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Gamethread 2


Holy crap I could barely load the first GDT. Just in time for the start of the game: GAMETHREAD 2

A Good Day to GameThread 2


Somewhere there is a team portrait of the Padres getting more exciting.


Hey, sometimes you just run into the Ian Kennedy buzz saw.

Gamethread as well


New ballgame deserves new thread.

Gamethread 4/22 too


Clean the grit from your eyes, and score some runs. (Applicable to Giants only)

Gamethread 2 4/17


Tie Game! Progress!

GameThread 3, The Lead Nibbling.


Seems like Zito started this game yesterday.

A Fish Called Game Thread 4/14 II

Edwin Jackson a legend. Someone should draw Timmy a diagram of the strike zone.

Open Gamethread 4/7 III


So, that ring ceremony was nice.


NO, THIS IS TOTALLY COOL, GUYS. Now seems like a good time for a new thread.

4/2 Overflow Gameday Thread


A moment of silence for Yu Darvish's almost perfect game. Who cares! BEAT LA!

Open Super Bowl Thread IV

The Kaepernicking. The penalties and near delay of games may give me a stroke.

Open Super Bowl Thread III

Don't worry guys, this power outage is nothing but a boon for the 49ers! Also I am still new to this so we don't get a picture.

Plunk Everyone - win percentages for position players


"So anyway, below is the top 10 list for each team, by which players had the best win percentages when they were in the starting lineup. The data is from 1920 to 2011, and a player needed to make at least 500 starts for the team to be included here. Also included is the number of times the player got hit by a pitch for that team, which is obviously a crucial piece of information." Giants Rank Player Win Pct HBP 1 Dave Bancroft .615 (323-202) 9 2 Ross Youngs .596 (561-380) 37 3 Frankie Frisch .590 (553-384) 13 4 Frank Snyder .586 (335-237) 6 5 Travis Jackson .584 (925-659) 10 6 George Kelly .583 (592-424) 23 7 Jose Pagan .577 (340-249) 8 8 Irish Meusel .577 (420-308) 14 9 Monte Irvin .575 (328-242) 23 10 Bill Terry .575 (903-668) 9

Minor League Rundown's Top 20 Giants Prospects


1) Brandon Belt, 1st (AAA, Majors) 2) Gary Brown, CF (High A) 3) Eric Surkamp, LHP (AA, Majors) 4) Joe Panik, SS (Short-Season A) 5) Tommy Joseph, C (High A) 6) Fransisco Peguero, OF (Low A, AA) 7) Jarrett Parker, RF (High A) 8) Ehire Adrianza, SS (Low A, High A) 9) Andrew Susac, C (Yet to Debut) 10) Heath Hembree, RHP (High A, AA) 11) Jesus Galindo, OF (Short-Season A) 12) Josh Osich, LHP (Yet to Debut) 13) Kyle Crick, RHP (Rookie League) 14) Michael Kickham, LHP (Low A) 15) Seth Rosin, RHP (Low A) 16) Clayton Blackburn, RHP (Rookie League) 17) Charlie Culberson, 2nd (AA) 18) Joan Gregorio, RHP (Rookie League) 19) Bryce Bandilla, LHP (Yet to Debut) 20) Joe Staley, C (Short-Season A)

Feds drop remaining charges against Bonds


Important Parts: "Federal prosecutors on Wednesday dropped all the remaining charges against Barry Bonds, days after a judge upheld the slugger’s conviction on an obstruction of justice count." "Bonds faces a maximum of 10 years in prison, though federal guidelines recommend a sentence of 15 to 21 months."

Beyond the Box Score - Graphing the Manny High Five Double Play. Wherein, Manny caught a fly ball...

Beyond the Box Score - Graphing the Manny High Five Double Play. Wherein, Manny caught a fly ball he had no business catching, ran up the outfield wall, high fived a fan, then threw out the runner trying desperately trying to return to first base. What does this have to do with the Giants? That base runner doubled off by impossible odds? Aubrey Huff.

Zito is 6th best No. 5 Starter in NL - Beyond the Box Score


6. Barry Zito, San Francisco He's making $18.5 million, which is outrageous for a No. 5 starter, but that doesn't make him worthless. You know he's good for 190+ innings, which has value, and at this point he projects as a 2 WAR pitcher. Most teams would take that from a fifth starter.

Beyond the Box Score: Could Barry Bonds Still Make a Comeback


Pretty good write up, wondering if he could return. No talk or mention of a possible collusion though.

Who Gets The Scoop? Major League Reporters Ranked. This ranks reporters by the most stories they...


Who Gets The Scoop? Major League Reporters Ranked. This ranks reporters by the most stories they broke first and were correct about this offseason, with a minimum of 2. Link


Happy Holidays from the Scout6 House

I am going to be out until late Saturday, so I just wanted to pass on all the greatest holiday wishes to everyone here at MCC.

Ken Tremendous Speaks of the Fired Joe Morgan


Q: FireJoeMorgan.com was obviously was a big part of your life for a while, and you finally got your wish. What'd you think when you heard about it? A: Well, you know, honestly, it wasn't really my wish. And I think I speak for the other guys who did the site. We never, after a very, very brief amount of time, we realized that we had named our site incorrectly. Because it wasn't really about Joe Morgan. He obviously came to represent a certain kind of person in baseball, a kind of announcer who preferred traditional, old-timey ways to the new-fangled ways. But you know, I've been asked to comment a lot about him being fired in a way that suggests... people assume that I would be gloating or something. And I don't wish any... we never wished any ill favor to the man. We never wanted anything bad to happen to him. That's why it was a terrible name for a website. It really didn't represent what we were trying to do.

Giants World Series Share: $317K


"The Giants voted 50 full shares to members of the team and other personnel. They also voted 9.89 partial shares and five cash awards, according to a statement from MLB."

New Hall Of Fame Ballot


New committee will meet at the Winter Meetings. A 16-member electorate, which includes eight former players, four executives and four baseball writers, will do the voting; anyone that receives votes on 75 percent of the ballots will be inducted in the Hall of Fame in July 2011. The results will be announced on Dec. 6 at 10 a.m. ET. On the ballot: Ted Simmons, Al Oliver, Vida Blue, Tommy John, Ron Guidry, Dave Concepcion, Steve Garvey and Rusty Staub, former manager Billy Martin and former executives Marvin Miller, George Steinbrenner and Pat Gillick.

Huff Wants to Return


"Oh, absolutely, without question," Huff said. "I won a World Series here. I've been in last place my whole life. I won a World Series. The fans are crazy. You'd be an idiot not to want to come back here. I love it. I've been on five different teams. I liked them but I didn't love them. I love this place."

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