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Phillies Stat Notes: Running out of Luck, Patience


The Phillies' luck on balls in play has largely disappeared in recent games, and so have their improved plate discipline numbers. With Hamels back they look to bolster the rotation and minimize...

Phillies Stat Notes: Schmidt's 500th, Lee Oddities


Mike Schmidt hit the 500th home run of his great career 27 years ago today, Cliff Lee is cornering the market on odd games, and more...

Phillies Stat Notes: Word of the day is Patience


The Phillies are seeing more pitches and walking more, and as a result are leading the NL in On Base Percentage.

Phillies Stat Notes: Scoring More, Allowing More-r


Early results show the Phils are drawing walks and getting on base better than last year. But the pitching is offsetting those gains, and then some.

Early Phillies Rankings by Position


It's very early yet, but how do the Phillies rank at each position against the other teams in the National League so far?

2014 Phillies Milestones, non-Rollins Division


Milestones likely to be reached by Phillies in 2014, as well as all-time Phillies top ten lists for key stats.

Rollins, the Hit Record, and Phillies Milestones


Rollins will become the Phillies' all-time leader in hits in a couple of months, and will be a fixture atop many of the team's lists for many years to come.

Beatings Will Continue Until the Offense Improves


The hitting has not been as bad as the results have shown, and there are reasons for optimism.

Phillies March Madness: Spring Training MVPs


If the Phillies had been handing out team MVP awards for Spring Training these past several years, who would have won?

Phillies: A History of Spring Training Sites


The Phillies called many places home before finally settling on Clearwater as their Spring Training site.

Phillies Links: Burnett, Byrd, and more


A.J. Burnett is looking for a home, Byrd is a "vital upgrade", and the Phils will be recognizing two recent retirees.

Can the Phillies win 85 games in 2014?


What would it take for the Phillies to at least be in contention in 2014? Do they have to play like it's 2008? Or is there a way for the current roster to compete even without the use of a time...

2014 Projections from Clay Davenport


Clay Davenport (who I hadn't heard of, to be honest, but is the co-founder of Baseball Prospectus), released his 2014 projections last week. He has the Phils at a pitiful 70-92 record. A couple of things jump out about his projections: Position players' WARP totals 16, which is reasonable, except that it includes Cesar Hernandez at minus 3.1. I have to think there must be an error somewhere. Pitchers WARP totals 18, for a total of 34 for all players, but 34+48 (replacement) would be 82 wins, not 72, so he must be assuming a different replacement level than what Fangraphs and Baseball Reference use.

Links: Abreu, Tanaka, and the Phillies' Off-season


Does Abreu have anything left? Can Tanaka live up to enormous expectations? And how good has the Phillies' off-season been? Also, a Phillie makes a prominent appearance on an all-time list.

Hall of Fame Induction Chances through History


The number of players who have gone on to be inducted hasn't been consistent across baseball's history. Some eras are grossly over-represented at the expense of others.

Phillies Links: Tanaka, Hall of Fame, and more


What's Tanaka likely to get, and is it worth it? Hall of Fame ballots were due on Dec. 31, and if there is a trend, it may be that resistance to suspected PED users is softening.

Today in Phillies History: Babes and Tafts


Phillies and Pirates exchange Babes seventy years ago today. 101 years ago, Taft agrees to sell the team to William Locke and William Baker.

Flood's Refusal and the Phillies Career it Spawned


On 12/29/69, Curt Flood chose to challenge his trade to the Phillies. In addition to the significant changes it sparked in the game, this move also led to the one relatively stable portion of...

Phillies Links Post, December 27th 2013


Recent links on Papelbon, Victorino, Choo, Altherr, and what if the 1981 strike hadn't happened.

Overpaid/Underpaid in the NL East


How many Phillies are overpaid, relative to the market rate for free agents? How does that compare to their NL East rivals?

Pete Rose and the role of TV: 35 years ago today


Pete Rose was signed as a free agent by the Phillies on December 5th, 1978, and little WPHL-17 was a big reason why.

Phillies dead last in first round picks since 2000


Since 2000, every single MLB team has had more first-round draft picks than the Phillies. Even including the supplemental compensation picks, they are tied for last in the number of picks before...

Yankees Lock Up the Best Catcher Available - Maybe


Was Brian McCann the best catcher on the free agent market? Maybe. Carlos Ruiz has fairly strong claim as well.

Birthday Bull: Remembering 19 as he celebrates 63


Greg Luzinski turns 63 today, and it's a good opportunity to remember how good he was in the mid-1970s.

30 Years of Phillies Top Ten Prospects Lists


We're coming up on the time of year when Top Ten prospect lists will be published for each farm system. Will the Phillies lists be topped by a player like Scott Rolen? or more like Brad Brink?...

Phillies Ranked 9th Most Valuable MLB Franchise


The median value of a MLB franchise has surpassed $800 million, and the Phillies are ranked 9th, at just over a billion dollars.

Open Thread: World Series Game 2, 10/24/2013


Game 2 pits John Lackey vs. Michael Wacha.


NLCS Game One Thread: LA at St Louis

Go Dodgers (this year)!

Phillies Links -- MAG, Beltran, Price, and more


First view of MAG, Price shopping (as well as Beltran), and Reggie Jackson accuses the Mets.

Phillies Stat Notes -- 2013 End of Season Edition


Final 2013 Phillies stats, and how they compare to 2012. Also: the NL continues to close the gap in interleague play, Phillies attendance by year, and the amazing feats of Mike Trout.

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