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AFL All-Star game archived online


So if you missed it here it is, they even cut out the commercials. I was pretty down on how the season ended, a World Series between the Phillies and the Yankees was bad enough, but it being called by Joe Buck and Tim McCarver made it almost unbearable. This game saved it big time.



Calisthenics in shorts and T-shirts? Seriously?

You can record 4 outs in an inning?


Took me awhile to figure it out, but I finally did. (note: the D-backs did not actually record the fourth out of the inning)

Jocketty on not trading Votto


- The Reds aren't going to trade Votto. His name gets mentioned from time to time, but that's just senseless speculation. "No chance," Jocketty says. - Best news I've heard all off-season.


NY Rangers vs. SJ Sharks Game Recap; Sharks win 3-2

Me = Happy via   via   via [This item was created by an awesome member of this blog's community and is not...



I think you could get it to work with practice. I'm holding out for the wooden model though......


Sean Avery is an idiot pt II (or is it pt 2,000,000?)

[Editor's Note]: Sharks has his take on the Sean Avery debacle. If you missed it, Sean Avery was suspended earlier this week before Dallas' game against Calgary. I don't necessarily agree with all...


Black Armor

Have the new uni's been leaked?   (courtesy of via     (not sure how those photo's will work, if they don't I suck, if they do I'm frickin' awesome) If these...


Savard and the pink slip

Wow, how unfair is this. Fired only 4 games into the season, talk about a small sample size. The Blackhawks record was 1-2-1, really could have been much worse. The first loss, on the road by the...

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