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The Post-LeBron Zombie Apocalypse Will Have to Wait

For those expecting the Miami Heat’s 2014-2015 basketball season to devolve into a post-apocalyptic wasteland…not so fast. To be sure, any team that loses its best player is going to take a few...


LeBron asking for max is justified

Why should LeBron James take another discount even though he's the best basketball player in the world?

An Open Apology to Chris Bosh


My apology to Chris Bosh, who is obviously more valuable to the Miami Heat than anyone ever imagined.

A Third of the Way in: A League Perspective—Would-Be Contender Edition


The Los Angeles Lakers, Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, and New York Knicks all must have come out of the lockout thinking 2012 could be their year. Now, not so much.

A Third of the Way into This Wacky Season: A Heat Perspective


Despite their most recent loss to the sneaky good Milwaukee Bucks, the Miami Heat and their fans must be happy about their start to the season—and their prospects for a strong finish to it.


A Tale of Two Halves

Miami’s win against the San Antonio Spurs was a microcosm for how the team must play if it hopes to replace the bad taste of losing in the 2011 NBA Finals with the sweet taste of winning the 2012...

Has the NBA MVP Award Lost Its Luster?


Think fast: When was the last time the regular season MVP led his team to a World Championship? Seem like a long time ago?

The NBA Is Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


As we wait with bated breath for the new CBA to be finalized and then approved, here are a few random thoughts concerning the Miami Heat in a would-be condensed 66-game season: How do they bounce...

NBA Finals Preview: Scouting Report


A rematch of the 2006 NBA Finals begins today. Who, other than Dirk Nowitzki, should the Miami Heat worry about most?

Heat Check: Chronicles of a Fanatic


Dwyane Wade and his Miami Heat have undergone quite a makeover to get to the 2011 NBA Finals. One could argue that no one has had to grow more individually than Wade has to make this thing work....

Handicapping Divisions around the Association: Pacific Division


This division is the weakest in the Association. The division-leading Lakers are the only team currently in the Playoffs. The second place Suns are 10 games back and are currently in 9th place in...

Handicapping Divisions around the Association: Southwest Division


Nearing midseason, I thought it would be cool to take a look at each division of the NBA—beginning across the country in the Southwest Division of the Western Conference and working my way...

Heat Rewards: Sheer Genius or Fool’s Gold?


The Heat have won 20 of their last 21 games—several in impressive fashion. That recent success can be tracked back to the implementation of “Heat Rewards.” Can that success continue under this system?

Christmas Wish List for the Miami Heat


Christmas Day is fast approaching, and I thought it would be a good thing for me to fill out my own personal wish list for my favorite team. I will make my wishes in five categories. If I get my...

Danger is Averted—for the Moment at Least


All of a sudden, our Miami Heat appear to be on the right track. A players-only meeting and convincing wins over the Washington Wizards, Detroit Pistons, Cleveland Cavaliers, Atlanta Hawks, and...


Too Soon to Push the Panic Button?

Hi, Guys. I know I've been noticeably absent of late, but with soooo much drama surrounding our team, I just had to peek in and see if anyone else is as frustrated as I am with the current state of...

Miami’s Big Three: A Matter of Perspective


Have we ever seen anything quite like the teaming up of Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade? Will we ever again? Is what they’ve done a good thing or a bad the thing?

Perimeter Prospects


Time for the third installment in our weekly look at potential off-season upgrades for the Miami Heat. This week, I am going to look at the perimeter guys as a whole. I’m confident Dwyane Wade will...

Extreme Makeover: Center Edition


Who are the centers on the free agent market (and perhaps even one or two who are not) that the Miami Heat should consider? Here are the top five centers for Presidential Pat and Mr. Arison to...

Very Impressive Stuff from Jamaal Magloire


From Zo and Spo going to Haiti to this. I'm proud to be a fan of a team that does this much good with the financial resources they've been blessed with.

Dwyane Wade Preparing 'Wish List' for Riley and Arison?


I don't know how much stock I put in the Detroit Free Press's coverage of a Miami sports figure, but it is news, so hey. Apparently, now that several of D-Wade's legal issues are behind him, he's going to be providing the Miami Heat organization with a "wish list" of players he would like them to attempt to sign beginning July 1. Questions: Do you believe said list will be compiled and delivered? Who do you think will be on Wade's 'list'? Do you think getting rid of Michael Beasley will be in D-Wade's wishes?

Who Should the Miami Heat Really Be Targeting This Summer?


In just about a month’s time, Pat Riley of the Miami Heat will officially begin the process of reloading the roster. Here’s a take on who they should look at from the talent rich power forward...

Dealing Beasley Could Be a Mistake


James Wong, a Miami Heat enthusiast and a Miami Heat contributing writer for the Bleacher Report, delivers an interesting take on whether or not the Heat should move Michael Beasley. There's a very interesting quote from Coach Spoelstra in there.


The NBAs Version of the Final Four is Set

It has all come down to this: the Los Angeles Lakers vs the Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic vs the Boston Celtics. Only one potentially huge participant in the vaunted Summer of 2010 remains: A...

Dwyane Wade is the Anti-LeBron—Why That’s a Good Thing


Dwyane Wade and LeBron James have several things in common: megastar status, lucrative endorsement deals, and huge paydays in the highly anticipated Summer of 2010. None of this is news. What might...


More Musings on Summer Acquisitions

July 1, 2010, can’t get here fast enough for most Heat fans. We have the better part of two months to wonder about who may be coming to don the black, red, and white. One thing I took away from...

Did I see this coming? No, I didn't, but I don't get surprised by much anymore. That's entirely up...


Did I see this coming? No, I didn't, but I don't get surprised by much anymore. That's entirely up to him [Riley]. I just feel bad for Erik.'' Stan Van Gundy, Head Coach of the Orlando Magic on the prospect of Pat Riley returning to the sidelines to coach the Miami Heat.


Burning Poll Question for Heat Fans

Just from what I've seen on this blog, the opinions about what should or should not be done concerning Michael Beasley's immediate future with the Miami Heat are split right down the middle....


How Many Free Agents Are Actually Worth MAX Contracts?

  This is an important question with the Free Agent Class of 2010 getting ready to cash in at a potentially historic rate. Conventional wisdom says ANY team looking at Dwyane Wade and/or LeBron...

Taking Offense


Is a change in offensive philosophy needed in Miami to match the soon-to-be revamped roster? Here's a look at the current state of Coach Spoelstra's offense along with a few suggestions.

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