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Always second guessing

When the Dolphins traded Vonte Davis to the Colts I thought it was a good move. If you have a player that has no future with you and you can get a second round pick for him add to that that...


Dolphin fans in Indianapolis

My wife and I will be making the trip from Michigan to Indianapolis to enjoy what the city has to offer and watch Wake put the wood on Andy Luck!!!! Last year I went to Cleveland which was tons of...


Miami Dolphins are playoff bound

In 2008 Miami Dolphins were the worst team in football with no chance of doing anything but adding W's for apposing teams. We had a rookie head coach, no QB, no WR's and the defense backfield were...


Hard Knocks biting us in the butt

I love the fact that the Dolphins are on Hard Knocks because it gives me so much insight to the team I love so much. It's so much better than I could have ever imagined and I got HBO just so I...


Chad Johnson was the best thing that could have happened for Philbin

Chad Johnson was a pro bowl wide receiver that never really got in trouble. Sure he had a big mouth and was always a class clown but when he got on the field he produced. As Chad Johnson said he...


Call 2012 a rebuilding year

Omar and the twitter world are talking contracts extensionsfor Jake Long and Cameron Wake. Long is expecting a contract in the range of $12 mil a year for 5+ years and Wake is expecting $10 mil a...


This can be a beautiful thing

I was thinking about the possibilities on offense with our personnel. The addition of players like Bush, Clay and Egnew really give the dolphins flexibility on offense. For example we could line...


Lets go get Ireland with pitchforks and torches

That was the cry we heard and I was leading it in many ways. To me Ireland has been a huge disappointmentand and he still is. I can count on my hands the great players he's drafted and the great...


QB is priority 1 until we find one.

The NFL is a passing league and the key to that is having a franchise QB. As we all know only a few teams make it into the playoffs or beyond the first round unless they have a franchise QB. And...


Why Miami won't draft Tannehill

I've really been trying to figure out what Miami is planning to do about it's quarterback situation. And they common thought is they will draft Tannehill with the 8th pick. I'm here to tell you...


Matt Flynn better be a turd of a quarterback

I tried to keep an open mind... I tried to give them the benefit of the doubt... I tried to tell myself that they have experts... I tried to tell myself Philbin must know something that I don't. S...


Building a dynasty

Peyton Manning has taught me one thing. No matter what they say MONEY TALKS. As we entered this whole process the talk was team friendly contract that would pay 10-15 mil a year. Even though I...


Win more with Moore

All this talk about Manning and Flynn going to teams is getting everyone down but the truth is that we played very well with Moore once he got acclimated to the offense.


Worst idea ever

Saw an article today that the dolphins want to cover up parts of the stadium so they can have more sellouts. While it sounds like a good idea "more sellouts" means the game will be on TV. As a...


Miami Dolphins get turned down by the ugly girl

We went to the bar and the only girl there was stale old, and ugly. But we figured we’d take a shot… We went for it and got turned down. We’ve lost confidence in ourselves because we can’t...

Dolphins interviewing Philbin


RT @BobMcGinn: #Packers O-coordiinator Joe Philbin will have another h-coach shot. The #Dolphins will interview Philbin by the weekend


Why is everyone ignoring the most qualified coach available?

Brian Billick Record 80-64 regular season 5-3 in playoffs with 1 Super Bowl victory


AirFin One lands again

Apparently the dolphins are showing their top candidates the royal treatment with AirFin One. But I really don't like any of the passengers.


Flynn is the only choice that makes sense

I love Matt Moore, I think he did a great job here but I also feel we can't go into 2012 with him as our primary QB. If above average QB was our goal I would say lets keep Moore and draft a QB in...


Chad Henne has breakout year

We all know Chad Henne was having a pretty good start before he got injured. Lets just stretch our imagination and say he did not get hurt and continued having a good year.


Moore makes me a believer

It’s plain and simple if the QB is under pressure he will not have a good day. Saturday, Tom Brady... as elite a QB as you’re going to find was flustered all first half and lead his team to ZERO...


Why I don't want to keep Ireland

Those who defend Ireland always point out that before this year he was just the front man for the Smelly Tuna. Everything that was bad was the doing of Parcels. If that's true then everything...


Trifecta's record on personnel moves

Lets put a grade on the trifecta... now only Jeff Ireland I’m trying to be as objective as I can and review all of the personnel moves we made since the trifecta has arrived. I personally...


Win more for Moore

With the way Moore has been playing lately the talk is “Win more for Moore”.  If he keeps it up we will be in the same predicament as Buffalo.  Out of nowhere your backup QB is playing like a...


Official Suck for Luck Poll

We got 1 win so we don't have to worry about going down in history as a winless team.  We also can agree that ALL of us are rooting for the Dolphins to win on Sunday regardless of "Suck for Luck". ...


We could have been a contender

This years season lies squarly on the coaches and players.  Even with the team we have right now we should be playoff bound.


Sparano is bad but Ireland is worse

  I would like to start off by saying I liked Sparano but there comes a point where you can’t keep making excuses for someone and it’s put up or shut up.  His time here is done and right now he’s...


Miami Dolphins sign Right Tackle Banana Peel to replace Colombo

New left tackle for Miami Banana Peel was highly recruited to bolster Miami’s struggling offensive line.  In a huge press conference Sparano said “With Peel at least the defender has a chance of...


Henne went down and how many of you were worried

If you were anything like me Henne went down and I though... Well I guess we'll see what Moore can do. That's not really saying much for our starting QB. Don't get me wrong I have been happy...

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