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Awesome Bill Walton quote

I missed this during the Arizona v. UCLA bb game, but Bill has some choice words regarding Digger Phelps and his induction into the ND ring of honor. Classic!

UCLA mishandling ordering of Pac-12 Championship tickets...


Just got an email from UCLA about buying tickets for the Pac-12 Championship, should UCLA host the game. The email indicates that season ticket holders are set to purchase tickets to the Pac-12 Championship game by default and the credit card on file will be charged. Season ticket holders that do not want to purchase tickets must opt out by Nov. 14. I don't like how UCLA is handling this. Requiring season ticket holder that do not want to buy tickets to opt out would likely result in unwanted ticket orders. What's likely going to happen is that people are going to forget to opt out and then call CTO asking why they are being charged for tickets they didn't order. Its unsure if those forgetting to opt out will be able to cancel the order after the fact. If this happens, it could upset quite a number of season ticket holders.

Tyus Edney re-enacts buzzer beater shot

Nice video about how the win over Missouri propelled the '95 UCLA team to win the championship. Also includes the radio call of Edney's buzzer beater and Marques Johnson's "yeah baby".

Why is Pac12 allowing its brand to be associated w/the Tea party?

I'm lucky enough to get the Pac 12 Network and can watch it online via their website. I entered and was directed to a Tea Party website. I thought the website was hacked by Tea Baggers, but it turns out the real web address is Seems like the Tea Baggers are trying to get visits by people forgetting to enter the "-" between pac and 12 in the website. I wonder if the Pac 12 would try to acquire this domain similar to the one where the guy was selling 12 Tupac songs. Revision:: I edited the title of my FanShot to pose a serious question, as suggested by Nestor. (Guess I'm not yet ready to be a frontpager). Anyways, I did a google search for "12 percent" and "tea party" and the search did not come up with anything related to the statement at the bottom of their site that claims that "during the revolutionary war, only 12 percent fought the British." So this is obviously a way to trick/dupe people into going to their site. The folks at blogged about this LAST YEAR on August 31, 2011 ( So, the Pac 12 really needs to do something about this...

I've been seeing different billboards around LA/OC since the BIG A pic was posted here on HH. This...


I've been seeing different billboards around LA/OC since the BIG A pic was posted here on HH. This past weekend, I was driving on the 91W in North Long Beach and saw two different billboards come on an electronic billboard. They both had the same pic of Pujols but one said "DUDE" and the other "OMG!"

Pac-12 extends commissioner Larry Scott

Larry Scott's contract has been extended to 2016. Good to hear the Pac-12 is locking him up for four more years. Given how well Scott has performed, he should have received a Mike Scioscia type extension and got a ten year extension. I like Ted Miller's line... "Scott, 47, has done more in two years than just about any of the five commissioners before him -- combined..."

Original Trogan leaves USC

News reports indicate that the original Trogan, Markeith Ambles, is no longer on the u$c football team. His legacy on the field is only surpassed by his infamous contribution to the BN lexicon. Once a trogan, always a trogan.

UCLA v. WSU might not be available to DISH Network subscribers

It seems that the negotiations for a new broadcasting contract between DISH and FOX have soured. As of today, FOX is blocking DISH Network's access to FOX's regional sports networks. The UCLA v. WSU game is going to be on Prime Ticket and if this channel is part of the regional sports network, then DISH subscribers might be out of luck if they want to watch the UCLA game. I know that SoCal has two Fox sports channels and I'm not sure if both are part of the regional sports programming or if only one is, but it sucks for the subscribers that have to deal with the negotiation tactics.

The McCourts almost became owners of the Angels

I don't know if anybody read the recent article in the LA Times about Frank and Jamie McCourt, but there is a line in it that states that they almost became owners of the Angels. I didn't know that they made a run to buy the Angels from Disney, and I've never heard about this...Thankfully, Arte bought the team. I can't imagine how bad the team would be if the McCourts bought the Angels instead of Arte. Arte would have probably bought the Doyers and they would be the successful team in SoCal...


OT - re: UCLA personal checks

I recently switched banks because my "free" checking wasn't going to be free anymore.  Anyways, I rarely use paper checks so I didn't order any from my new bank, but I still need to write at least...

Trojan times asleep at the wheel... UCLA beat Temple today...Not U$C. This was on the front page...


Trojan times asleep at the wheel... UCLA beat Temple today...Not U$C. This was on the front page of the sports section...sad Update: The front page has since been updated. still sad...

UCLA's Dragovic Pleads Not Guilty In Assault Case -

A brief article about Dragovic pleading not guilty to a felony assault charge. That's pretty much it...

Trojan Times article that is anit-Cheaty Peetie

The sports editor at the Trojan Times must have been sleeping in order to let this article get published. I'm even more surprised that it came from TJ. TJ even slams Plashke for being flat wrong about CRN calling the timeout. I wonder how long this article will be up before U$C complains and orders it be removed.

Yankees may go with 3-man rotation against Angels - MLB - Yahoo! Sports

An update I read on the AP wire about a possible 3 man rotation for the Yanks...Is the drop-off that bad to consider this?


Video of complete game

This would be an awesome game to have on my computer/ipod to watch again and again. Is there anybody out there that recorded the game and has the ability to upload it somewhere for others to...

Who had #4 before Favre signed with the Vikings?

It looks like John David Booty had to give up his #4 in order to make room for Favre.


Responding to Cal alum

Hey everybody, I'm studying for the CA bar exam in July, and in my bar review class there is this smug Cal alum that always tries to let me know that Cal is better than UCLA at everything. I'm...


Lot H Parking Pass for UCLA v. U$C

I logged on to the UCLA website to buy a parking pass for the $c game, and I am only allowed to buy one pass. Is this pretty much the same for everybody else? I'm sure that everybody that buys a...


Phone call from Rick Neuheisel

I normally don't answer my phone when my caller ID lists the number calling me as 800, 877, 866 or what have you, but today I was in store for a treat...when I checked my voicemail to see who was...

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