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Leach's Impact On Football


I agree with the tweet and think it is great that Leach's guys are dominating the NCAA marks this season.

Just when you think conference realignment is dying down


I am torn on the Ryan Hyatt Show tweet about the Pac12 interest picking up if the SEC goes to 14 due to the following reasons. I want to get away from the Big12 conference as long as the LHN is not reduced down to what it was originally supposed to be. In my mind this is a network to only show UT sports not desirable enough to be picked up by the regular conference networks. The LHN has grown to be something which looks to give UT a large recruiting advantage which they do not need and should not be allowed to obtain. Since the Big12 doesn't appear to have the power to keep UT in check I would be for Tech heading to a different maybe less green pasture with true conference camaraderie. So let the discussions begin again. Hopefully MU takes off and we get the train rolling to the Pac12 one more time.

Who Should Big12 Invite


Assuming we are able to get the conference more stable, which means the LHN under control with the help of OU, who should the Big12 look at adding? I know that the biggest name thrown around lately has been BYU. I added the title link to the Big East list of schools since this is probably the list of schools we will need to pull from. I think after BYU which really isn't a step up for TAMU in my opinion the best options are USF( to help increase Tech's Florida recruiting) and then either UWV or Louisville. Louisville would be better I think for Mizzou fans since it is not so far from St. Louis where I think a lot of their alums migrate to after graduation. What are the community's thoughts?

Texas Tech-Nevada Set For 6 p.m. Kickoff On Fox College Sports


Glad to hear that we are getting more games on TV. The internet streaming was not a bad option, but I like the exposure for Tech on televised games much better.

Mike Leach's Offense


I know the captain is gone, but I thought people on the blog would be interested. I am totally supportive of Tubs and want him to succeed, but I will also become a fan of where the captain ends up as long as it isn't UT or A&M.

BON Pushing Fans to Request LHN at Uverse


I honestly have no ill will towards the LHN and the fact that UT is trying to get as much money as possible. I hope our AD and admins are doing the same for Tech. I do have a problem with ESPN/ABC trying to push to get the LHN on a basic cable tier, so other non-UT fans who do not want to send UT money are forced to either pay UT or not watch football. As such, I have been skimming the BON since it seems like they are doing a good job of tracking which providers are picking up the channels. That being said, BON has recommended a UVerse survey for UT fans to request the LHN. I think it wouldn’t be a bad idea for Tech fans to have their opinions known as well. http://uversechannels.att.com/channel-survey

Delvon Simmons has been cleared


This is good news for the D line.

Possible Redshirts For Kennard & Edwards


I love how this makes us sound in regards to talent at the receiving position. If we do make this choice, I hope the injury bug doesn’t hit the receivers so we have to burn a redshirt midseason.

Craig James Created An Award


I couldn't take reading all of this, so I just skimmed it. I thought it might yield some interesting thoughts from the people here at DTN. It seems like the one thing most people here can agree on is that the James family handled the situation very poorly at Tech.

Glad We Aren't Miami Right Now


This seems to be a pretty active off season for programs running into issues. Really glad we aren't Miami or Oregon right now. Speaking of Oregon, you have to like the comment by Forde on his tweet. http://twitter.com/#!/espn4d/status/103582698261585920

Send Good Karma Batch's Way


Seems like Batch could use some prays and good karma sent his way. I figured this was a great place to find those people to do that for him.

UT Fans Recognizing Bennie's Skills


I hate linking to burnt orange nation, but I wanted to share with everyone on the site how it seems Bennie is doing well. Hopefully he will not be at UT very long, but I am glad to hear he is doing well.

Ubben Lists Tech As A Rising Big 12 Power


It is nice to see Ubben list Tech as on the rise. Hopefully he isn't right about this year though. Would love to see a season that has the team performing better than some of the outings last year. The game in Ames was tough to watch.

TTU Rank in NCAA Football '12


Texas Tech is ranked 48 in the new NCAA Football '12 Team rankings

Leach Presents at ISU Football Clinic


This was found by David Ubben, but I know not everyone on the site reads the ESPN blog. Thought I would share it with the community.

Auburn Toomer's Corner


An Alabama fan admitted to the poisoning of the Oaks in Toomer’s Corner at Auburn. Some rivalries involve much more hatred than others.

SI.com Confessions of a former sports agent


I thought that some of the people in the community might find this interesting like I did. First post, so sorry if I put this in the wrong place.

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