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Loyal Broncos fan since 1975. South Stands season ticket holder 1977-1988. Moved to FL........

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Is it me?

Starting to get nervous about the playoff. Am I over reacting? Prater scares me. What is up with him. Looks like he is kicking knuckle balls Holliday better learn to hang onto the ball H...

NFL Ticket on PS3


Just an FYI, Die hards are now able to watch on the PS3 Cost is the same as DirectTV subscription $330 I think The only reason I got DirecTV was the nfl ticket. Now I need to rethink this as I have a PS3 and am paying almost $100 a month on the subscription.


2011 win odds from national football post article

Broncos over!    safer bet than the stock market   Orton between the 20's and Tebow in the Red Zone


Which AFC West team looks like they have improved the most?

So which AFC West team has improved the most and which team has been hit hardest by free agency. Strength of schedule according to ESPN KC, Denver and SD all are tied at #3 with the opponents...

Hillis we miss you!


Hillis we miss you!


So who so far makes the team?

If we can trade Stokely and or Lloyd that would be great.    I don't  know enough about the olsen twins on who makes it or not.      Some positions are a little short.  Let me know your thoughts...

Preseaon Game 2: Broncos vs. Lions Stats


Here is a nice record of the game last night. Has everything you need in one place.


Directv NFL Sunday Ticket & Projector question.

Bought a new 50 in  plasma  at the begining of 2010 after my 65 inch rear projection Hitachi died after 15 years of loyal service (RIP).  I had to replace my regular receiver with an HD and...


These ESPN projection number don't add up

You would think they would validate the numbers so they at least add up


Things to Ponder for 2010

While I don't fancy myself as an expert by any means....... From a Defensive perspective. Who we will miss: Andra Davis and his run stopping skills (not sure why he was released) and Vonnie...


Good news! I have been released from the mental hospital

Ok,  I feel much better now that the draft is over.   Sorry for the negative comments.  Please forgive me.


Marshall & our 1st round for the 3rd pick in the draft?

I live in tampa and heard on the radio today that the broncos are trying to get the Bucs 3rd overall pick.  The offer is our 1st round pick and Marshall.   I think both teams win in that scenario. ...


Brian Dawkins interviewed by Marc Benarzyk

I have been taking a vacation from MileHighReport, but I heard a good interview you might be interested in. Here is a link to an interview with B Dawk down in Orlando.   Marc Benarzyk is a great...


Who cares about Marshall's record? Not me

I could care a less about the Marshall record today.  The more people that are involved in catching the ball the better the offense will be.   Not sure why our Young Jedi is allowing Orton to do...


Tim Crowder Update

Just thought I would give everyone a heads up on how Tim Crowder is doing.   He had 5 total tackles in the game against Carolina.    He looks a lot better than Gaines Adams and I just don't...


Time to eat a little crow

Below is my post right after the draft.   Kind of funny to look back at some of the comments.   Are you brave enough to find your post from April's Draft and grade it now..


Any Surprises here from the rookies

Top preseason rookie tacklers Rank Player Team Pos Total Solo Ast Sacks 1 Nic Harris BUF LB 32 18 14 1 2 Scott McKillop SF LB 28 22 6 0 2 Gerald...


Updated Depth Chart 9/7/09

Looks like they just updated the Broncos Depth Chart again.                             It will be interesting to see if Moss makes it.  What a game yesterday.  Thank goodness for the...


thoughts on the Pre-Season "3 and out Baby"

The preseason is over and I have to admit I am impressed with what I have seen.    I am not saying it will be a great year, but we are moving in the right direction.   Nice Job by Josh and the...


anyone interested in some Fantasy Football

Still have a few openings for the league   Well,  since I have not seen any unoffical fantasy leagues I thought I would make one.   I used Yahoo.   20 teams  Please feel free to join if you are a...


Official Internet Slang Dictionary for MHR posts

  Ok,  I know we have some serious talent when it comes to writng psts.   I was hoping we could come to some sort of standard with Text Slang.    Feel Free to add your creative terms.        S...


If all else fails........

I think it might be time for us to start looking at new uniforms.   That seemed to get us over the Super Bowl hump last time.   What ever design we use it should be intimidating to the oposition...


Bears QB Jay Cutler completes first 12 passes in 7-on-7 drills

Well he did not take long to get comfortable.    We miss you JC! We're keeping an eye on Jay Cutler during his first Bears training camp.Ho-hum day: Nothing too spectacular from Cutler on Day 3....

Clady top lineman in AFC west


seems like ESPN is drinking the cool aid now! there are a coupleof Broncos


is it destiny

  Not sure who is the guru on merging two logo's, but it looks like the Patriot head will fit onto the Broncos horse.   We should have seen this coming.    Also at the bottom is the new Lions...


My first round mock draft

I read that the majority of the teams 1-10 are trying to trade down.   Should be a fun draft!        1 Matthew Stafford Detroit 2 Jason Smith St. Louis ...


I did not need this

Wow the only promising thing we had going is now gone.   Ok if we trade Cutler to Detroit for their 2 first round picks could we then turn around and trade the number 1 pick to Philly for their 2...

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