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Tyler goes off in win


He's strung together a couple nice games and done it efficiently. Hope someone doesn't swoop him up. I'd like to have him around for summer league at least to see if this is real progress. I think getting shipped to ATL really lit a fire under him.

Jeremy Tyler Waived By Hawks


Should we pick him back up? Can we? Dont know the rules...


In Defense of the Defenseless

It is a Sisyphean task to defend the Warriors team or individual defense, and knowing the success of Sisyphus, I will avoid defending the defense. But as my timeline burned with the acerbic...

Remember this dude? Steinmetz speculated he'd never see the NBA...


The Warriors have made second-round pick Ognjen Kuzmic an offer to play in the NBA next season. El 9 Read more at

Chris Wright named D League player of week


Good to see a former Dub doin well. Hope he lands somewhere.

Jalen Rose Podcast - talks about Dubs after abt 15min mark


Pretty cool to hear about Dubs on a national podcast. Sounds like Jacoby is a FAN!

Dom McGuire gets another shot


Picked up by the Hornets. Happy for him. He'll get some burn there too.

J Tyler was game hi +23 but only scored 5 pts...anybody see the game?


Led the team in TO's and had 5 fouls... Anyone see this gem??? That is a strange line.

His career arc so far is impressive, intriguing, and entertaining. Not sure the Suns will pose a...


His career arc so far is impressive, intriguing, and entertaining. Not sure the Suns will pose a real threat to Dubs this year, but worth considering the impact Dragic will have on his squad.

Players that we want back: Andrew Bogut


Article by K Dwyer on Bogut's pending return.

How about Leon Powe


We can't get Landry or AK47, I'd rather have Leon than Shelden Williams or some scrub. Plus Leon would be quite affordable and there'd be no concern about lux tax. Leon is all about Defense, heart, and hard work. If it doesn't work out, Dubs can make a play ahead of the trade deadline.

Cool Article on Quincy Acy


Perhaps an option for Dubs if they hold onto 2nd rd. picks

Odom leaning towards Knicks


For those hoping Odom might consider Warriors, sounds like his sights are set on NY. Which makes sense given the whole Lamar Kardashian thing.


Surveying the FA landscape at PF and C

The GSOM community, up in arms about posts about PGs, need not wait any longer. Vote your big after the jump and post follow up comments too.


Surveying FA Landscape at PG

We clearly need to bolster the back court with a veteran type guy that can play meaningful minutes next season. Who should it be? I've posted all the available PGs in the 2012 FA class and added...

Foyle being considered for GM role in Orlando


Love former Warrior Adonal Foyle and wish him the best. Not sure how good of a GM he will be, but I do wish he was a part of our organization in some capacity (although def not as GM!).

Discontent in Utah - Raja Bell unhappy w Jazz


Love to see other teams in the Western Conf struggling in any way as a Dubs fan. I also think Warrriors should give Raja Bell a long look this off season. If he can be had at a good price, I would applaud bringing him back here and having him actually play for us this time. We need veteran leadership in the back court and his defense first approach could help out the youngsters. Seems like a Mark Jackson kind of guy too - no excuses. Thoughts?

Oden gives candid interview


We like to dissect basketball in a vacuum, often failing to account for the real personal and human struggles happening in the background (Biedrins may or may not fall into this category btw). I hope Oden can rehab and get some games under his belt before his window closes. And if he is healthy, I sure hope the Warriors are lined up to give him a reasonably priced shot.

Andrew Bogut vs. Dwight Howard


Anecdotal at best misleading at worst. But ammo for drama no doubt! Have at it! Here is vs Horford vs. Bynum vs T Chandler vs Al Jefferson EDIT: What I think is notable about these comparisons is that aside from Dwight, he measures up to his opponent in nearly every instance. In other words, he seemingly neutralizes the impact of the other top centers when playing against them. I will be happy when the W's aren't losing games because we were outmatched at the 5 spot. Obviously wins is hard to use as a measuring stick since its a team game but rebounding, scoring, and blocking etc. tell an interesting story. Not drinking the kool aid, just sharing...

How about Hamady N'Diaye?


Worth picking up to see if he has some room to grow? 7 foot C who is young and defensive minded. Didn't make the cut on an awful Wiz team, but they have issues beyond the record. Our season is basically over so why not start tyler and back him up with this guy? Worth a shot? He'll come cheap.

Kupchak may be leaving Lakers


Fire Larry Riley, bring in Kupchak? Might not be in the plans with Bob Meyers being the young heir apparent. Anyone know what kind of relationship Jerry West ahs with Kupchak? Could be the deciding factor... I'd welcome Kupchak with open arms.

They called it the best game of his career. No value judgement by me.


They called it the best game of his career. No value judgement by me.


David Lee is Not the Problem he is Made Out to be

David Lee received a 6 year $80mm contract when he signed with the Dubs. Many (of the Steinmetz disciples) have expressed outrage at the signing and claim it has hindered us in making the big moves...

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