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Boldin VS Fitzgerald 2010

  1. Boldin - 40 / 546 / 5
  2. Fitzgerald - 42 / 510 / 5

Dansby - Rolle

Did anyone see how these three did in their debut with their new teams?


Fantasy Football

I know last year we did a FF league, any word on doing another?

Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been impressed with what he’s seen from the Cards so far in m...


Arizona head coach Ken Whisenhunt has been impressed with what he’s seen from the Cards so far in minicamp -- which is a very good sign for quarterback Matt Leinart. The way Leinart plays will determine the team’s success in 2010, and Leinart seems to understand the level of expectations. Wednesday, he said, "People can say what they want about me, but I still haven't really proved anything yet. I haven't been out there, so I don't think you can make a fair judgment." Leinart is right, and he seems to be in the right mindset to embark on the challenges that await him. His view implies he does not feel the entitlement of being a first-round pick, which means he’s receptive to the coaching he is receiving. I am not sure if Leinart can be successful, but I do know he was never going to achieve any success until he changed his work habits, his feeling of entitlement and his commitment.

Michael Lombardi

List of available CBs


List of available CBs

is this list even accurate? We need to jump on a CB right away!

Derek Anderson to become a FA


It looks like he is finally getting released. Do we go after him? How hard?


Steeler backing core turned Cardinal Well it might just end up with have the linebacking core of the Steelers from 2006 only a few years older and hopefully a few years...


Baltimore no longer an option for Boldin?

We all realize that Boldin will most likely be shipped out of town. I for one am actually in favor of this move. Over the past two years my man crush on Boldin has diminished to a mere respect...

Interesting take on Leinart


I thought this was well written and addressed some serious concerns as well as looking at positives. I think the whole "Hollywood" thing has been inflated a LITTLE and that it is well past him.


Case to get our minds right and keep John Lott

Washington just fired their Strength & Conditioning guy yesterday.  No doubt they will go after John Lott.  Reportedly the Cards offered him something but it was so low that he got an agent (not a...

Warner Retiring


He hasnt come out and said it but why else would he hold a press conference? You dont really hold a press conference to say you are going to continue to play,... unless you are Brett Favre.


What to do With Breen Bay

So its pretty much certain we will face the Packers in the first round of the playoffs. Yes I realize there are scenarios we can make it to the number 2 seed but there is about a 2% chance of the...


What to do with Tumble & Fumble

These are the new nicknames for Wells & Hightower. I am growing tired of Wells falling over himself in the backfield and missing out on provided holes (obviously I am sick of his fumble but am...

Just another #81


Boldin was on Doug & Wolf this morning and when asked about his respect for Whiz he blows by Whiz as he talks of respect for everybody and says he and Whiz have a "working relationship". Click on the link, scroll to mid page, go to the right and click on the link to hear Boldin speak (you have to get through some charity stuff for about 60 seconds till it starts), What are your thoughts? I am completely done with him and even though I doubt we can get a 1st rounder for him now unless he comes on REAL strong the second half of the year I want to trade him right after the season. I would be more than happy with a 2 & 3. Editor's note: Thanks to our friends at KTAR, here's the audio from Q this morning.

lost his Edge


Looks like James may be done for good after Seattle recently cut him.

We had discussed having a Madden Tournament and the time has come. Here are the people that have...


We had discussed having a Madden Tournament and the time has come. Here are the people that have asked to participate. sc464 cardsdefense andrew602cardsfan08 boogatt66 pyromnc theblog Everyone listed above are you still in or are you going yellow on us and backing out? If everyone listed above is still in thaen we need 1 more so who is it going to be? First one to post is in, second one to post is the first one in line to get a chance if someone backs out. Also how do we want to do it? Have a couple different systems set up at one location? Play at various locations the individual games until a champ is decided? Let me know. My house would be open but we are in the process of buying another place and it should be full of boxes soon. Let me know how you want to do it. There is also the possibility of online but some of us dont have live (like me).


Arizona Cardinals Training Camp 8/10/09 updates and notes

  I promised I would bring back notes for you guys after going up to camp so here are my thoughts in whatever random order:



From what I have heard the Cards had there first camp fight. Fitzgerald & DRC went at it yeterday afternoon on what was actually a run play. Some have speculated that it was a staged fight but...

FITZ & Kurt to get an ESPY?


According to Darren Urban Kurt Warner & Larry Fitzgerald are up for an ESPY award (FITZ for 2). FITZ is up for both Best NFL Player and Best Record Breaking Performance. Kurt is up for Best NFL Player as well. It will be a tough battle to win so go and vote on the provided link!

Warner Brothers Arizona Cardinals 2008 NFC Champions DVD


Has anyone already purchased this? Is it very good? I might get it as a Fathers Day present to myself (I dont even have kids yet).

Madden 2010 Tourny


Madden 2010 Tourny

Ok so I feel a little stupid suggesting this but oh well. I was online yesterday looking at Madden 2010 stuff and I got this crazy itch to play so I was thinking why not get some real football fans together. I for one dont have a lot of friends who are freaks about football like I am so I thought if you guys wanted we could have a Madden 2010 tournement once the game came out. What do you think?

Selvin Young


Any interest in signing the recently released Selvin Young? We could put him through training camp and keep either him or J Wright after.

James, LaBoy, Hood no longer Cardinals


What the???!!!! We could all see the release of James but Hood & LaBoy?? I do not like this at all. I think LaBoy was a good addition to our team & was still learning his new position. The Cards have to be EXTREMELY confident in Brown & Davis. Even if they are they both have to learn the position as well as the pro-level. I dont understand the release of Hood either. He is a DECENT #2 corner and they just release him?? I sure as heck hope this means they have already talked to a solid veteran LB & corner.

FITZ a cover boy!


Firts let me say the madden curse isnt real unless you still beleive that witches fly on broomsticks and have long pointy noses. Second let me say,... WOOOHOOOOOOO, atta boy FITZ!

Strahan says "ZIP IT"!


I love that a well known (more so than Boldin?) player with several pro-bowls & a ring told Boldin to shut up about his trade talks. We need more of this in the sports world.


Jones-Drew in Red?

Ok I realize I have spent too much time imagining Cardinal stuff today but I am bored today and my clients are late showing for thier appointment. Maurice Jones-Drew wants a new deal and looks...


Burress released - Boldin to NY?

Plaxico Burress has been released from the NY Football Giants due to his most recent off the field incident when he literally and figuritively shot himself in the foot. NY is going to need a...


Sundquist & McCreight interview

According to Mike Jurecki the Cardinals interviewed Ted Sunkist (former Denver Broncos GM until the 2007 season) and TJ McCreight (former right hand man of Browns Phil Savage) to feel a vacant...


Cards talking to McFadden. Maybe others

Reports say that the cards have been and are talking to Bryant McFaddens agent (obviously this has been affected by the TO signing because its the same dirt bag agent). They also have Haggans and...

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