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Quick Reaction: Phillies 5, Nationals 3

The Phillies held on to even the series with several key two-out hits, and another solid performance from Jonathan Pettibone.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 24, 2013

Phillies team stats vs. last year, and vs. the Nationals. The Nats have struggled so far, particularly at the plate, where they've been worse than any team in the NL except for the lowly Marlins.

Rollins is Having a Better year than Michael Young

Michael Young has been better than many expected, while Jimmy Rollins is having another typical year for him. Which one has actually been a more valuable player to date?

Phillies Farm System Overview

A high-level overview of the key players in the Phillies' system, by position and level.

Just Spit Ballin' - It's the Phillies, Why Bother?

Was Alex Sanabia throwing spit balls in last night's win against the Phillies? Video seems to indicate that yes, indeed, he was.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 20, 2013

Comparing the Phils' team stats to last year and to the Marlins; Rollins looking to join exclusive company.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 17, 2013

At the season's 1/4 mark, how are the Phils doing on key team stats compared to last year, and compared to the Reds? Phils hitters among the leaders (few and far between), and chasing milestones, including the record for consecutive solo home runs.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 14, 2012

How are the Phils doing on key team stats, including team defense? Also Ryan Howard's plate "discipline", and Jimmy Rollins about to become the Phillie with 10th most RBIs and 7th most walks (!) in team history.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 9, 2013

Comparing Phillies stats with last year, and with the Diamondbacks. Also, tonight Charlie Manuel ties Gene Mauch for most games managed for the Phillies.

Phillies Stat Notes: May 6, 2013

How do the Phillies compare with how they did last year, and with the Giants?

Phillies Stat Notes: May 3, 2013

How do the Phillies compare in key stats vs. last year, and vs. the Marlins?

Indians re-claim Carrera; Oswalt to Rockies

Indiams claim Carrera off waivers.

Phillies: 2013 Milestones

If they stay healthy and perform at recent levels, many Phillies will continue climbing the team's career lists, and may even get to some targets that few in MLB history have reached.

Phillies Stat Notes: April 30, 2013

How are the Phillies doing on key stats compared to last year, and to the rest of the league. Also, Michael Young's hot start, and upcoming milestones for several Phillies.

Phillies Stat Notes - April 26th, 2013

Key Phillies stats for 2013: what are they doing better or worse than last year, and how do they compare with the Mets?

Can Freddy Galvis Hit a Little?

Freddy Galvis had a breakout year with the bat in 2011 which catapulted him from good-field (even dazzling)/no-hit shortstop to temporary Chase Utley fill-in and now versatile utility player. Was 2011 a fluke, or can Galvis be a useful MLB hitter?

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Erik Kratz

Erik Kratz provides a capable backup for Carlos Ruiz, both at the plate and behind it. The Phillies will need that, especially in the first 25 games while Chooch serves his suspension.

2013 Phillies Player Preview: Kevin Frandsen

Kevin Frandsen was a surprising bright spot for the 2012 Phillies. What can we expect from him in 2013?

Stat Notes: 3-Homer Games

There have been exactly 500 3-homer games in baseball history -- this reviews some of their history.

Overall Spring Training vs. Regular Season Stats

Pitchers and hitters are getting in shape and working on mechanics and swings, and managers often are more interested in seeing players in certain situations than they are in winning a game. How does all of this affect Spring Training statistics?

2013 Projections: NL East Standings

The various projections for 2013 all translate to the same order of finish in the NL East.

2013 Projections Part III: Steamer and Oliver

Two more sets of 2013 projections have been published -- how optimistic are they about the Phillies?

Papelbon Used Toradol in Boston

Papelbon was administered the controversial pain killer in Boston, but was told by the Phillies to stop using it when signed as a free agent.

Jimmy Rollins and the Hall of Fame

Jimmy Rollins has played excellent defense at a premium position, while also compiling some impressive counting stats -- will that be enough to warrant serious consideration for the Hall of Fame?

Braves acquire Justin Upton

The Phillies' job got a bit tougher as the Braves improved themselves by adding one of the best young outfielders in baseball.

Can the Phillies win 95 games this year?

The Phillies are just two seasons removed from winning 102 games. How well would they have to play in 2013 to win 95 and contend for the division crown?

Hall of Fame Voting: Published vs. Secret Ballots

Only some of Hall of Fame ballots have been made public, but those point up stark differences between both published and secret ballots, and also among the published ballots between those who voted for alleged PED users, and those who didn't.

Phillies: Post All-Star break success and 2013

The Phillies played at a 95-win pace in the second half of 2012. Why did they improve so much after the all-star break, and can we expect that improvement to continue in 2013?

Phillies batting splits - NL rankings and vs. 2011

How good were the Phillies vs. lefties, or in late and close situations? Some surprising results.

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