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If the blazers had a deal on the table for Noel...

Aldridge for Noel + 1st rounder next year, would you do it? (Yeah i know there may be reasons why that wouldn't have been an option, but relax, it's just a fun hypothetical...) Next Years Core...

Appreciate Utah Jazz's winning style


How exactly are the Jazz winning? They lost Boozer, Okur, Kyle Korver and Wesley Matthews. They are 28th in the NBA in defensive rebound rate. They "annually either lead the league in fouls and opponent free throws or come very close. ... If I told you about an undersized team that can't control the boards and fouls with abandon, you'd presume that this team was horrid defensively. Bottom five, for sure. Amazingly, Utah has been good despite those shortcomings. The Jazz rank 10th in the NBA in defensive efficiency, almost entirely because nobody can make a shot against them. Utah ranks first in both opponent field goal percentage and opponent 3-point percentage. ... In particular, Utah has enjoyed tremendous defensive success with a bench that looked very weak on paper entering the season. ... Nonetheless, the biggest factor here is likely the one I mentioned at the top of the story. Utah is overachieving on defense because Sloan demands nothing less, particularly from the subs who aren't expected to contribute heavily on offense. Essentially, the overt physicality on D is a means to an end: The Jazz will give up lots of free throws, but you'll never see what we saw in Cleveland on Thursday night." I hate to say it but i've always had a lot of jazz envy. A system that seems to always carve us up for layups on O. A physical punishing D. Maybe they hit a nerve with me because they emphasize everything i see missing from the blazers. Even when they aren't better than us i still feel that twinge of envy every time we play..


Boy, LA is a really bad rebounder

Charles Barkley never misses an opportunity to pan the Blazers for not having a physical inside presence.  I often get frustrated with LA's soft play and inability to rebound.  I agree with Charles...


With Each Amazing Victory My Frustration Grows

From Nate after the last game: Well, I think it was, for me, it says, it's an old saying that it's amazing what you can do when no one cares who gets the credit. Ok, and I think early in the year...


Help! Can someone explain Blake/Miller/Roy?

Ok, i've seen a few fanposts that touch on the Blake/Miller/Roy starting lineup, but i still just don't get it.  Why start Blake over Rudy or Martel, both of whom seem better suited for the role? ...


Creating an Offensive Advantage

Several analysts mentioned that the playoffs this year demonstrated that Portland relies too heavily on Brandon Roy to create offense.  The playoffs come at the end of the year, when players are...

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