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Farmer/Teacher from rural NE.
Music and outdoor lover.

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  • MLB St. Louis Cardinals
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September 1st Callups

Who, if anyone, will be joining the big league squad after the first?  With Memphis in a tight race and likely bound for the PCL playoffs and Springfield already in the TL playoffs, that will...


09 Fielding Woes

To begin: SAMPLE SIZE, caveat, etc., etc., etc...   Is it time to worry about the Cardinals fielding?  Sports Illustrated, in their '09 preview edition, specifically mentioned the Redbirds lack...


Season Predictions for '08

Peer into the future, if you dare...On September 30, 2008, the following will have come to pass:-Juan Gonzalez will start the season on the major league roster.  He will get 100 PA's before...


Would you ask Ankiel if he would pitch?

Sorry about another Rick diary, but I just wanted to get some other opinions.  I know Tony would never do this, but if you were the manager, would you try and get him some mound time?  Instead of...


Could Jocketty pull this off...

And would it be a good idea for the Birds?Mark Mulder for Lastings MilledgeI'm sure Jock would have to throw in more, maybe a Lambert or even J-Rod, who would platoon with Nady, to complete a deal....


Gordon / Royals

Alex Gordon (AA): .344/.414/.623 Mark Teahen (MLB): .233/.261/.419Is there anything else that needs to be said?There's no need to rush him, as the Royals aren't even close to contention, but it...


Mulder = Pettitte?

The weekend discussion has really intrigued me, so I did some deeper digging and checked out Mulder's comps at  The #1 comp through age 27 was Andy Pettitte, who had some...


Kudos to Mr. Jocketty

...for not panicking and making a Yankee-esque rash trade that would pare down an already thin system.  Even with a lineup that featured only 2 Opening Day Starters (for any team), he didn't...


Biggest Draft Oversight

How in the world did Ryan LaMotta from Baylor not get drafted?  This is a guy who was the best reliever on a CWS team who has great stuff.  Nice fastball, really good slider, good change.  If...


You know you're at a minor league game when...

A.  The older couple in front of you is doing the Times crossword.B.  The older lady in the section next to you is working on her cross-stitching.C.  The "super-fan" type in the first row has taken...


Stauffer: The Newest Padre

Tim Stauffer just got the call up.  He will start on Wednesday.  I remember watching him against Nebraska at the Super Regional back in  '02.  I'm a big Stauffer fan, so I'm interested how others...



There seems to be a lot of debate around Zack Greinke in the baseball community regarding how good a pitcher he will be.  Some say his stats don't indicate dominance, others believe he will have a...


Anthony Reyes

Got to watch Redbirds pitcher Anthony Reyes in Omaha on Tuesday.  Most of you have probably read some things about him, but I wanted to see him in person.  Some thoughts:Reyes is 6'2"/215, a big...


Mark McCormick

Here's my first shot at trying to do what John does:I watched Baylor and Nebraska play at Lincoln, and paid special attention to Mark McCormick, the Baylor starter.  McCormick is 6'2"/190 and is...

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