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Why Upgrading Our Bullpen Was The #1 Priority

I've seen numerous comments both from baseball analysts and (especially) posters on Brewers forums, like the fine one we have here, that have indicated that an upgrade at Short-Stop was and/or...

Bucks' Bogut's Blocks Beset By Big Buzzer Beater


Bucks' Bogut's Blocks Beset By Big Buzzer Beater


Just saw Carlos Gomez at a restaurant in San Francisco

So I was there for a meeting, when at the very end of the meeting, who do I notice sitting down for some Miso Soup and sushi but none other than Carlos Gomez himself.  He was by himself and...


Our 2nd Round Draft Picks

As of this writing, the Bucks still have not signed either of their 2010 Second Round Draft Picks (Darington Hobson and Tiny Gallon).  Perhaps it has been addressed here before, but why is this the...


"Suppan a good guy?" or "Why the Brewers have the Same Record as the Pirates"

I'm trying to figure out why I'm seeing so many people make comments about Jeff Suppan being a “good guy”.  Is it because he smiled a lot? Or because he claimed to have Christian values? I don’t ...


Brent Farve is Cheap

So I know most of you watched the Vikings lose, which was a joy in itself.  I also enjoyed watching Favre crying on the sideline, ala Jay Cutler, after he threw the game-losing interception.  What...


Any Packer fans in San Francisco know a good place to watch them play?

So I'm moving to San Francisco, and of course I need to know the best place to watch the games!  I'm not going to fork over my hard-earned money to Jerry Jones and the NFL Network, so my next best...


Vick on the Pack?

Discussing recent Michael Vick rumors involving the Green Bay Packers.


Marion to the Mavs for Stackhouse, who will be traded to...who?

I only mention this because there was some talk last month that the Bucks would trade ridnour for stackhouse. If the raptors were to trade stackhouse to the bucks for ridnour, what implications...


Tom Glavine anyone?

Why the hell not? He couldn't cost more that 2 - 3 million.  He has the ultimate combination of experience and veteran savvy.  I don't think he's going to be unstoppable, but he is such a smart...


Derrick Rose = Cheater

I'm sure you guys have heard the news that Memphis, John Calipari, and an unnamed player who played there in the 2007-2008 season only (Derrick Rose is the only player that meats this criteria) are...


Mark DeRosa

As pointed out by KLSnow in his daily roundup, Mark DeRosa is now an option.  I think it would be a good idea for a new poll to see how us BCB's feel about Rickie's replacement.  At the time of the...


Why is the Brewers' bench so bad?

I was talking to my brother the other day, and I proposed the idea that the Brewers may have the worst bench in baseball.  Now first let me say, I am extremely familiar with the entire MLB and all...


AROD = 3 Run Shot in his first AB back

must be the steroids...   So has anyone read Jeff Passan's column at Yahoo! Sports about banning Manny Ramirez and others who have tested positive?  I agree with him that we don't need any...

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