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Pacific Takes Cal OLine Coaching Thoughts


I was searching for some possible defensive coordinator thoughts online tonight since what looked like a good hire in Dave Aranda fell through. I also noticed that coachingsearch linked job offers for Aranda to Tech and Cal. With that I looked to see if any Cal blogs had talked about possible defensive coordinators for Cal since it seems both Dykes and Kingsbury are looking to fill positions with similar people. While I didn’t find any good lists on the Cal defensive coordinator search I did find a great write up covering possible offensive line coaching candidates and thought I would share.

Odds Neal Brown Makes A Lateral Move?


It seems like some people in Kentucky are really excited about the possibility of getting Neal Brown as the offensive coordinator. I also saw some sites for Florida State suggesting that if Kentucky is successful at pulling away their offensive coordinator that FSU should make a play for Neal Brown. I know some of us have been upset with the kind of plays that were called during several games, but it is a good sign that we have decent talent if other schools are talking about wanting to get our coach. I think that the risk for him going to Kentucky is small as it is a lateral move, but the real danger is to Flordia State if Stoops can take FSU’s offensive coordinator. Evidently Jimbo Fisher hasn’t allowed the OC to call his own plays. I will admit I would be a little concerned losing Brown to FSU due to the fact it usually takes a coach over a year to put in their system. The Air Raid is an exception due to the limited nature of the install (I believe Seth has noted Holgorsen and Leach both commented on the quick implementation). I would tend to think that Tubs would probably shift more conservative due to the lack of quality young air raid coaches (Kliff being an exception but as discussed in another post, highly unlikely to make a lateral move to a program with a head coach on a hotter seat).

Ubben Puts Tech On Upset Alert


I have never been overly impressed with Ubben's knowledge of Tech athletics because I just do not think he spends the time reviewing our program. I think the same could be said about the amount of time he spends looking at ISU. I would guess the pick is primarily because he has picked against ISU in the early weeks and it hurt him. That being said, I really would love to see our team come out and play a great game like most of the fan base is really waiting for. I think we got a peak last season at some good things during the OU game, but never really saw that repeated again. I would like to see this game be the start of something good for the program for us to start moving forward.

Notre Dame to ACC in all sports except football


While I would have preferred to have Notre Dame join the Big 12 in all sports I am happy that the Big 12 didn’t agree to take Notre Dame in all sports except football like the ACC appears to have done.

Same Financial Returns Possible For Tech as ND?


I know Tech has been pushing for endowments to help with the tier1 status, so they probably would not able to be placed into a private equity funding strategy since the endowments would need to be earmarked specific tier1 requirements. I am sure I am over simplifying this and please anyone who has more knowledge set me straight if that statement is not correct. After Tech achieves the tier1 designation hopefully in the coming years it might be nice if Tech had a plan already in place to follow to maximize the returns for the university at that point in time.

Not Only Indoor, But Underground


With recruiting being so important for getting quality athletes on the field for Tech, I hope we make sure if we spend the money we get a good quality indoor practice facility once the new television / conference money starts to come in since this is a want. I know you can’t see what USC spends since it is a private institution, but I do like how we keep ourselves in the black in regards to operating expenses. Hopefully we can make sure we keep up with the Joneses to keep the talent coming in.

Contacts to Push Against LHN


With the rumored first two games for UT being on the LHN, I am curious if anyone knew where to log complaints with your television provider about ensuring the provider does not pick up the LHN network. The pieces I have read to date are stating that this move for the early games on the LHN help push the UT fan base to go to the providers to push for the added channel. I would like to try to do my part to push against the channel being added at least to the basic tier. I am fine with this being a single channel that users have the option to add or not that basically allows users to support UT. I do have a problem when networks I would want to use to watch Tech are bundled with the LHN. I thought I remembered seeing something last year about where to log complaints about not wanting to have the channel provided, but I can’t find any links when I looked today. Any information that someone has around that would be appreciated. I know I could call the default number for uverse who I have, but I would prefer to contact the right group at AT&T to try to avoid the LHN getting picked up. I would hate to need to change providers right at the beginning of the season if the channel is on the same package I would need for Tech games. Any help from the community about who to reach out to is appreciated.

Tech DB/WR Shawn Corker Out 6 to 8 Weeks

Brandon Rawe ‏@BrandonKLBK Tech DB/WR Shawn Corker says he broke his foot after someone stepped on it with cleats. Says he's out 6-8 weeks

ESPN College Colors Contest


From Tuberville's tweet, I thought people might want to vote for Tech.

Pat Knight: Texas Tech, other big Texas schools don’t care about basketball


"The funny thing is there are only two schools in Texas that come close to any school in Indiana," Knight said in an adjunct video that goes along with the article. "It’s actually Lamar and UTEP. And so I’m in a better basketball situation being at Lamar." I didn't post this yesterday when I saw it because I didn't want to start a rant against Knight. It is Texas Tech related though, so I thought I would share with the group. Hopefully under Gillispie the team will become good enough again to renew interest in the team on campus.

Maurice Chandler (CFB CB) commits to Texas Tech

Maurice Chandler commits to Texas Tech

Texas State Hand Signs Always Similar to Tech and Baylor?


I saw the following tweet from Stewart Mandel today and I didn't realize that the Texas State hand signs were similar to Tech's and Baylor's. Has this always been the case and I just never realized it? Anyone who knows the history? I would be interested. I did a quick Google search and I couldn't find a date on when the hand sign started to be used.

NCAA Div 1 College Football Playoff is Here


It looks like a playoff is here and the Cotton Bowl might be back in the 1st tier for bowls.

Bring On The Cats Looks At Conference Sizes


I thought it was interesting for people out there pushing for FSU to be added to the Big12. I think it might make sense in a few years in the future, but for right now I am pretty happy with the current standing of our conference membership. I agree that TCU didn’t really add any major markets for the conference, but we needed that magic 10 number to keep our existing TV contracts in place. Also the addition of TCU didn’t seem to hurt while the new TV contracts were being negotiated as we are expecting to get close to 20 million in tv revenue in the coming years. I do have concerns about adding too many teams that might not want to keep the power of the conference close to Texas (UT/TTU/TCU & OSU/OU with plenty of alumni in the DFW area).

NCAA Demo Rankings


The brought to you by the LHN part seems about right with ut being ranked higher than everyone except lsu, u ore, & u wis.

Welker signs $9.5 million tender


Glad to see Welker doing well. I hope the article isn't correct in that his move to put the team first costs him any money.

Will Ford Rejoining Football Team? | UPDATED: Ford Arrested, No Fulmer Points Awarded


Not sure if this is only rumor currently. I thought I would see what others on the site have heard.

Blake Danielak commits to Texas Tech


I didn't want to post this originally since it seemed like pretty thin evidence for a commitment, but after the article release I am going ahead.

Chris Tomsen as Tech's OL Coach


Chris Tomsen will be hired as Tech's OL coach.

Any Recruits Tech Could Target From Oregon?


I am curious if Oregon had any recruits that were also considering Tech if Kelly does leave. Also, very doubtful that Patterson would leave, but if it did happen it could be interesting to see how TCU could handle him leaving.

Glasgow Fired?


Do Tech fans need to get ready for another defensive scheme?

Anyone Know Which RBs Visited This Weekend?


Seems like Tech just got a RB commitment. I was curious which RBs visited this weekend since I would guess the chances of it being one of them is pretty good.

WVU Taps Breaks on Realignment


"Contrary to media reports, there is no press conference scheduled for Wednesday concerning WVU’s athletic conference affiliation. There are no further comments at this time," WVU said in an official statement tonight.

More LSU Suspensions


The loss of Mathieu could be big.

Big East Voting to Double Exit Fees


If the statements in the story are true then it seems like the Big East might try to live to fight another day. The possibility of the Big12 picking up a member or two to round out a 12 member league from the Big East could be a little bit more costly.

Vote For Doege to Win O'Brien Award


Make sure to vote for Doege as the season progresses. Keeping Tech players as favorites in these awards can only help Tech's prestige.

Who Makes The Most Sense To Take Over TAMU/UT Slot


I thought I would see what the people in the community think about Tech or any other school who might make sense to pick up the Thanksgiving game against UT. The biggest UT rival is always going to be OU. That game will continue to be during the State Fair, so who would be next. In Tech's case we have been playing Baylor who is not a rival of ours no matter how bad ESPN and other sports commentators want it to be. So I think Tech would be flexible. I agree that TCU in that slot doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Does a Baylor, Mizzou, or OSU make a better fit for UT? What does everyone think?

A Good Summary Opinion


I think that Berry Tramel has a good point on standing up to ESPN. I would like to see the remaining Big12 schools stand together and require any games aired on a school's network to require approval from that visiting conference school. I would also like to see the conference restrict school channels to not be able to show any content with high school athletes or from being allowed to film any content around high school stadiums. If those rules were written into the conference bylaws then I would probably be fine with whatever content that UT is able to get to put onto the network. If anything comes up which seems to upset member enough to want to leave for any school's network then the remaining conference members should come together and outlaw those actions as well. We are a conference and should act in a way to get stability. We have seen clearly that many other conferences want UT, but not with the LHN. That means our conference should be able to allow them to keep the network, but make sure it isn't an advantage except as was originally anticipated by conference members.

A Great Game Day Write Up


After reading this write up from Leah I am disappointed I am not going to be able to make it out to Lubbock for any games this year. She does a great job of listing reasons why Lubbock is so special to me personally. I thought I would share it with the site to let you guys enjoy as well.

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