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Originally a Cleveland Browns fan until they moved to Baltimore. During that time with no team to root for, the Panthers came to Charlotte. I grew up in Raleigh so I was thrilled to have a NFL team to call my own. Favorite Panthers players: Steve Smith, Nick Goings, Mike Minter.

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  • NFL Carolina Panthers
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Fantastic Thomas Davis article


This is a really good, in depth article on ESPN about TD's comeback from his injuries. Pretty emotional. Read it. You'll be glad you did.

Panthers Picked for Superbowl!


Interesting, if not logical. Just something fun from


The Panther's Roster and the Jack Welch Philosophy

I was reading Peter King's Monday Morning Quarterback column the today and he had an interesting part in it where he talks about how the Texan's GM RIck Smith applies GE boss Jack Welsh's business...


Panther's Bizarro 2012 Season

At the beginning of last season very few suspected that Cam Newton and the Panther's offense would have the kind of production that they did. After enduring the excruciating 2011 offense...


Overview of Panther's Draft Grades.

I wanted to post all our draft reviews in one post if anyone was interested. I know its kind of dumb to try and grade a draft before any players hit the field, but I like to see what everyone is...

Ryan Kalil talks with Rich Eisen


Kalil talks at 29:00 exactly. He talks about Cam, the Panthers organization, and Kalil being a rookie. I think it's worth a listen


The Draft: BPA vs. Team Need. The ongoing debate.

Ok, forgive me if this overkill on this debate. It seems we are so hung up over the argument here at CSR about whether we should draft the absolute best player available with our pick, or lean...


Cam..where does he go from here?

Obviously Cam Newton has surpassed everything anyone (even the most ardent Panther supporters) could have predicted this year. The way he has played after only having 7 weeks of training camp to...


Olindo Mare, Clutch Kicker or Overated??

Is Mare a solid clutch kicker, or one that chokes in clutch situation? Was his 31 yard miss to tie the game an anomaly in his career, or is this something we can expect to see more of?  I wanted to...

Good News for possibly keeping C Johnson, D-Will, J Anderson


If this rumor ends up coming to fruition it could be huge for us. The opportunity to match any offer to 3 players per team that are fourth or fifth year free agents. That would almost surely let us keep these three players if the team decides the want to.


Cam Netown IS a Carolina Panther

  All the speculating is over. Cam Newton is our guy now.  He has (to say the least) been a polarizing figure here at CSR and throughout the nation. There are definitely Cam haters and Cam lovers....

ESPN's Clayton on why the safe pick sometimes isn't


More evidence for those that believe drafting Cam Newton is the way to go for the Panthers


Rich Eisen talks with Mike Mayock about the draft.

Link to the Rich Eisen podcast. Rich talks with Mike Mayock about the NFL draft. Talks about Newton, Gabbert,   Jimmy Clausen and  the Panthers in general.   h...


Drafting a wife.

Yea I know, we have just about talked the draft into the ground around here lately, but what else is there to discuss. No free agent talks yet and no player signings to argue about. And I certainly...


Cam Newton, just a smoke screen??

Is all the interest the Panthers seem to be showing in Cam Newton just a smoke screen to get other teams to trade up? Could the Panthers really be very interested in taking Newton or do they covet...

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