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Gamethread 2


If Jake Dunning can't save us I just don't know what else to do. Also, Dunning looks like he is taking grooming tips from Lincecum and that is just never a good idea.

DoomThread 2


Go to Coors Field, they said. It will be fun, they said. You will get lots of hits they said.

Gamethread 2


What do you mean "totally forgot about you"? We have lives outside of you!

Game Thread 3



Game Thread 4/9 Two


Another day of Arroyo slopping his way thru the Giants lineup. And someone needs to let Timmy know you don't have to pitch to contact that ends up bouncing off the Bay Bridge.

Gamethread 2


I hope those of you that are watching the Fox broadcast are not doing so willingly. If you are being held hostage blink 24 times and help will be sent.

Gamethread 2.


Hudson turning in the best start of the staff! APRIL FOO...wait. This is what I was picturing when he became a free agent. Good job, Giants.

Gamethread 3


The third if you will.

Opening Day Gamethread II - Attack of the Grits


That run scored by Crawford was by far the scariest run scored this season by the Giants. In 2014.


Senior Circus Pokeymans Lists

So here we are, another year, another run at 8 of us beating up on one another for no prize! BASEBALL! Here is my team: /swingsatHBP C - Jarrod Saltalamacchia 1B - Joey Votto 2B - Chase Utley ...

Barves Game Thread 2


I am more at ease because it was not a 5-0 lead.

Buster Posey Thread 2


Buster Posey? Buster Posey. BUSTER POSEY.

GameThread 2

Kevin Frandsen? Kevin Frandsen.

Beat LA Thread 2

Sweep LA.


They have come back from worse. Almost there.

Open Home Run Derby Thread


I mean Gamethread 3.

Gamethread 2


Holy crap I could barely load the first GDT. Just in time for the start of the game: GAMETHREAD 2

A Good Day to GameThread 2


Somewhere there is a team portrait of the Padres getting more exciting.


Hey, sometimes you just run into the Ian Kennedy buzz saw.

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