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OT: Game of Thrones S2 Preview Feature


OT: Game of Thrones S2 Preview Feature

la la la whale


la la la whale

Astros to the AL (AP)


First time I read a full wire article on it. Look, more comment space!

Random non serious/OT post thread


Random non serious/OT post thread

Dodgers To Go On Auction Block (Shaikin)




OT: Game of Thrones/ASOIAF (spoiled thread)

About the middle of last season during one of the daytime threads, a conversation broke out that left me lost. It featured somebody named Daenerys, somebody named Dany, maybe the same person,...

OT: So. Joffrey and Sansa. S2.


OT: So. Joffrey and Sansa. S2.

The Art of Fielding: a new novel


Review of the new novel by Chad Harbach

The Giants' "It Gets Better" video


Zeets leads the spot with Cain and Romo, and also Meulens and Torres.



Authoritative blog (oxymoron?) A Hamburger Today taste-tests the cult favorites of the fast-food burger world, In N Out, Five Guys, and New York City's Shake Shack. This is very important baseball information.

NL Westeros.


NL Westeros.


Cooperstown: Museum, or Shrine?

We can allow that honesty to seep into the gallery in all sorts of ways -- in the kind of informational posters Bob Costas has proposed, even in the wording of the plaques themselves. If we're...

Because He's Black (NYTimes Rhoden on Bonds)


I haven't seen a columnist for a major paper openly take up the race issue in the Bonds trial, in a long time. I wonder why Rhoden does so now. (This might be behind the paywall.)

Peter Gammons Giants Love Parade


Ignore the ESPN haterade, Gammons still likes us.

Architectural Guilty Pleasures (John King, SFChron)


I had always thought the brick was in recognition of all the old brick warehouses that used to be there when the park was built, and it was just a veneer because, well, we all know why the old real brick warehouses are mostly gone now. That said, I always thought the one thing that PNC Park did better was surfacing in the local yellow stone. Though I guess what would that have been for SF -- serpentinite? I'm not well versed in architectural theory and practice of the last few decades, but I gather it's all about making functional structures that meekly meld into their surroundings.


Les Miz Parody: What Have I Done?

Based on "What Have I Done" from Les Miserables Original English lyrics by Herbert Kretzmer Original version:    

How to Appear in the World Series (Without Actually Playing)


The New York Times notes the contributions of lil' Babe Ruth, the Ragin Cajun, mini-Sabretooth, Mike Fontenot.

Giants winning = less crime, notes student


Eighth-grader Ella Chatfield-Stiehler went on the city Police Department's computerized crime data site, crunched comparisons of October 2009 and October 2010 and found that car thefts and auto burglaries dipped significantly last year when the hometown baseball heroes were doing their thong-panda-beard thing. Fans clog downtown for the Nov. 3 Giants victory parade following their World Series win in the fall. "October, 2010 was a wonderful month for San Francisco citizens and San Francisco Giants fans all over," Ella wrote in the introduction to her project for this year's science fair. "There was a feeling of happiness all over the city throughout the month of October and into November." This ebullience, she theorizes, was directly responsible for the drop in auto thefts from about 320 in October 2009 to about 220 in October 2010, and in car burglaries from about 900 in October 2009 to about 600 in October 2010. Her research also showed that personal theft, robbery and arson totals stayed about the same as '09 levels.

GCast of Fanfest, or, Why Posey Is Cute


Skip ahead to 2:50. Which one of you is this!

Also, not all of the players love constant media attention. Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey, to name...


Also, not all of the players love constant media attention. Tim Lincecum and Buster Posey, to name two, would be perfectly happy if the media didn't camp out at their lockers. They cooperate, but they can live without bright personal limelight.

Inevitably Giants won't be so free-spirited--Ostler

Gorgeous scorebooks and posters


This girl has awesome product ideas. I especially enjoy her color scheme.


Kitspool made me do it: Jim's Dreme

Last night I dreamt my mom was lost in the woods. She didn't look like my mom; she looked like Lestat's mom, Gabrielle, blonde and fierce and in a duster coat with a hat. She had scouted out the...

BLS Favorite Stories - The Humidor Saga


"Within minutes the Twitterverse was buzzing. What did Timmy say? Were the Rockies cheating? Were the Giants trying to get into the Rockies heads? What the heck was Major League Baseball going to do about this development?"

Rule 34 strikes


Rule 34: "If it exists, there is porn of it." Somebody typed up Timmy/Buster slash. It's all here, including the crying and Wilson's S/M. Clever used of scanned typewritten pages too. Which one of you is responsible.

First Passenger 747 Rusting in Korea


The first 747 to fly commercially could be expected to enjoy an honored retirement somewhere in an aviation museum. After all, the only jumbo jet more senior — the first one built, which was only used for test flights — now sits outside Seattle's Museum of Flight.


Matt Cain is On His Own (Les Miz parody #2)

boublil/schonberg/kretzmer/JG (EXT. PORTWALK NIGHT) MATT: And now I'm all alone againNowhere to sit, no one to lean onThe trading deadline's not for monthsAlready people joke I'm first goneI feel...

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