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John Hollinger's grade of the deal


Golden State: D+ Golden State gets the better player in Jefferson, and he may help them with their playoff run. But wait, aren't they trying to tank? Wasn't that half the reason for the Monta Ellis trade? My brain hurts. At any rate, this is a bad trade for completely different reasons -- Jefferson has one more year left than Jackson, one in which he makes $11 million. Having already taken themselves out of the free-agent race in 2012 with the original trade for Jackson two days ago, the Warriors now have punted on 2013 by taking on Jefferson; add an extension in the $10 million range for Stephen Curry and they're capped out with Curry, Jefferson, David Lee, Andris Biedrins and Andrew Bogut, and they've already used their amnesty. By 2013-14 the Warriors are likely to be swashbuckling with the luxury tax, and that will be a much more punitive monster that season than it is now. All this might make sense if they were locking in a championship contender, but they've basically committed long-term to a fairly uninspiring nucleus. The absolute best-case scenario is that they're the West Coast Atlanta Hawks. They also got a first-rounder from San Antonio, but it will be a very late one in all likelihood. Plus, nobody pays $11 million for first-round picks. Well, except Cleveland I guess.

Jackson for Jefferson + 1st round pick


@gswscribe SOURCE: The Warriors have landed a first-round pick. Golden State is sending Stephen Jackson, who the Warriors just acquired from Milwaukee, to San Antonio for small forward Richard Jefferson and a conditional first-round pick.

What to make of Ellis-Bogut trade


John Hollinger on the trade but its insider only...anyone have it?

A little break from the trade rumors but an interesting +/- stat about Udoh and Lee playing together


"Udoh remains a pillar of strength at rim protection and is a perfect complement to power forward David Lee, who has always been an offensive juggernaut and defensive liability. According to's StatsCube, Golden State is minus-7.3 points per 36 minutes when Lee is on the court without Udoh, minus-3.5 points per 36 when Udoh plays without Lee, and plus-8.7 points per 36 when they are teamed together." From's power rankings

ESPN 5 on 5: Here's how to deal five teams in


5. What trade should the Warriors make? Adande: Monta Ellis to the Hornets for Emeka Okafor. If the Warriors want to get bigger and more defensive-oriented under Mark Jackson while moving Monta's contract, here's a way to do it. Foster: Monta Ellis to the Utah Jazz for Al Jefferson. The Warriors would finally have the legitimate center they've been yearning for and a resolution to the backcourt dilemma between Ellis and Steph Curry. On Utah's end, it would be clearing playing time for Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter and have the backcourt scoring option it desperately needs. Koremenos: Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins and Golden State's first-round picks in 2012 and 2014 to Orlando for Dwight Howard and Chris Duhon. Extension or not, Golden State should roll the dice on Howard. The Warriors have a nice collection of wing players who can spread the floor, a productive 4 in David Lee who can stretch the floor to 20 feet and a dynamic young point guard in Curry. This move will make or break this franchise going forward. If the gamble pays off and Howard signs an extension, the Warriors will find themselves in the upper tier of the Western Conference for quite some time. Krolik: Andrew Bynum for the trade exception, Steph Curry, Kwame Brown and Dorell Wright. The Warriors now have a franchise center, a solid point guard, a great young shooting guard who actually scores efficiently, plays defense and does the little things, and are free of the horrors of Monta Ellis' shot selection, aversion to passing, turnovers, and anti-defense. If they really want to make an extreme culture change, they need an extreme personnel change, and this would be it. Young: Monta Ellis and Ekpe Udoh to Indiana for Roy Hibbert and Paul George. It's time to move Ellis. I'm sure it's tough to do because the Warriors see him as a star player because of his scoring ability and aren't going to get equal return. Still, it's time to hand the team over to Stephen Curry. Would the Pacers give up their big man for Ellis? Probably not, but the Warriors want a sizable 5 who can score. Next to Dwight Howard and Andrew Bynum, Hibbert's the next best thing. What do you guys think?? Are they even doable?

From Sports Illustrated's Power Rankings...


20.Golden State Warriors (13-17) The Warriors' have the makings of a phenomenal team. Center Ekpe Udoh and guard Stephen Curry are their most fundamentally sound players. During the 217 minutes they've played together, Golden State is plus-20.2 points per 36 minutes. And if you add Brandon Rush, Monta Ellis and David Lee to that duo, they have thrashed opponents 111 to 64 during the nearly 44 minutes they have played together. The problem is the lack of joint playing time. Udoh is averaging only 20.1 minutes a game (although that number is steadily climbing) and Curry has been beset by injuries most of the season. By the way, the above-mentioned quintet are all signed through at least the end of next season with the exception of Rush, who can be secured for the $4.1 million qualifying offer.

Bill Simmons take on the signing of Kwame Brown


"Golden State struck out with Marc Gasol, Nene, Tyson Chandler, tried to overpay DeAndre Jordan (four years, $43 million), then settled on a one-year, $7 million deal for the immortal Kwame Brown. I'm not sure if "settling" is a strong enough word, to be honest. If the newly single Ashton Kutcher spent the night talking to Scarlett Johansson, Elizabeth Olsen, and Blake Lively, threw the kitchen sink at Kaley Cuoco and went home with a portly cocktail waitress, I don't think we would use the word "settling." That's basically what happened here." Also when talking about the moves he like: "Charlotte snared one of my favorite under-the-radar guys for $5 million over two years: Reggie Williams, a gamer and long-range sniper (2010-11: 42.3 percent 3-point FG) who toiled in obscurity for a lousy Warriors team last season."

Clippers bet big on DeAndre Jordan


There’s no way around it: DeAndre Jordan is overpaid now that the Clippers have matched Golden State’s offer sheet for the 23-year-old center and agreed to pay him $43 million over the next four seasons — about $10.75 million per year, not including a trade kicker. Jordan will earn only about $500,000 and $1 million less than Joakim Noah and Al Horford, players who had emerged as All-Stars or borderline All-Stars on good teams before they signed their first big NBA deals. As for the Warriors, folks are understandably confused about what they did here, unless they had a diabolical plan to compromise the Clippers’ future cap space. The Jordan offer sheet cost them the one-time-only amnesty chance, which they used to wipe put Charlie Bell’s $4 million expiring contract and free up space for Jordan — even though they had to know the Clippers would almost certainly match their offer. In related news, Biedrins remains on the books at $9 million per season for the next three years. Golden State had about $11 million in cap space to work with, and the potential to use it in sign-and-trade transactions. But it just spent some $7 million of it on Kwame Brown, a shaky deal we’ll address shortly.

Lineup Optimization: Which coaches distribute minutes so that their most productive five-man units play the most?


Somewhat similar to the last fanshot, except this article analyzes the allocation of minutes to the most productive 5 man units instead of the most productive players. However, Keith Smart did not so do in this area, coming up as 40th out of 45 coaches based on all the coaches that have worked since 2007-2008. This stat used is "the correlation between minutes played and weighted Net Rating for each unit of each team." Keith Smart has a correlation of -0.026 compared to Doc Rivers and Phil Jackson who lead the list with a correlation of 0.876 and 0.844 respectively, Another interesting thing of note is that Don Nelson comes in at 16th (mainly because of the season in 2007-2008 where he had a correlation of 0.709 compared to his next best of -0.020)

Which coaches do the best job at distributing minutes so that the most productive players log the most time?


And coming in at #11 is the Warriors with a 48.2% Minute per game correlation to Wins Produced per 48 minutes... for those curious the top 5 are Philadelphia, Chicago, San Antonio, Miami and Memphis

Exercises In Futility:The 50 Worst NBA Rotation Players, 50-41


Hardwoodparoxysm is counting down the 50 worst rotation players. Coming in at number 48..... Andris Biedrins C, Golden State Warriors At age 22, Andris Biedrins averaged 11.9 points and 11.2 rebounds a game. He was too skinny to defend post-up players, but he did everything else big men had to do and had an excellent motor. If you watched him for a few possessions, battling against stronger players and finishing with ease, it was easy to overlook his grotesque free throw stroke. Now, at 25, he is coming off a season where he registered a PER of 12.1 in 59 games. A season where his team performed significantly worse at both ends with him on the court. We hoped he would bounce back after his disappointing 33-game campaign the year before, but he didn’t. We hoped the departure of Don Nelson would end his confidence issues, but it didn’t. If we’re going by recent performance, Biedrins should be way, way higher on this list. He’s not scaring anyone on defense and, in addition to not having any offensive game away from the rim, he’s afraid of being sent to the foul line. He remains near the bottom of these rankings because it’s possible that his fall from grace has been more about injuries than anything else. According to Golden State GM Larry Riley, he’s excited about the game and healthy again. Perhaps this means next season he can play with the energy he used to. If Tyson Chandler can return to form at 28, Biedrins can at 25, right? …Right? — JH

Who are the league's best finishers at the rim?


According to Hoopdata, these are the players who scored best at the rim in the 2010-2011 season. They are ranked by field goal percentage, with minimums of 20 games played, and three attempts at the rim per game. Three Warriors make the list with Monta comes in at 28th with 69% on 298 makes. David Lee was 35th shooting 67.1% with 247 makes and Dorell Wright was 44th with 66.5% shooting on 169 makes . For those curious Kevin Durant is 1st with 77.2% on 217 makes.

Chris Mullin's "portrait" from ESPN


Chris Mullin's "portrait" from ESPN 2011 Free Agency: Team-by-team salary picture

TEAMS ON THE BUBBLE Golden State Warriors The Warriors dream of finding a talented two-way big man to pair with the rest of their powerful offense, and they are on the books for about $51 million, assuming a rookie-scale deal for Klay Thompson and some other minor things. A cap around $58 million probably puts them out of the running for a major player; a number in the low-$60 million range puts the Warriors in the game. Losing Andris Biedrins’ $9 million salary through an amnesty clause would do the same, but ditching Charlie Bell’s $4.1 million expiring deal might do the trick and carry a much lower sunk cost. This is a team to watch.

Truth & Rumors: Mullin as new Blazers GM?


Oregonian columnist John Canzano tweets: "NBA source tells me the Blazers have explored Chris Mullin as a possibility in the GM search."

In this free-agent class, big men (not big names) rule


Of these top free agents, which would you like to see the warriors pursue the most? How about who we have the best chance at getting? Im tempted to make a play at Greg Oden and think we might be able to get him but but health is such a big issue... List from the article 10. DeAndre Jordan 9. Yao Ming 8. JR Smith 7. Greg Oden 6. Jamal Crawford 5. Kris Humphries 4. Marc Gasol 3. Tyson Chandler 2. David West 1. Nene

Two lifelines keeping Ellis in Golden State....for now


Golden State's new coach may have something to say about the team's roster. The Warriors have fielded numerous calls about Monta Ellis, and seem to be cautiously open to discussing the star guard's desire for a change of scenery. Such efforts have become increasingly difficult since the hiring of Mark Jackson as coach. Jackson wants to coach Ellis, and has become well aware that he has emerged as owner Joe Lacob's favorite player on the team. ... A recent conversation between the Warriors and Lakers centered around Lamar Odom and Shannon Brown going to Golden State for Ellis, but those talks went nowhere, sources said. The Bulls would become involved if they were willing to part with Joakim Noah, and Chicago executives have consistently balked at including him in trade talks for the past year.

Painting the NBA trade picture


Interesting 3 way trade suggestion by Bill Simmons (If you click on the link at the top is the explanation of the money next to everyone's name) TRADE NO. 20: Minnesota gets Monta Ellis (50 cents); Memphis gets the no. 2 pick (50 cents), the no. 11 pick (25 cents), Jonny Flynn (dime), and Martell Webster (nickel); Golden State gets Rudy Gay (silver dollar). Final tally: Minnesota (65 cents out, 50 cents in); Memphis ($1.00 out, 90 cents in); Golden State (75 cents out, $1.00 in). Minnesota flips the no. 2 pick into one of the best scorers in basketball (and a 2-guard, something they desperately need), giving them a nucleus of Love, Rubio, Ellis, and Johnson going forward. Golden State uses its no. 11 pick to solve their Curry/Ellis dilemma and brings in one of the best all-around players in basketball (someone who blossomed last year before his season-ending injury). And Memphis just spent March, April, and May realizing that (a) it didn't need Gay to compete with the big boys, and (b) it's better off spending eight figures a year on Marc Gasol than Gay, simply because the Gasol/Randolph duo was the heart of last year's playoff run. This deal allows them to re-sign Gasol and Shane Battier, collect two more assets (Williams at no. 2, then maybe they draft the Lithuanian Guy at 11 and stash him abroad for the year), and take a flier on Flynn as their backup. Everybody wins. Seriously, I can't figure out who says no to this one.


Rumor: Warriors now interested in Jimmer

I was watching ESPN's draft preview and Andy Katz mentioned that if the Warriors first couple prospects were not on the board then we would be interested in drafting Jimmer. I was wondering if...

John Hollinger, Jonas Valanciunas. The Lithuanian center has a lot of similar...


John Hollinger, Jonas Valanciunas. The Lithuanian center has a lot of similar characteristics to Andris Biedrins in terms of build and statistical profile, except he's taller and makes his foul shots. It's easy to forget now, but three years ago Biedrins was really good. Waiting a year to buy Valunciunas out shouldn't be a big problem for a rebuilding team in the top seven; it will be a mistake if they pass on him because of that.

NBA Draft Roundtable Who is the best international prospect in the draft?

Picking Jonas Valanciunas

I've been reading quite a few mock drafts and alot of them have Jonas dropping pretty far due to his buyout agreement; the consensus is that he would be a top 5 pick if not for that. If he is on...

ESPN TrueHoop Blog: Who's the best shooting guard in the draft?


The consensus top shooting guard prospects in the 2011 NBA draft are Colorado sophomore Alec Burks and Washington State junior Klay Thompson. So ... which is the better bet? ........Overall, Burks shows more to his game that will get him through down shooting days. This is not to say Thompson won’t be a good player. He deserves to be in the league, but he won't be the kind of player who will shoot efficiently enough to help a good team, except off the bench

The Painted Area: Bismack Biyombo scouting report


Serge Ibaka was good at blocking shots when he played professionally in Spain. Bismack Biyombo is better....

2011 NBA Draft: Who is Bismack Biyombo?


More than 100 NBA scouts and GMs pack into a tiny Italian gym at the adidas Eurocamp on a Saturday afternoon. All eyes are on Bismack Biyombo, the mysterious big man from the Congo. Biyombo is working out. He is alone on the court. Trying to prove himself again. Trying to show the world he's for real. Clang. Clang. Clang. All is not going as planned. Biyombo is here to show the NBA world he deserves to be a lottery pick in the 2011 draft, which is less than two weeks away. Right now his audition seems more appropriate for a bricklayer. The more he misses, the more the NBA execs I'm sitting next to scribble in their books.... 2011 NBA Mock Draft 3.0


11. Golden State Warriors: Alec Burks Once again, I offer a reminder that lottery teams have many needs and thus the educated guessing game can be a bit tricky. But in the new Warriors era that includes the likes of consultant Jerry West, future GM Bob Myers and new coach Mark Jackson, it's clear that size in the backcourt is going to be a priority (along with the frontcourt desires I mentioned in 2.0 that led to the Marcus Morris pick). At 6-6, Burks is a sizable slasher/scorer who is looking to improve his versatility as a part-time point guard. Washington State's Klay Thompson is a major attraction here, too, although the 6-7 swingman is an outside threat as opposed to the penetrating sort.

Best NBA Homecourt Advantage in PPG


Warriors come in 4th behind Denver, Utah and Sacramento...explanation of how the graph works on the link

Ranking rooks and sophs: Top 20


ESPN INSIDER: Ranking rooks and sophs: Top 20 As we head into the All-Star break, it seems an appropriate time to take a step back and evaluate the new talent that has entered the league in the past two seasons. No one can deny that each class, taken on its own merits, has been short on top-tier talent. But what about when we look at them combined? When we consider that no fewer than nine different players are considered the likely faces of their team's future and another five play either pivotal or starting roles for playoff teams, we begin to see that the NBA has added plenty of strong players the last two summers. Let's stack them up and rank them, not based on future performances or what they did last year, but strictly on how they have done so far this season. 1. Blake Griffin, Clippers Did you expect to see anyone else here? We'd have to go back to the 2008 draft to find anyone who can compete with Griffin for the top spot. If we did, he'd be notched just below Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook and probably Kevin Love as the fourth-best player to enter the NBA in the past three years. No one in the past two drafts comes close to matching the productivity or star power of Griffin. 2. Stephen Curry, Warriors To my eye, he's the best player on an improving Golden State team. He can beat you with his long-range shooting, his passing and his ability to generate buckets against good defense. And none of those things are his best gift, which is his intelligence. He was terrific last season and has been even better this season, improving in almost every metric we keep track of. His defense isn't as bad you think either. Besides, Steve Nash, who isn't known for his defense, won two MVPs. This guy is Nash all over again.

Does plus/minus make you an All-Star?


Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News does not think Golden State guard Monta Ellis is an All-Star, citing Ellis’ plus/minus stats as part of his evidence. The upshot: The Warriors are pretty bad, and they are just as bad with Ellis on the court as they are when he’s on the bench. Kawakami argues that truly great players make their teams better when they’re on the court. The numbers — both from this season and previous ones — suggest Ellis does not do that.......

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