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Ex-Laker (and Clipper) Matt Barnes arrested in Manhattan Beach for threatening an officer.


Some people wanted the Clippers to sign this guy this year. I'm glad we didn't get this fake tough guy.

Time lapse video of the Staples Center this past weekend. Pretty cool.


Time lapse video of the Staples Center this past weekend. Pretty cool.


Drunk Gibberish and Not Giving up Hope

Okay. So I was incredibly pissed after the end of Game 6. It was to the point where I wanted to punch something. So, I did the next best thing and drove to a bar and drank 5 shots of tequila. The...

Laker fans only think it's a foul when Blake Griffin does it.


Laker fans only think it's a foul when Blake Griffin does it.

For those that missed it here is the comeback victory. [HD]


For those that missed it here is the comeback victory. [HD]

Blake Griffin Dunks over Gasol


Blake Griffin Dunks over Gasol

This weeks Power Rankings

NBA ESPN Sheridan Hoops Fox Sports Looks like the 4-1 road trip is helping us get some more respect. Clippers are in 4th on both ESPN and NBA power rankings... I think a 6-0 roadtrip would have put us at #1 or 2. 5-1 wouldn't be to bad though!

If Kevin Love outplays Blake, Shaq will sit in his underwear


The boys at TNT discuss Kevin Love and Blake Griffin. Good discussion, I'm going to side with Chuck on this one though.

Ryan Gomes needs to update his twitter bio


It reads: Starting SF for the LA Clippers. Too Blessed to Be Stressed. Thankful to the man above. Who looks over me Everyday! Family 1st!!

Stephen A. Smith Talks about Lakers vs. Clippers


Stephen A. Smith, the biggest Clipper bandwagoner, but I'll accept his analysis of this new found rivalry


Some random thoughts...

Mo should be starting. He complements CP3's game really well as a spot up shooter that can play off the ball better than Chauncey can. I would have Chauncey come of the bench (when he's healthy)...

Eric Gordon's winning shot


Eric Gordon's winning shot

Jalen Rose predicts Blake for MVP


Has he been drinking too much Clipper Kool-aid or could that really happen? I would think CP3 would be a better candidate for it anyway.

Miami's New "Spread Offense"


Article about a new offensive strategy that Spoelstra plans to employ this year. I think what's described in the article could work extremely well with the roster that the Clippers have now.


A Tale of Two Press Conferences

It was the best of times it was the worst of times. A year and a half ago LeBron James made the decision to take his talents to South Beach in pursuit of a championship ring. For Dwyane Wade, Chris...


An open letter to Clipper bandwagoners

Dear Laker Fans, This may be a shocking time for all of you. It is tough to root for a losing team and it appears the Lakers may be headed that way soon. Us Clipper fans have been doing it for...


Mo Williams for OJ Mayo or another SG or C

So our bench is thin at SG at C. How about trading Williams or Bledsoe for a backup SG (I had OJ Mayo in mind if he's still available. Any other possibilities? Or would you keep the team as is? So...

Eric Pincus on Mo Williams


"One takeaway from Clipper Media Day worth sharing - Mo Williams (who wears heart on sleeve) having hard time with CP3/Billups stuff"


How about them Grizzlies

Being Clipper fans we all love rooting for the underdog. So anyone else rooting for the Grizzlies? I'm watching them playing game 5 right now and they are looking really good (up by 5 in the...

Trade speculation: Dwight Howard for EJ and AFA


Orlando would get two talented young players in Aminu and Gordon, while getting rid of one bad contract. Chris Kaman could also become effective again, and the Magic might even make the playoffs with this team. The Clippers would be able to Pair Dwight Howard with Blake Griffin. This would be an instant ticket to the playoffs and would put fans in the seats. Bledsoe would be able to start at the point, and Randy Foye at shooting guard.


Blake Griffin best passing PF in the league?

After checking the stats it seems as if Blake has the highest assist average of any PF in the league now. Among all forwards he is in the top 10 for his assist averages. I think that is pretty...

Celtics agree to terms with Pierce.


Looks like the Celtics and Paul Pierce have agreed to a 4/61 deal.

Digg article on clippers


An article on the Clippers made the front page of social news site i was actually embarrassed to see it on there


Suns score 140 to beat OKC;_ylt=Assepi9_iW4nwTrCmgP0c2.QvLYF?gid=2009022021   They were beat by a margin of 32.  Clippers lost by 40 and 23, which averages out to 31.5... maybe this is...

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