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2014 Cleveland Browns Draft, Steelers' Fan-Style

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. It's been exactly two minutes since the last time I looked at a 2014 NFL Mock Draft, and it's only Oct. 8 with the Browns tied for 1st place. Anyway, I was...


Possible Head Coaching Candidates

Well, it's the bye week and the Cleveland Browns sit at 2-7. This lands us in the basement of the AFC North and near the bottom of every power poll known to man. We also happen to have Jimmy...

Identity Change in AFC North?


This was a pretty interesting article from ESPN's AFC North blog earlier in the week. It talks about how the Ravens and Steelers aren't winning games with defense anymore, but they're using high powered offenses to win instead. It doesn't mention the Browns at all, but I think it's important because we're building a team around a young, solid defensive core. I think we'll be a defensive powerhouse soon enough. Good read, thought I'd share.

RGIII Inks Deal


Will Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden follow suit in the near future?


Would you rather...

OK, so now that the preseason has gotten underway and we are just a week or so away from training camp, I think we have at least a little bit of a feel for how our picks in the 2012 NFL draft will...

Well, I guess that settles that.


Evidently the Rams and Redskins have agreed to a trade for the #2 spot in this year's draft. No RG3 for us.

Peyton Hillis... CIA Agent?


For the love of Joe Thomas, let this freaking guy walk. I'm so done with his BS. Give me Obi. Give me Hardesty. Honestly, at this point I am for anyone but Peyton Hillis.



An ESPN video that hopefully helps to answer questions as to whether RGIII can play in the West Coast Offense. ... Please, Joe Thomas, pretty please...


The Day After

Make your Super Bowl 2013 predictions here!

I think that you guys will all enjoy this as much as I did.


I think that you guys will all enjoy this as much as I did.


If I Were Tom Heckert...

I decided that in an attempt to pass the time until the start of another Cleveland Browns Super Bowl campaign (AKA the 2012-2013 football season), I am going to change my name to Tom for a few...

15 Biggest Names on the 2012 Trade Block (Bleacher Report)


I don't know how likely it is that we land some of these guys, but what struck me is that a lot of them could possibly be acquired for draft picks and/or players. We've got draft picks to give.

Browns Hire a New "Senior Offensive Assistant"


Meh, for what it's worth... I didn't even know this position existed. BUT he served as OC under Mike Sherman at Texas A&M, and Sherman sounds like a possible candidate for our OC position.

Praise Jesus.


Praise Jesus.

Colt Getting Props From...


Wait for it... ESPN!!!!!! I think I like this Hensley guy a lot more than Walker.


Should the Browns Consider Plaxico Burress?

I was reading the AFC North blog today, and one of the posts from a couple days ago talked about whether the Browns should take a chance with Plaxico Burress. He is set to be released from jail...

And the rumors keep coming...


Rumor has it the Patriots are looking to move up to #6. Draft value chart says it would take their #17 and #28 pick to do it. Yes, please!

Cleveland Browns to Help Give Lakefront a Facelift


This may be a yawner for most, but I think it's really cool that our team is taking an active role in improving the city. More info at www.thelakefrontdiscrict.com

Brian Schaeffering (and others) on how they're affected by the lockout


This one comes from an anti-owners point of view, but whoever you tend to side with, this article gives a good picture of how those players who don't make up the "millionaires" part of the "Millionaires vs. Billionaires" fight.

Looks like Peyton Hillis beat out Ray Rice for the Madden cover to advance to the next round......


Looks like Peyton Hillis beat out Ray Rice for the Madden cover to advance to the next round... Lets get a winner in Cleveland, baby! http://espn.go.com/blog/afcnorth/post/_/id/25983/ward-hillis-advance-in-madden-tourney



Ha! Randy Moss said that he would like to go back to New England, but he also said that he would like playing for the Cleveland Browns or Seattle Seahawks. Ummm... Why?

This makes the NFL Owners look pretty ridiculous.


This piece is pretty blatantly biased, but it still makes me sick to read about the greed of NFL owners.

Really... Could Josh McDaniels be ANY stupider?


As if trading Peyton Hillis and a draft pick for Brady Quinn wasn't enough...

Sidney Rice


Direct your attention to #2. I may be reading entirely too much into this one, but what do you think the possibility is that Sidney Rice does not plan on re-signing with the Vikings after this year is over? I think most players would want to come back and play ASAP- Is it possible that Rice is making absolutely sure he's healthy so that when free agency comes around there's no question about his health? AND... What do you think the chances are of him landing in a Browns uniform next year? Our front office and coaches might be pretty attractive after the hot mess of a train wreck he's been in at Minnesota...

Braylon Edwards Conference Call with the Cleveland Media


This is my favorite part because it's so dang ironic: Reporter: "Hey Braylon, was the quarterback situation here messy? How big of a problem was that for you personally and is Sanchez kinda the answer for you?" Braylon: "Whoever at the time is throwing the ball, it's our job as receivers to catch it. That's what we get paid to do. But I mean it creates um, I don't wanna say "problem" problem isn't the right word, but um, it just creates an inconsistency when the quarterback is consistently changed. And I feel the teams that are successful, they have consistency, you know, throughout the board especially at the quarterback position. I mean, you look at Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, your Drew Brees and your Phillip Rivers, these are the quarterbacks that quarterback teams that you're gonna be worried about every year and they're usually gonna be in running for the big dance every year. So that's the big thing is just consistency. I believe they created a lot of inconsistency which was hard to deal with at times."

Browns FINALLY not ranked at the bottom of the NFL!


No. 23 looks a lot better than no. 29-32. Thank God.

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