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From a post:

"I’ll say to anyone anytime anywhere who I root for:

for beavers
against ducks
for PAC
for UCLA and Utah
occasionally Cal

pretty much in that order

Maybe I should put it in my profile or something."

So here it is :) Oh, and WSU is cool too.

A Fan Of...

  • NCAAF Oregon St. Beavers
  • NCAAB Oregon St. Beavers
User Blog

We should be thankful for Mike Riley.

It's amazing, but Coach Riley and his staff have come under significant fire lately. This is ridiculous. Some fans don't realize how lucky we are to have coaches of their caliber leading the...


Why The Beaver Win Was Better Than The Duck Win

We've heard a lot about the quackers and how they rolled Tennessee, but to me it's a yawn. I mean, let's be real: Oregon had better players, a better scheme, and the homefield advantage. In that...

Canzano article full of truth

Pretty much every paragraph is spot-on. Fanoverboard was ahead of his time!


Prepare for more of the same

Here we are after our second home loss to an FCS school in three years, clamoring for change. At least I hope most of us are clamoring for change, because Saturday's game was the worst defensive...

Jim Rome retweets a Bruin's take on Alford

The sports commentator's odd pic reminded a Bruin of the basketball coach:

@jimrome Looking at that gave me the same feeling as when I first learned Steve Alford was our new head coach #UCLA

— Bruin Doc (@_drallen) August 9, 2013

Trivia time!

Hey Bruins! It's time for Scotty Trivia! Today's question: What do these schools have in common? ArizonaAlabamaAuburnCal State FullertonConnecticutDukeFloridaFresno StateKansasKentuckyLouisiana...

Bill Walton has Good Feet!

I live in Oregon and have been seeing these commercials on TV lately. Reminded me of you guys :)

Steve Alford 2003 Interview

The interview talked about in Bernstein's article has been made available by CBS.


Why an Outsider is Interested in UCLA

Heya Bruins Nation, Some of you might recognize me as your regularly-visiting OSU Beaver. To those of you who don't, well... I'm a regularly-visiting OSU Beaver. I started visiting frequently...


The Mike Riley Alamo Bowl Checklist

1) Bike tour of San Antonio 2) Pal around with Mack Brown. Exchange fluffy, meaningless pleasantries 3) Put gimpy QB in as starter 4) Watch gimpy QB throw bonehead interception 5) Chew...


Why do we bother?

I find myself asking this question more and more. Why do I follow the football team and care even one bit? I don't understand. Every year we get our hopes up because dammit wewerethisclose the...

How a Real AD Handles His Business

From CougCenter: WSU Athletic Director Bill Moos had a plan, a vision, and now the Cougars are starting to reap the rewards. National attention, an amped fanbase, and increased donations have already come to Washington State, even before any wins have. Take notes, UCLA admin!


Husky Jokes!

C'mon guys, it's Apple Cup week!  Where are the Husky jokes?  Heck, a Husky came over and FanShot-ed the Cougar joke page at UW Dawg Pound!  Step it up, Cougs!   To get things rolling, I'll...


Why Beavers are better than Ducks (and vice-versa) - 2011

Once again, it's Civil War time, and people across our great state will be debating the Beavers and Ducks.  Here is some, uh, completely objective data so you can compare and contrast! Top ten...



Looking for an extra dose of fun while watching the Beavs take on the Utes this weekend?  Look no further than BEAVER BINGO! It works just like regular bingo.  When something on the card happens...

OSU Pioneer Square fight song routine

OSU Pioneer Square fight song routine


Pac-12 Coaching Discrimination!

I was thinking about Pac-12 football and stumbled upon an ugly, ugly realization.  I know the Pac is a generally progressive conference, but consider our coaches: Jon Embree Dennis Erickson Chip...


Desired Victory of the Future!

All Beavers want to win the Civil War, but other than giving our neighbors to the south the beating they so richly deserve, which remaining game most fills you with hunger for a victory?  Sure we...

Coach Whittingham on Jim Rome Show

Hi Utes, I didn't see any mention of this on here, so I thought I'd pass it along. (Sorry if I just missed it and it was already shared!)


Where's the Beaver on Duck Schadenfreude?

By now, I'm sure we've all heard about our "feathered friends'" recruiting scandal concerning their football program.  It's been all over the sports news, and I even took a moment to see the...

Looks like the Duckies are following in Mastoli's tradition

This ranks just above the golf cart on the "lame crime" scale. Way to represent the state to the ESPN crew: "A pair of Oregon Duck fans face felony theft charges for ripping off an oversized mascot head of college football analyst Lee Corso during Saturday’s Civil War in Corvallis, state police said Monday."


Who Killed the Season? A Beaver Football Mystery

September, 2010.  It was lining up to be a good season of Beaver football.  A few months later, we have a 5-7 team that's put in dismal performances.  Who is responsible?  Who killed the...

More Hate!!!

I think this author has it right on. This is why Beavs must prevail. Can't have any over-inflated heads around here.


Why the Beavers are better than the Ducks... and vice-versa

It's Civil War week, and people across our great state will be comparing and contrasting the Beavers and the Ducks. To make things easier, here are the facts, and you can decide for yourself. Top...


Please please PLEASE beat the Huskies!

Greetings from Beaver Nation, Cougs!  Even with the recent 38-0 stomping the Trees gave us and the Civil War coming up, we have not forgotten our buddies to the north (that would be you.)  And we...


Tonight's Game Brought to You by the Letter F

We all know that the report card for the massacre Stanford game has nothing but F's.  Nothing even came close to an A.  Or a B.  In fact, as I said in the game thread, we should forfeit all...


I used to hate Boise State.

I hate the blue turf.  I hate the arrogant fans.  I hate the hits from the defense I perceived as cheap in certain games.  I hate how you can win out in a season packed with teams other...

OSU > U of O!

"Enrollment at OSU surged by 8.2 percent to 23,761. That gives the Corvallis campus almost 400 more students than the UO, at 23,389." We win! We win!

State of Oregon Owns the Trojans - A Retrospective

Hey there, love-hated Ducks! Inspired by our home field dominance over U$C, I wrote a piece reviewing the history of Trojan beatdowns in our state. Enjoy :)

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