.

Top 20 Prospects

#1 Starsburg- Come on! Dude was just drafted! Any one else getting/wanting the anti Tim (ie Starsburg = can't miss who will miss) #9 Posey #10 Bumgarner


Rule 5 Draft

Lost: Ben Snyder (Bal) Raul Burgos (AA Phase, LAD) Gained: Steve Johnson (Bal) 21 yo split time between A and AA 145 IP 154 K 62 BB


Help me spend my money!

Of the available baseball pay sites, which one is worth the money? I want to buy only one membership.

This actually makes me happy

The Giants would like to add offense and, as Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports point out, Pablo Sandoval and Freddy Sanchez are versatile enough to give GM Brian Sabean plenty of options. The FOX Sports duo reports that Adrian Beltre, Dan Uggla and Nick Johnson are all high on the team's wish list. One source tells FOX Sports that the Giants and Marlins are in the midst of ongoing discussions about Uggla, a prime trade candidate. The Marlins are looking to obtain major league-ready players for the arbitration-eligible infielder. The Giants, not surprisingly, would only have interest in Johnson on a short-term deal.

Hi, I'm Chris Haft

I am pretty clueless in my new mailbag!

Alaskan MarineHighway

Has any ever taken the ferry from Bellingham, WA to Alaska? I thinking of planning a trip and my fiance has never been to Alaska and I have only been to Anchorage and this seems like a cool way to see Alaska. PS. DOGS ALLOWED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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