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The All-Spotless All-Stars

Ok, so the name sucks. I'm open to a new one. I was having a discussion with some buddies after Clayton Kershaw threw his unworldly no-hitter yesterday. The discussion basically came to this - how...

Add Madden 12 to the guest list on the Lions' playoff bandwagon


In addition to Peter King, a gaggle of ESPN personalities, and well, all of us, Madden 12's official NFL season projection predicts that the Lions will make the playoffs as the second wildcard. Worth pointing out that Madden pegged 8 of 14 playoff spots last year. Yay?


CJ's next TD dance

Ok, so we all know that Calvin Johnson is a pretty humble dude.  Not one to orchestrate a fancy celebration a la Chad Ochocinco, TO, or Joe Horn (to go back a few years).  That said, in light of...


Single most important (but undiscussed) element this season

Jay Clemons, who writes a fantasy column for, made a fascinating point that might be a legitimate advantage for the Lions:   5. It's quite possible the Lions won't have any bad-weather games...


Peter King roots for the Lions

I'm pretty new to this whole twitter thing (i finally caved last month).  It's nice, cause it lets me see random thoughts from the likes of Peter King (SI's NFL guru).  Here's a post from today: S...


Any interest in another fantasy league?

So I apparently missed the first wave of all the leagues being set up here (I know we're still waiting on word about the official league, but I'm not counting on anything).  If I set up another...


Rule of 26-27-60

There is a pretty cool article up on right now talking about the rule of 26-27-60 as an excellent way to predict QB success.  Basically, a college QB prospect should have a wonderlic score...


whom would you poach?

So in my group of friends, I'm the only Lions fan, and pretty much everyone else has their own favorite team (this is what happens when you're raised in LA).  The other day we played a hypothetical...


Unexpected Suh benefits PLUS Millen looking stupid

So this may be a logical leap, but did you guys notice that this past year we had horrible interior line play (our guards were a revolving door), which happened to also coincide with our weakest...


Best pick a long time coming

I know by now everyone has stated their case for or against Jahvid Best at least a dozen times each, and I'm glad that the majority of you guys seem to be in favor.  I'm on the band wagon of "it's...


Mock draft stunner

So the SBNation official mock draft is going on now.  I know many of us checked out after Sean submitted the Suh pick, but the blogger for the Seahawks blindsided conventional wisdom with the 6th...


Eerie parallels?

So I recognize that this comparison is a real stretch, and that the situation probably doesn't apply, but it's a thought that I want to put out there for you guys to save in the back of your mind. T...


Retroactive mock draft??

Sports Illustrated every year puts out an article of how the first round of the past year's draft should have gone, based on the info we've learned from the season to date.  As Detroit fans, we...

Vick Reinstated!


Let the incessant conversation about whether the Lions should sign Vick begin!!! (I know the Lions won't actually sign him. I just like seeing Sean get all riled up when people suggest it.)


Top 10 Thoughts to go through Matthew Stafford's mind on draft night.

This was Stafford's schtick on Letterman tonight.  I didn't think it was too funny, but judge for yourself. Top 10 Thoughts to go through Matthew Stafford's mind on draft night. 10.) You don't...


Why ReyMa fell

Or at least one possible reason.  I'm sorry I can't find the link to support the following argument, but it's late and I don't feel like looking too hard.   That said, I definitely read somewhere...


Fun with stats

Here are Detroit's rankings in the entire league in interesting categories from last year: Passing: The Lions were 29th in the league in passer rating.  30th in completion percentage.  27th...


Simple request

Not to divert too much from the draft talk, but I want to point out how much I love the volume of new people who are visiting the site and posting and contributing.  As a Lion fan who doesn't live...

Stafford's Football Skeet Shooting w/ Jimmy Fallon


I know most of us are against drafting Matthew Stafford. I personally think it's a less good idea than an OT, but not an inherently bad idea. Either way, you gotta be impressed by his accuracy in this. Granted, I don't know how well an average NFL qb would do, but considering he's wearing a suit, I'd say he passes the test.


The V-word

Somebody finally wrote what many of us have been thinking.  Jamie Dukes from the NFL network proposed that the Lions would benefit hugely from signing Mike Vick as soon as they're legally able to....

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